What Is Astrology?

The science of the stars can give insight into all manner of situations from the most intimate to the most mundane


The Artistic Magic that is the True Craft of Astrology
by Patricia Lantz, ATH Editor of Astrology
“The greatest value of astrology is probably to be found in the aid it gives man in discovering the significance of what has already happened. Only as every factor of his life-history stands out with clear meaning in terms of the whole life-destiny...only then is man really prepared to face his future with intelligence and understanding; in other words, in function of his true individual self hood." ~Astrologer, Dane Rudhyar
For anyone wondering, “what is astrology?”, Astrology is an art based on a science. It is a long established, even ancient, method of examining our self, our life, our relationships and our place in the world. The science of the stars can give insight into all manner of situations from the personal to the political and from the most intimate to the most mundane.
Predictable scientific fact is used to map the horoscope but the art of astrology manifests at the most profound level - in the meaningful interpretation of its symbols. Our intro to astrology begins with understanding that by making sense of apparently chaotic and unrelated events, astrology, in the right hands, will reveal how these events directly relate to us and generate the daily experiences of our life.
Through the creative interpretation of this symbolism, awareness is gained; and with awareness comes free will. When a person intimately learns about astrology, the horoscope reveals an individual's innate personality and automatic responses to people and events in the outer world.
Astrology is an amazing tool that lends itself to innumerable uses. However, when astrology deals with the human individual it does have limitations. One thing is certain about astrology: it is not the “end all” of what a person is or what will happen to them. Although there are exact principles in operation, how they are expressed and the experiences they bring will vary.
On one hand a horoscope does tell an astrologer specific things about a person but on the other it does not tell the astrologer anything specific about the individual’s life.
You could say, the birth chart of an individual is use dependent and the astrological symbolism is most effective when the individual’s life is superimposed upon the general statements revealed in the chart. Without the person and their life, a horoscope could just as easily be that of a dog...an organization...a nation.

What is astrology and its principles?

Additionally the principles of astrology act differently in different environments. The horoscope of an individual shows only general themes concerning environment, socio-economic level, familial surroundings or culture. Yet, all of these things have a profound effect on the life an individual lives.
An improper intro to astrology may produce numerous misconceptions. For example, the horoscope of an individual will not tell you if the person is male or female, Asian or Caucasian, the youngest person in a large family or an only child. Yet, gender, individual parents, family, heritage, culture, religion and economic status create experiences that weigh heavily on who an individual becomes.
Although it might appear, by circumstance of birth, that destiny has decreed a certain life, destiny is fickle. Unforeseen circumstances or chance encounters can lead to events that propel a person in the most unexpected and amazing life directions.
To live is to experience, as we develop from infancy to adulthood an individual’s experiences are interwoven onto the horoscope, fleshing it out. As humans we require this interweaving to become who we become and thus we relate as much to our individual circumstances as to our individual horoscope. Out of these dual realities of nature and nurture a unique person develops. Yet, regardless of gender, environment, culture, spiritual awareness, or destiny there will always be a meaningful link to the individual horoscope.
When astrologer and client converse, connect and open to one another the horoscope comes alive. Once given a face, voice and body the horoscope begins to sing its unique song, dance before your eyes and reveal the artistic magic that is the true craft of astrology.
The gift of astrology practiced in this most intimate, holistic, and healing way is that we learn to accept and be authentic to our unique self.
Astrology is a language of archetypes, allegories and metaphors written in symbols that can assist you in examining your life. Your birth horoscope paints a picture...tells a story. Each is unique...and all are beautiful.  


About the Author 


Pat Lantz, our ATH Editor of Astrology, is a practicing astrologer currently researching the use of astrology as a developmental tool with infants and toddlers. Contact Pat to participate in this study or for information about developmental astrology.  See more about Pat here, and visit her website www.lifescripthypnosis.net.





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