What is Homeopathy? A medical system that stimulates the body's own healing responses while respecting nature’s laws and the wisdom of the body. The key premise is everyone has vital force energy that if disrupted or out of balance creates health problems.   A key philosophy of homeopathic healing as a natural health therapy falls under the principle of ‘like cures like’, or Law of Similars where the body’s own healing response is activated. Simply stated substances which cause symptoms can be taken in small amounts to treat the very same symptoms.  It has been written that homeopathy is a natural health therapy that works by mimicking specific symptoms, rather than suppressing them as do allopathic medicines.    Another philosophy of homeopathic practitioners is to treat the person, not the disease. Homeopathic practices are used throughout the world and can be coupled safely with conventional medicines with no side effects as homeopathy healing is non-toxic.   The founder of homeopathy is said to be Samuel Hahnemann, a German who established the fundamental principles of both the science and art of homeopathic healing over 200 years ago.  He is also called the ‘father of experimental pharmacology’.  Homeopathy became a popular healing method during the 1800’s with the first schools opening around 1830, followed by dozens of homeopathic institutions throughout Europe and the United States.  By the beginning of the 20th century, there were thought to be over 15,000 homeopathic practitioners in the United States alone.  However, homeopathy healing had many vocal critics throughout the mid 1800’s in both the U.S and Europe.  By 1920, according to Wikipedia, the last homeopathic school in the United States had closed.  Homeopathic practitioner numbers continued to dwindle until the mid 1970’s when homeopathy and homeopathic products experienced resurgence.  Today you can find homeopathic healing products in most large pharmaceutical chains.   According to HomeopathyResource.com, 20% to 40% of physicians throughout Germany, United Kingdom, France and Holland regularly use homeopathy healing with their patients.  Homeopathic services are reimbursable under national health plans in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Austria and India where over 100,000,000 use homeopathy as their only form of medical care.   We hope you have learned more about Homeopathy as a natural health therapy. For more information, visit the Homeopathic section at All Things Healing online regularly.

Information on Homeopathy and Homeopathic Medicine
Bharti Nathani, BHMS received her Bachelor’s in Homeopathy Medical Science and Surgery from Gujarat, India. After Graduation, she spent few months as an Assistant Professor ...
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Bharti Nathani, BHMS
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by Marlene Keel

Depression, sadness and grief are emotions experienced by many people at different times in their lives. How severe the feelings and how long they last varies between individuals. However most people suffering from depression or sadness can attest to the difficult or debilitating effects such emotions have on them and their lives...


Editor's Note from Christine Breen: Marlene is an experienced Flower Essence practitioner and here she offers her insights into how flower essences can assist in the treatment of grief and depression.



by Robin Murphy, ND

It is best to allow the remedies a clear field in which to work uninterrupted. It is more important to avoid cancellations with "one dose high" of a remedy. The "lower potency repeated" is less susceptible to cancellations...


Editor's Note from Sima Ash: Robin Murphy suggests ways to avoid interfering with the action of homeopathic remedies as well as guidelines on prescribing and taking remedies for acute and chronic complaints...




by Dr. Luc De Schepper, MD, PhD, DI Hom, CHom, Lic Ac

For all too many people, a visit to the dentist is a “white knuckle” experience. Many patients mention that they hate going to the dentist but “it’s nothing personal, Doctor.” The dental experience involves a great many factors for the fearful patient...


Editor's Note from Sima Ash: Many people have natural fear and anxiety about a visit to the dentist. This useful article by Dr. Luc De Schepper describes some homeopathic remedies for fear and apprehension as well as pain and infection associated with dental procedures...



by Ellen Kramer, MCPH

Allergies are becoming more common. They are autoimmune diseases – a term which is applied to a whole range of diseases where the immune system breaks down and anti-bodies begin to attack the body’s own tissues. (The proper functioning of the immune system is seen as being dependent on a healthy spleen and damage to this  can create long term problems)...


by Robert Field, RSHom, CTHom

During the groups research a study was done asking the public for suggestions on how this problem could be helped. Overwhelmingly (78%) of those responding felt that doctors needed to spend more time with their patients...


Editor's Note from Christine Breen: An insightful essay by homeopath, healer and teacher Robert Field about the dangers of allopathic medicine resulting in many people made ill by vaccination, antibiotics, drugs and surgical intervention.



by Miranda Castro

I was eighteen years old when I purchased a full set of Schüssler’s Twelve Tissue Salts. My parents had used these remedies from time to time when I was sick as a child, and, as a young woman I became intrigued by the delicious, little healing tablets...


Editor's Note from Mary Ellen Coulter: Miranda Castro has a wealth of knowledge on her Homeopathy Website mirandacastro.com, including several videos. I particularly like this one on the cell salts which can be very useful for everyday aches, pains and imbalances.



compiled by Deborah Collins

The plant family of the Fabaceae, formerly known as the Leguminosae (the bean and pea family), have been researched by Jan Scholten and Rajan Sankaran. By studying material medica and cases, and by understanding the use of these plants in daily life, it is possible to come up with themes that fit the whole family and are manifested in different ways in each plant...


by Christine Breen, ISHom,
Co-Editor of Homeopathy

With a BsC in Biology and a PhD in Physiology, and a thorough understanding of statistics and scientific evidence Adrianna says “homeopathy works for me”. She explains in her youtube video that in her professional and personal life she is "very critical of everything she encounters."  Adrianna’s first experiences with homeopathy came in her early 20’s when she suffered with recurring urinary tract infections...



"Facts and experience must be at the root of all revelations of TRUTH. If we take a single step outside the region of observation we shall find ourselves in the infinite kingdom of fantasy and of arbitrary assumptions, the parent of disastrous delusion and of absolute nothingness."

~ Dr. Hahnemann - the founding father of Homeopathy





by Rick Cotroneo, MA, CHom

Homeopathy seeks to support the vital force which is present at every level throughout the entire organism.  The vital force is always working to manifest the highest state of health possible...

Editor's Note from Christine Breen: Part 3 of a series illuminating the eight principles of homeopathy. Here, NY homeopath Rick Cotroneo discusses the Totality of Symptoms. Read Part 2, The Vital Force, here.




Editor's Note from Mary Ellen Coulter: A silly way to view Homeopathic Principles.



by Natalia Iwanyckyj

With appropriate and prompt treatment, traumas can be healed before they imprint on the living matrix of our body.

Thus, crystallization of the trauma in tissues and organs will not become an additional health problem to be dealt with later. This article discusses homeopathic first aid for common injuries...


Editor's Note from Sima Ash: In this article Natalia Iwanyckyj gives clear, simple and helpful guidance to successfully treat first aid injuries with some of the most common homeopathic remedies. Her description is easy to learn and quick to apply. 



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Understanding Health and Dis-ease

by Judith Hanna Doshi MA, CCH (Cand)

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how healthy you really are? How often do you find yourself reaching for anything that will give you fast relief for your symptoms? Do you wonder whether managing your symptoms in this way qualifies as being in good health, as conventional medical thought would have us believe? What in fact does being truly healthy look like? In this article I will present an alternative view of health and disease, inspired by the principles of Homeopathy, that will hopefully get you thinking about the way you approach your own health...


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