What is Homeopathy? A medical system that stimulates the body's own healing responses while respecting nature’s laws and the wisdom of the body. The key premise is everyone has vital force energy that if disrupted or out of balance creates health problems.   A key philosophy of homeopathic healing as a natural health therapy falls under the principle of ‘like cures like’, or Law of Similars where the body’s own healing response is activated. Simply stated substances which cause symptoms can be taken in small amounts to treat the very same symptoms.  It has been written that homeopathy is a natural health therapy that works by mimicking specific symptoms, rather than suppressing them as do allopathic medicines.    Another philosophy of homeopathic practitioners is to treat the person, not the disease. Homeopathic practices are used throughout the world and can be coupled safely with conventional medicines with no side effects as homeopathy healing is non-toxic.   The founder of homeopathy is said to be Samuel Hahnemann, a German who established the fundamental principles of both the science and art of homeopathic healing over 200 years ago.  He is also called the ‘father of experimental pharmacology’.  Homeopathy became a popular healing method during the 1800’s with the first schools opening around 1830, followed by dozens of homeopathic institutions throughout Europe and the United States.  By the beginning of the 20th century, there were thought to be over 15,000 homeopathic practitioners in the United States alone.  However, homeopathy healing had many vocal critics throughout the mid 1800’s in both the U.S and Europe.  By 1920, according to Wikipedia, the last homeopathic school in the United States had closed.  Homeopathic practitioner numbers continued to dwindle until the mid 1970’s when homeopathy and homeopathic products experienced resurgence.  Today you can find homeopathic healing products in most large pharmaceutical chains.   According to HomeopathyResource.com, 20% to 40% of physicians throughout Germany, United Kingdom, France and Holland regularly use homeopathy healing with their patients.  Homeopathic services are reimbursable under national health plans in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Austria and India where over 100,000,000 use homeopathy as their only form of medical care.   We hope you have learned more about Homeopathy as a natural health therapy. For more information, visit the Homeopathic section at All Things Healing online regularly.

Information on Homeopathy and Homeopathic Medicine
Bharti Nathani, BHMS received her Bachelor’s in Homeopathy Medical Science and Surgery from Gujarat, India. After Graduation, she spent few months as an Assistant Professor ...
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Bharti Nathani, BHMS
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by Konstantinos Pisios, MD

Many people think that homeopathy is synonymous with herbal Medicine (treatment based on herbs).  In this article we will dispel this myth, despite the fact that both treatments have many things in common...


Editor's Note from Christine Breen: Dr. Pisios specializes in internal medicine and homeopathy. He studied medicine at UC Irvine and Athens. He learned homeopathy under the great Greek homeopath, George Vithoulkas. Visit his wonderful website to learn more about him and his on line consultation services.



"Thinking, willing and doing are three things in life, which finally precede the chronic miasm. A person thinking syphilitic (destructive) will look also syphilitic, it is seen on the face. A person who loves crime, lives in it. It becomes a part of his nature, which shows itself in the external man.

The person who loves truth and humanity, lives in that idea and it becomes a part of his nature and it can be seen in his looks and life".

~Dr. James T. Kent (homeopath 1849 - 1916)




“The introduction of homeopathy forced the old school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business. You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of allopaths (the orthodox physicians) to destroy it.”

~Mark Twain






"There have been two great revelations in my life. The first was bebop, the second was homeopathy."


~Dizzy Gillespie


"All maladies which show skin eruptions are always present internally before showing local symptoms externally."

~Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy




by Madeleine Innocent

Homeopathy is a truly diverse and deeply effective natural health care system for every illness under the sun. Including radiation...


Editor's Note from Mary Ellen Coulter: The recent Earthquake in Japan and subsequent release of radioactive materials from the nuclear power plant, have caused international concern for the complications and possible prevention of radiation toxicity. Potassium Iodide tablets were taken by many (even those not at risk), with possible negative effects on their thyroid gland. Homeopathic Therapy offers a safe and effective treatment for such exposure.



compiled by Deborah Collins

The plant family of the Fabaceae, formerly known as the Leguminosae (the bean and pea family), have been researched by Jan Scholten and Rajan Sankaran. By studying material medica and cases, and by understanding the use of these plants in daily life, it is possible to come up with themes that fit the whole family and are manifested in different ways in each plant...


by Katharina Sandizell, Classical Homeopathy, MA, PDHom

From Christine Breen: Part 1 of a two-part article by a classical homeopath indicating excellent remedies for uses in acute, emergency and first-aid situations. Usually in acute conditions a homeopathic remedy is taken in the 30C or 6C potency which are available as over-the-counter homeopathic medicines in good health food shops and pharmacies...



by William Henry Schwartz, MD

As yet, not all sickness can be cured by Homeopathy instantly. The time required to cure depends on the duration of illness. Chronic cases usually take from two to five years, if curable. That depends on heredity, environment, vitality and degree of tissue change...


Editor's Note: In the article by William Henry Schwartz, MD, he discusses the miracle of healing after a well chosen remedy. Although cure is not always a guaranteed result, and there are times when more than one remedy is required for complete healing, he provides a humorous example of the certainty one can have in an acute situation when the symptom picture is clear.




Editor's Note from Christine Breen: Rajesh Bhide a medically trained homeopath practicing in North London discusses with his patient how homeopathy helped her during menopause and brought her general health to a new level.




Editor's Note from Christine Breen: "Homeopathy Works for Me" video series. This is a brief video story of how homeopathy worked for Jane to help overcome a constant and seemingly never ending battle with head and chest colds, blocked sinuses and all that comes with it.


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Understanding Health and Dis-ease

by Judith Hanna Doshi MA, CCH (Cand)

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how healthy you really are? How often do you find yourself reaching for anything that will give you fast relief for your symptoms? Do you wonder whether managing your symptoms in this way qualifies as being in good health, as conventional medical thought would have us believe? What in fact does being truly healthy look like? In this article I will present an alternative view of health and disease, inspired by the principles of Homeopathy, that will hopefully get you thinking about the way you approach your own health...


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