What is Holistic Nutrition? Holistic nutrition is healing with whole foods. Using unrefined, unprocessed, real foods in balance and variety to maximize health and vitality. Holistic Alternative – Engage in a holistic nutrition diet with a whole food holistic nutrition program. Learn more information about holistic health solutions by visiting All Things Healing online today! There used to be a time when people did not rely on processed food. There used to be a time when people did not live on potato chips, soda, and fast food. Here at All Things Healing, we believe that in order to achieve the physical, mental, and spiritual balance that you are aiming for, you have to maintain a balanced diet of whole foods. What are whole foods? Whole foods are foods that do not undergo processing or refinement and they do not have added ingredients like salt and sugar. Whole foods are part of the holistic health and healing nutrition program that we offer here at All Things Healing. Whole foods are advantageous to a person because they do not have added components that may harm our bodies. Fresh raw fruits and vegetables are known to provide holistic health solutions like reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Organic foods are also another holistic health and healing alternative that may help us achieve complete equilibrium. Organic foods are grown without the use of insecticides, herbicides and, in the case of livestock, growth hormones. As part of our holistic nutrition diet, organic foods are important since they contain all the minerals and nutrients our bodies need on a daily basis. Here at All Things Healing, we offer a holistic healing alternative to your diet that will greatly benefit you and your family. Our holistic nutrition diet consists of whole foods to ensure that all the nutrients and proteins that our bodies need are kept intact.  Our environment also benefits from holistic health solutions. Using less insecticides or pesticides not only preserves our foods’ nutrients, it also serves to protect the soil and atmosphere from harmful chemicals that pesticides and insecticides bring. Our Holistic Nutrition page aims to provide you with more information about holistic healing and our holistic nutrition program. Our nutrition team headed by Sam and Pamela are highly knowledgeable about holistic alternativenutrition and its benefits and they ensure that our articles and videos are up-to-date and relevant for further physical, mental, and spiritual progress.  

What is Holistic Nutrition
“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” is a quote that Michael firmly believes in. Michael Jones, is a leading expert in the field of Holistic Nutri...
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Michael Jones, WHE, CMT
Neda’s passion is helping people heal from all sorts of symptoms and ailments through nutrition and supplementation. Her holistic approach does not treat the symptom but corrects ...
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Neda Smith, HHC, MTA, FDN

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by Brook Le Van

When it comes to food, many of us do not take the same care in choosing what we buy and eat as we would in a new car or our next elected government official. We might look for color and ripeness but most of us do not think much about what we are supporting when we choose food for tonight’s dinner...


Editors Note: Holiday Festivities – what a great time of year to check around your community for local farmers, ranchers and growers you can get to know and support with your food dollars.  As the author, Brook Le Van, states, “you will taste the difference…” when you eat locally grown foods.


Holistic Nutrition

by Carmella Hensyel

Spring is definitely in the air…so you’d better get ready for the warm days and the opportunity to spend your free time outside in the sunshine getting your garden ready for this year’s harvest...


Editor's Note from Sam Rafoss: Planting a garden is easier than you think. Use some tips from this author, and you'll be well on your way.



Holistic Nutrition


by Diane Sanfilippo

While I grew up loving kraut on a hotdog now and then, it was always out of a can and on top of a highly processed log of questionable meat piled into a gluten-laden bun. Sigh. The bright side here is that I’ve re-ignited my love affair with sauerkraut in a fantastically healthy way and I get to share that with all of you...




Holistic Nutrition

by Andrea Beaman, HHC

I don't believe mutilating my body and removing my breasts actually heals it. What do you believe?

More than a decade ago, when I was working at MTV Networks, a co-worker told me she was having her breasts removed to prevent cancer...


Editor's Note from Neda Smith: It seems these days, myself and Andrea Beaman are in the minority, when it comes to topics such as removing your breasts and mammograms. Recently Angelina Jolie made front page because of her decision, but no one heard when Anita Moorjani naturally healed her body of advanced cancer. Very interesting, huh?  It is time we also bombard the media with stories such as this. 


Holistic Nutrition


Resourceful folks are making great use of large community kitchens for group cooking! The participants get to have social time, learn healthy recipes, and walk away with economical meals to freeze...


Holistic Nutrition

by Kyana Miner, LMT

When I worked in Corporate America, everyone talked about me and my “weird, healthy” food.

“What is that green juice she’s drinking?”

“What’s that smell….oh that’s Kyana’s lunch?”...


Editor´s Note from Michael Jones: When you adopt an healthy lifestyle and change the way you eat. You can get a backlash from coworkers, friends and family. Stay focused with your healthy eating and let your actions be motivating to others.


Holistic Nutrition

by David G. Arenson, ND

Recently it has been reported that 1 in every 2 men, and 1 in every 3 women will develop cancer at some point in their lives in the U.S. This shocking statistic shows that cancer is on the rise. The only silver lining I can think of is that this will motivate a greater awareness about diet and lifestyle factors. “Prevention is better than cure...”



Holistic Nutrition

by Genevieve Blanchet

After the inward time of winter, spring, a season of birth, brings shoots and new growth. It is the power of spring that gives us each day the forces to start something new, to create, to have new visions, and to be adventurous. It is a time to rise early with the sun and spend more time outdoors in order to absorb the fresh, invigorating energy...




Holistic Nutrition

by Matthew Kadey, MSC, RD
Cross-posted from www.Care2.com

Over the last few decades, there has been a mountain of research on the healing powers of individual compounds in foods, such as lycopene, vitamin D and essential fatty acids...


Editor´s Note: Food synergy can come together in one's own kitchen with just a few convincing tips, according to Matthew Kadey, MSC, RD of Experience Life. This informative article presents dynamic tips that make food work for us, not against us. Pairing food can boost the body towards optimal health. Adding an avocado to salad greens not only taste better, it will help the greens absorb better into the body. Other "power couples" listed prove that preventing illnesses may be as close as the kitchen.


Holistic Nutrition


Editor's Note from Neda Smith: Peter Attia, a surgeon, used to feel contempt with patients with diabetes.  He felt that it was their fat was their fault and thus responsible for the foot amputation. Years later, Dr Attia, received a surprising diagnosis and started to challenge his beliefs in diabetes and obesity.  Could the diabetes be causing the obesity?  Are we looking at it all wrong?


Holistic Nutrition

by Michael Jones, WHE, CMT
ATH Co-Editor of Holistic Nutrition

When it comes to detoxing your body, there are many techniques you can follow. But, eating healthy foods is the best way to detox the body...


Editor´s Note from Michael Jones: We are in constant environmental and nutritional toxic overload. Our liver, which is the filter of the body has become bogged down and sluggish. Its cannot preform its over 400 functions it needs to do to detox the body. Let these foods aid the liver in its detox process.


Holistic Nutrition

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Our Health Is In Our Hands

by Susan Holmberg, MS, CNS

Body fat is not an inert substance. It's an extremely active endocrine organ, excreting all kinds of nasty compounds. We're just beginning to scratch the surface of its effects.


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