What is Holistic Nutrition? Holistic nutrition is healing with whole foods. Using unrefined, unprocessed, real foods in balance and variety to maximize health and vitality. Holistic Alternative – Engage in a holistic nutrition diet with a whole food holistic nutrition program. Learn more information about holistic health solutions by visiting All Things Healing online today! There used to be a time when people did not rely on processed food. There used to be a time when people did not live on potato chips, soda, and fast food. Here at All Things Healing, we believe that in order to achieve the physical, mental, and spiritual balance that you are aiming for, you have to maintain a balanced diet of whole foods. What are whole foods? Whole foods are foods that do not undergo processing or refinement and they do not have added ingredients like salt and sugar. Whole foods are part of the holistic health and healing nutrition program that we offer here at All Things Healing. Whole foods are advantageous to a person because they do not have added components that may harm our bodies. Fresh raw fruits and vegetables are known to provide holistic health solutions like reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Organic foods are also another holistic health and healing alternative that may help us achieve complete equilibrium. Organic foods are grown without the use of insecticides, herbicides and, in the case of livestock, growth hormones. As part of our holistic nutrition diet, organic foods are important since they contain all the minerals and nutrients our bodies need on a daily basis. Here at All Things Healing, we offer a holistic healing alternative to your diet that will greatly benefit you and your family. Our holistic nutrition diet consists of whole foods to ensure that all the nutrients and proteins that our bodies need are kept intact.  Our environment also benefits from holistic health solutions. Using less insecticides or pesticides not only preserves our foods’ nutrients, it also serves to protect the soil and atmosphere from harmful chemicals that pesticides and insecticides bring. Our Holistic Nutrition page aims to provide you with more information about holistic healing and our holistic nutrition program. Our nutrition team headed by Sam and Pamela are highly knowledgeable about holistic alternativenutrition and its benefits and they ensure that our articles and videos are up-to-date and relevant for further physical, mental, and spiritual progress.  

What is Holistic Nutrition
“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” is a quote that Michael firmly believes in. Michael Jones, is a leading expert in the field of Holistic Nutri...
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Michael Jones, WHE, CMT
Neda’s passion is helping people heal from all sorts of symptoms and ailments through nutrition and supplementation. Her holistic approach does not treat the symptom but corrects ...
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Neda Smith, HHC, MTA, FDN

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by Kristin Fraser

We all may not think we’re “that” bad, but people are starting to take a second look, as many ailments are being discovered to be directly related to these lifestyle and eating habits. We’re starting to see the consequences - with having some of the highest incidences of obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome...



Holistic Nutrition

by Debby Raabel, PHN

The ancients understood the therapeutic power of food. Hippocrates, the Greek physician, remarked “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” People of his time revered spices not just for their brilliant colors and taste but also for their medicinal value (1). The father of Western medicine, Aristotle taught us that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. We’ve come to understand this concept as “synergy”...


Holistic Nutrition

by Eric Steinman

Cross-posted from www.Care2.com

Last month Sean Hannity, conservative FOX TV personality, made an interesting comment about the state of hunger and nutrition in the United States. The context was Hannity defending prompts from a caller about whether Mitt Romney, being as wealthy as he is, is actually relatable to the masses of financially struggling Americans...


Editor's Note from Michael Jones: For many, beans and rice is a nutritional staple in the household. But in many countries it is the only meal one will eat. But is it enough to be considered a "complete meal?"


Holistic Nutrition


Editor's Note: Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader, Sarah Pope demonstrates how to prepare fermented food and beverages that can be beneficial to the digestive tract, immunity and balancing electrolytes. She discusses how to incorporate certain foods and beverages into an everyday lifestyle and discusses positive, medicinal effects that can aid all ages.


Holistic Nutrition

Editor's Note:  Raw milk comes from pastured grass-fed cows and has not been heated, pasteurized or homogenized.  It contains natural bacteria and enzymes that are healthful nutrients for the human body.  Watch this video to find out how easy it is to make homemade raw butter.  Then check around their website to find out more about the misconceptions and health benefits of raw milk...


Holistic Nutrition

by Ellen Mahoney

School lunches often get low marks when it comes to flavor and nutrition. But chef, author, and activist Ann Cooper is working hard to change all that.

She’s currently handing out a lot of E’s—not for Excellence but for the Elimination of highly processed foods, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, refined sugars, and flours, chemicals, dyes, and food additives. Cooper is on a mission to give students access to regional fresh, whole, and healthy foods...


Holistic Nutrition

by Peni Rae, NE

I've had dark circles under my eyes since I was very young. I think it’s hereditary. I’ve tried creams for dark circles and they don’t really help. Now that I’m getting older, they’ve turned into “bags”. I’m tired of people asking me if I’m tired. Is there anything I can do or am I just stuck with piling on the concealer?...


Editor's Note from Michael Jones: Dark circles and bags under eyes is a cosmetic problem which is quite common and can be experienced at any age. They can make you look tried and aged. However, you can still minimize the appearance of dark circles under your eyes and in some cases remove them completely. See this Q&A with Peni Rae.


Holistic Nutrition

by Casey Yew

Science has shown multiple times that a healthy diet and lifestyle are the prime factors in overall health and well being. Consuming the correct proportions of vitamins and minerals from original food sources can combat many symptoms of poor health such as extra weight, fatigue, and even many illnesses. In fact, there are growing numbers of individuals promoting and living a lifestyle where food is used as a form of medicine...



Holistic Nutrition

by Mary G. Enig, PhD

Promotion of soy foods as a replacement for animal foods such as eggs, fish, meat, milk and poultry in the diets of men, women, children and infants in the US is being aggressively pursued... At the same time, a number of scientists and writers have issued warnings about the adverse effects of soy, citing both the scientific literature dating back over 60 years as well as recently published studies...



Holistic Nutrition

by Avery Elizabeth Hurt

It is not always bad stuff–and usually at least looks and sort of tastes like real food–but processed food is usually loaded with ingredients you probably don’t want to be eating, and is rarely the best choice if you can do better.



 Holistic Nutrition

by Suzie Banks

Most of us are attracted to aesthetically beautiful things and food is no exception.  So, by making nutritious food look appealing and exciting it becomes more tempting and desirable.  If it tastes as delicious as it looks then it will be more enjoyable to eat...




Holistic Nutrition

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Our Health Is In Our Hands

by Susan Holmberg, MS, CNS

Body fat is not an inert substance. It's an extremely active endocrine organ, excreting all kinds of nasty compounds. We're just beginning to scratch the surface of its effects.


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