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What is Herbalism? The use of plants and plant extracts to stimulate and restore the body’s natural healing ability is known by a variety of names: Herbology Medicine, Herbalism, Phytotherapy, Botanical Medicine, etc.  Herbs help 3 important functions: digestion and assimilation, sleep, and elimination. Through Herbalism, plants & herbs serve as an alternative health medicine to prevent & treat illness.  An easy way to bring healthy, fresh foods and nutrients into your daily life is by growing an herb garden; organic herbs and plants should be an essential part of your diet.     For thousands of years, plants have been a primary source of alternative health solutions and therapeutic medication for cultures all over the world. Sumerians in the middle east utilized herbology therapies over 5,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians realized the benefit of herbology treatments by 3500 b.c. and the Chinese by 2500 b.c. Ayurveda medicine utilizes many herbs and plants dating back to 2000 b.c.  By the middle ages, herbology therapies continued to be used and The Canon of Medicine was published in 1025 a.d. listing over 800 plants, minerals and drugs.  With the invention of printing by the 15 century, many herbal healing publications were created. The first herbology medicine publication in English was the Grete Herball in 1526. By the 18th century, herbalism had grown with herbology medicine publications in Latin, Greek and English.     In the modern era, according to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that 80% of the world’s population uses herbology treatments as alternative health solutions.  Herbology medicines are grown throughout the world at a fraction of the cost of modern pharmaceuticals.  Herbal remedies are very common throughout Europe and are sold alongside prescription drugs.  Traditional Chinese medicine is long known for using herbology therapies and according to thinkquest.org, herbology medicine has been chosen by the World Health Organization for worldwide propagation to meet the health care needs of the 21st century. The modern healthy lifestyles of today are learning to include herbology therapies and other alternative health practices as part of a holistic approach to life.   We hope you have learned more about Herbology as an alternative health medicine. Visit All Things Healing online today to read about alternative health practices, herbal medicine information & herbal medicine articles.  

What is Herbalism
Dr. Baljot Bharaj, MS (Ayu), is an Ayurveda Consultant with specialization in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Kayakalp Ayurveda. She is trained in Kereliya Panchkarma. Her endeavour is t...
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Dr. Baljot Bharaj, BAMS, MS (Ayu) Obs & Gyne
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by Susun S. Weed

Snowdrops and crocus flowers herald the spring. And if you look in between them, with luck, you’ll see a bright green creeping plant low to the ground with little white starry flowers: chickweed, a good friend of mine...


Editor's Note from Leigh Glenn: The chickweed has returned here in Maryland after a summer (and fall) siesta. There may not be enough to pick for tea or fresh-plant tincture, but there's plenty to add to salads. And in the spirit of setting health-related intentions for 2012, check out Susun Weed's new book, Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health The Wise Woman Way.




Editor's Note: Comfrey, Symphytum officinale, is a good plant for healing skin, though its power to regenerate needs to be respected. In this video by HerbMentor, you can learn how to make a comfrey poultice. Comfrey is another great herb to have in the garden, not only for its medicinal qualities, but also because it's a dynamic accumulator that brings minerals and nutrients up from the soil, making them more available to other plants, but also because it attracts pollinators and can be made into a compost fertilizer for other plants in the garden.




by Michele Collins, RH (AHG), MPH
and Garren M. Brannon, RD, LDN

This article describes how food and herbs can be used intentionally to help your body adjust to the season changes with greater ease. When the weather outside starts showing signs of winter, we also feel those signals in our bodies. Our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves are tuned to these rhythmic cycles of the natural world...



by Brigette Mars

In the color spectrum, green is at the center of the rainbow. Green the represents balance, healing, emotional stability, love, peace and rejuvenation, according to color therapists...


Editor´s Note: Green foods help to bring the body into an alkaline state while at the same time it detoxifies and normalizes the body systems function. The result is an infusion for your cells.



by Christopher Hobbs

Many years ago, on a cold morning in February, the Kimura family went out to the edge of the forest to gather the roots of a wild herb growing there. A few days before, the grandfather had fallen ill and had lost his appetite, growing very weak over the course of the following days...






Editor´s Note from Milan Perry: Farida Sharan is a well know Naturopath that is a breast cancer survivor like so many women. She used Herbs to assist her body in healing itself. Herbs are whole foods that the body knows how to use to gain the maximum benefits. Patience is needed when taking any herbal treatment since it works in the body differently than pharmaceuticals, it works on a cellular level. One of the benefits of herbs compared to drugs is there are no side effects and it produces quality of life in individuals that has  cancer. 



by Stella Byrne,BSc (hons), MNIMH,

When I first started practising herbal medicine in South Wales 35 years ago, I was struck by my easy acceptance...


Editor's Note from Dylan Warren-Davis: There is currently a growing trend in biotech companies trying to grab hold of key medicinal herbs and patent them.  However it is important to see that herbs belong to the culture that has traditionally used them and that they belong to their common heritage of the people, this is why it is important to respect herbal knowledge within the culture from which it has evolved.  A Welsh Herbal presents the herbs used within the Welsh herbal tradition.



by Katy Lowe, MH

Happily the summer in WNY has been beautiful!  This means numerous activities have been happening outdoors.  Yay!  Now of course this will mean we may have a few issues we don't deal with during the cooler months, IE bug bites, sunburn, heat rash, and good old poison ivy or poison oak...


Editor´s Note from Milan Perry: If we reflect upon our grandparents and how they endured illnesses it always brings me back to natural, safe home remedies. There is so much in our home that can be used as a life saver in a pinch. Without hesitation we should look to theses simple solutions in our home unless it is a lifesaving issue. Everything has it place!




Editor´s Note from Milan Perry: In this video we have a complete understanding from Ed Berger of how herbs are whole foods. Most people that are newly introduced to herbs have concerns about the efficacity of them. Pharmaceuticals are derivatives of herbs and herbs are a diluted form of medicine. Which means they are not as potent, they should be used with care and unlike pharmaceuticals they don't have negative side effects. They have the ability to stimulate certain organs to work better. It is a known fact that 80% of the worlds population uses herbal medicine as their first line of go to defense when the body is weakened.




Editor's Note from Leigh Glenn: I've not heard of herbalists using purslane medicinally, but the "weed" is a good land-based source of Omega 3 fatty acids with a pleasant flavor and succulent texture. If you don't already have some growing in your yard, Green Deane suggests finding some and transplanting it.




Editor's Note: In this video, herbalist Rosalee de la Foret shares how to make yellow dock syrup, which may be used for someone who has low iron. Yellow Dock, Rumex crispus, also contains anthraquinones, which have a laxative effect. Long-term use of stimulating laxatives, such as Senna and Carscara Sagrada, is not advised as taking for more than immediate relief can cause loss of bowel tone, which will worsen the problem...



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The Gift of Plants:

by Suki Roth

In our quest to hold herbalism up to the scientific eye, trying to mold it into a clinical science, we have lost touch with the very essence of herbal healing. It is not the clinically tested, standardized medicinal constituents of the plants we need for vitality and balance, but their more obscure, subtle properties. They have an innate ability to offer us the soothing relaxation, gladdening, quieting, emotional defrosting and grounding our over stimulated minds and tired spirits are so much in need of right now.


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