What is Herbalism? The use of plants and plant extracts to stimulate and restore the body’s natural healing ability is known by a variety of names: Herbology Medicine, Herbalism, Phytotherapy, Botanical Medicine, etc.  Herbs help 3 important functions: digestion and assimilation, sleep, and elimination. Through Herbalism, plants & herbs serve as an alternative health medicine to prevent & treat illness.  An easy way to bring healthy, fresh foods and nutrients into your daily life is by growing an herb garden; organic herbs and plants should be an essential part of your diet.     For thousands of years, plants have been a primary source of alternative health solutions and therapeutic medication for cultures all over the world. Sumerians in the middle east utilized herbology therapies over 5,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians realized the benefit of herbology treatments by 3500 b.c. and the Chinese by 2500 b.c. Ayurveda medicine utilizes many herbs and plants dating back to 2000 b.c.  By the middle ages, herbology therapies continued to be used and The Canon of Medicine was published in 1025 a.d. listing over 800 plants, minerals and drugs.  With the invention of printing by the 15 century, many herbal healing publications were created. The first herbology medicine publication in English was the Grete Herball in 1526. By the 18th century, herbalism had grown with herbology medicine publications in Latin, Greek and English.     In the modern era, according to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that 80% of the world’s population uses herbology treatments as alternative health solutions.  Herbology medicines are grown throughout the world at a fraction of the cost of modern pharmaceuticals.  Herbal remedies are very common throughout Europe and are sold alongside prescription drugs.  Traditional Chinese medicine is long known for using herbology therapies and according to thinkquest.org, herbology medicine has been chosen by the World Health Organization for worldwide propagation to meet the health care needs of the 21st century. The modern healthy lifestyles of today are learning to include herbology therapies and other alternative health practices as part of a holistic approach to life.   We hope you have learned more about Herbology as an alternative health medicine. Visit All Things Healing online today to read about alternative health practices, herbal medicine information & herbal medicine articles.  

What is Herbalism
Dr. Baljot Bharaj, MS (Ayu), is an Ayurveda Consultant with specialization in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Kayakalp Ayurveda. She is trained in Kereliya Panchkarma. Her endeavour is t...
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Dr. Baljot Bharaj, BAMS, MS (Ayu) Obs & Gyne
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by Jo Dunbar

As we approach the season of chills, colds and flu, it is prudent to bear in mind that last year Tom Jefferson wrote in the esteemed British Medical Journal that he found little evidence to support the flu jab's merit in treating this virus. This article discusses how you can successfully avoid the common cold using natural kitchen remedies...




by Rosalee de la Forêt

Dear friends of mine are getting married next week in Mexico where they've been living for the past year. They are traveling aficionados having met in Vietnam and traveled the world once over since. Always on the practical side I gave them a customized herbal first aid kit for their travels...


Editor's Note: Read this article to know more about Herbal Travel First Aid kit, with which you can treat almost all common ailments you are likely to encounter during your travel, in a natural way.



by Dr. Akilah El

Selection is based on ease of growth and maintenance, resistance to pests, efficiency at removing chemical vapors, and transpiration rates...

Editor's Note: The results of a NASA clean air study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration & Associated Landscape Contractors of America suggests that indoor plants filter and cleanse the air by removing toxins. Hence it is very necessary to grow plants for a healthy living.



by Merry Lycett Harrison, RH (AHG)

I work full time as a teacher, parent twin toddlers and my elderly father has just moved in with us. I drink a lot of coffee, but I feel tired all the time. I am concerned that I might be more susceptible to getting sick. Do you have any herbs that can give me more energy and keep me healthy?...


Editor´s Note: Herbs have many benefits to the body after they are consumed. The main function of an adaptogen is to normalize or to correct what is wrong within the body so that it can work as it should.




Editor´s Note: This video is extremely hilarious but there is so much truth behind the humor. So many diseases have been documented and given a name that as a country we have accepted, embraced, paid enormous fees and infused our body with chemicals getting no relief. On the other hand Holistic Medicine says, "the mere treatment of symptoms is not the answer when it comes to your health and well-being. If you like the idea of looking or feeling younger, avoiding disease, increasing energy and living a long and fulfilling life. Prevention and real cure are the only true answer". Which one do you really prefer?



by Katy Lowe, MH

I was watching a series on Hulu over the weekend and yes, even Hulu has commercials. 70% of them were for prescription and over the counter medication. One in particular that prompted this post was for a prescription for a sleeping pill for when you wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. Of course I rolled my eyes...


Editor´s Note: As Katy highlights in her blog, so many people suffer from sleep depravation from time to time. If your condition is causing you physical problems during the day seeing your physician for a diagnosis is always the first place to start. Woven thought out this post you will learn some helpful tips that are tried and true. In holistic medicine figuring out the cause is always beneficial.



Editor's Note: Rickvanman explains the basic principles and procedure of preparing an infused oil with herbs and also states the difference between Essential Oils and Infused oils. He makes it easy.



by Marion Mackonochie,

As an herbalist, I normally administer herbs as alcoholic tinctures or teas. In some situations, such as when the person taking the herbs needs lots of hydration or the relaxing effect of a hot drink, a tea is more appropriate...







Editor's Note: Milky oats—oats picked in the milky stage—and oatstraw are considered nervines and are specifics for someone who’s exhausted from stress or prolonged illness. Oats are also considered nutritive, and so may be too sweet for some and too damp for those with kapha constitutions. If doing something I know to be inherently stressful (e.g., a long drive or something mentally taxing), I like to make an infusion of milky oats—about 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of hot water. I usually make a quart and drink it throughout the day. Herbalist Susun Weed also suggests oatstraw baths to provide bone support...



by Michele Collins, RH (AHG), MPH

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of healing.  In fact, herbs are often called the "people's medicine" because they offer a convenient and affordable source of medicine, and in some parts of the world, may be the only medicines available to people.  With the growing use of and interest in natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, there is a consequent need for healthcare consumers to have more information about the healthcare practitioner who specializes solely in the medicinal use of herbs...




by Brigette Mars

Headaches are one of humanity’s most common afflictions. Vascular headaches result from dilation of the blood vessels in the head, and non-vascular (psychogenic) headaches result from stress. Many headaches are caused by neuromuscular/skeletal imbalances. Low blood sugar can be factor. If one feels worse when bending, it may be a sinus headache. Headaches are considered a heat disease where Liver chi (energy) rises when the liver is congested...


Editor´s Note: Getting a headaches doesn't have to be debilitating if you have the right tools in place. Focus on finding the cause of the pain by keeping a journal when you have an episode. Next step after finding the culprit trigger, eliminate it for long term healing. If this doesn't solve the problem seek medical attention for any serious conditions undiagnosed.




Editor´s Note: Herbal Therapy has many different uses which can be used internally as well as externally on the body. The skin is the largest organ so whatever goes on it is absorbed in it. The same principle applies if you use cosmetic, chemical products, or cleaning supplies because once absorbed they can cause a negative impact to your immune system. Herbs in the form of Essential Oils can be mixed without any adverse effects to the body. Use eco-friendly products when cleaning your home.



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The Gift of Plants:

by Suki Roth

In our quest to hold herbalism up to the scientific eye, trying to mold it into a clinical science, we have lost touch with the very essence of herbal healing. It is not the clinically tested, standardized medicinal constituents of the plants we need for vitality and balance, but their more obscure, subtle properties. They have an innate ability to offer us the soothing relaxation, gladdening, quieting, emotional defrosting and grounding our over stimulated minds and tired spirits are so much in need of right now.


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