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What is Organic Living
ATH Editor of Organic Living. Susan has practiced organic living and gardening for almost 30 years. She credits a whole, organic lifestyle to dramatic healing results in the health of h...
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Susan Lutz
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Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Turning towards our homes is step in enhancing an organic lifestyle. Enjoy this fabulous home of Micheal Funk, an organic food entreprenuer, who has turned his home into a practice of organic living.


Organic Living

by Dr. Edward F. Group

Modern society has created a sad state for our over-processed livers. Anytime we overeat or eat processed or fried foods, and, anytime we are exposed to environmental pollutants or stress, the liver becomes overworked and overloaded. When the liver is taxed, it cant process toxins and fat in an efficient way...



Organic Living

by Susan Lutz,

ATH Co-Editor of Organic Living

He’s left. Or you’ve finally ended it what you knew was coming on for months. How to survive these next few weeks, months, years? No reason to leave the organic game plan. Taking the time to grieve for a few days can be done without sending your health entirely out the door. Start with number one the moment you are officially single again and work your way to number 10...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Ending a relationship can be very difficult time in everyone's life. There's no reason to stop the organic life style when our hearts are broken. Take the time to grieve, but doing it organically will give your body and soul a bit more strength for the new life ahead.


Organic Living


by Dr. Edward Group

How do you sort out the differences between local, organic and local-organic foods? Which is better for our health and better for the planet? What the heck does it mean to be organic anyway?...


Editor's Note: Gazing at the vegetables in the market can be a colorful, candy delight for the eyes. But wait, approaching the labels, signs, and stickers on all that produce can change the delight to a confusing day of choices. One says "organic" yet the other says "locally grown." What is the difference...


Organic Living

by Wanqing Zhou


We’re often told that agriculture is a “victim” of climate change and needs to adapt. But farmers, ranchers, and researchers increasingly recognize that industrial agriculture is itself a major emitter of greenhouse gases. A promising path for both feeding the world and potentially reversing climate change is “regenerative agriculture,” an approach that captures and stores atmospheric carbon in the soil.


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Regenerative agriculture is an way to gather and keep atmostpheric carbon in the soil - a method that could help in turning around the negative path of climate change.


 Organic Living


from Partners In Health

Across the world, a staggering 200 million children suffer from malnutrition. This debilitating condition is the lurking giant behind some of the world’s greatest killers – from malaria to dehydration – and is indirectly responsible for the death of some 6 million children each year...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Malnutrition kills children daily throughout the world. Partner's in Health, working to change health care for the poor, and Two Degrees, a natural food company, have teamed up to help end critical state of children dying from malnutrition, which lurks as the root cause behind other giant killers such as malaria and dehydration.


Organic Living

by Susan Lutz
ATH Editor of Organic Living

There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t feel guilty about a dangerous, toxic, or bad-for-me product our family consumes or uses. We occasionally buy water in plastic bottles. I go to the grocery several times and sometimes forget my cloth, reusable bags. After a few weeks, I’m stunned at the pile of plastic bags in the corner. I dutifully recycle my paper, plastics, and metals, yet I know recycling isn’t a solution, just a band aide to a bigger problem.

So many of our conveniences trace back or our love of plastics. I recently watched The Graduate again and was stunned at how accurate and ironic the iconic line said to Benjamin as he debated what to do with his future:

I want to say one word to you. Just one word…Plastics.



Organic Living



by Donna Gates

We need to redefine aging. At 65 years old, I often meet younger women who want advice on how to look young on the outside. My advice always is to be young on the inside...

Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Looking younger starts from the inside out. According to Donna Gates, what we put on our skin pales in effectiveness to the long-term benefits of eating the most natural ingredients we can; promoting a beneficial bacteria our body loves; and clean, pure water.


Organic Living

by Vikki Scovell BA(hons), PG, DIP

Buying local fruit and veg from your farmers market is healthy for you, the environment and the local and national economy. Support our farming industry, cut down on food miles, and ensure that your food is fresher and more nutritious. Even local veg in the supermarket will have been taken by lorry to storage depots and packaging factories which could be hundreds of miles away (sometimes abroad) before being sent back to the area in which it was produced. A typical Christmas meal may travel 49,000 miles...

Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: The holidays can be an easy time to stray from an organic lifestyle. Reaffirm the commitment to go organic during the holidays with these ideas.


Organic Living


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Some of the greatest gifts are time spent with someone, sharing a delicious joy like organic hot chocolate. Here' a reminder of how simple it is.


Organic Living


In this interview, Farm Sanctuary's Delci Winders, speaks about the misleading labeling techniques used by animal agriculture industries to deceive the public and sell their products.


There are no graphic images in this informative video.


Organic Living

by Matthew Fox of The A.W.E. Project

While the nine planets began with the same elements, all geological activity came to halt on four of them within one billion years, and on the other four hardly anything evolved at all. Only Earth was the proper size so that a balance between gravity and electromagnetic energy happened and with it complex molecules for life...

Editor's Note: That's just one of over 30 amazing and thought provoking facts that you can read here. As you read think of all the definitions of "organic" and begin to truly understand what it means. Click "read more" to be totally awed!


Organic Living

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Equal Exchange Powers Coffee to New Level: An Interview with Co-President Rob Everts

Interviewed by Susan Lutz, ATH Co-Editor of Organic Living

1. What is the mission of Equal Exchange?

To build long term trade relationships that are economically just and environmentally sound, to foster mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers, and to demonstrate through our success, the contribution of worker cooperatives and fair trade to a more equitable, democratic and sustainable world...


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