What is Energy Medicine? All living things emit an energy field. Energy Medicine unblocks stagnant energy and restores vitality by amplifying the body's natural health and healing ability. Energy medicine is considered a form of complementary medicine. As seen in its natural healing methods, Energy Medicine views energy as a living, dynamic force which can directly affect health and happiness. Many divide energy fields into two main groups.  The veritable energy field can be measured with our current technology which includes fields like sound, visible light, lasers and magnetism. On the other hand, putative energy fields cannot be measured with our present technology. The term ‘energy medicine’ as used on this site will relate to the putative energy fields. Though not easily measured by conventional methods, energy medicine practitioners work with subtle energies by sensing or ‘seeing’ with their hands, eyes, bodies or minds. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this energy is called Qi (pronounced ‘chee’).  Healing through energy assumes there is a natural flow of these subtle energies and when illness occurs, they believe that their patient is in a state of imbalance with their Qi or life force energy blocked or obstructed.   As stated by Francesca McCartney PhD, “Energy Medicine is the ancient wisdom inside each human being.”  Healing through energy was observed thousands of years ago by Chinese healers who identified 12 major meridians or pathways of energy in the body. Energy Medicine can also be traced back to 3000 b.c. within Ayurvedic medicine.  These ancient sciences discovered that we indeed do have a subtle energy system that runs through the body. According to, Dr. Elmer Green and colleagues substantiated the comprehensive and inclusive term, “Energy Medicine” by founding The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM).     The future of natural health and healing through energy predicts a day where healing becomes a universal skill greatly reducing the level of pain and suffering that currently takes place on the planet.  Unimaginable break-throughs in natural healing methods are coming according to Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch.   Learn how you can get healing through energy with these natural healing methods at All Things Healing. Visit All Things Healing online regularly!

Introduction to Energy Medicine Healing
(Asst. Editor: Melanie Channell) As an Energy Healer, Crystal Therapist and Meditation/Life Coach, Co-Editor Nicholas Pepe believes that we are the most powerful healers in our lives....
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Nicholas Pepe
Carolyn White, PhD, DCH, CSC, ChI, metaphysical educator and energy therapist, is also a published author and entertainer. She has a passion to help others discover their innate beauty ...
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Carolyn White, PhD, DCH, CSC, ChI

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by Barbara Janelle M.A.

The horse stands with his head high and all his muscles tense with fear. The white in the eyes indicates pain somewhere in the body; he is holding his breath. I sidle in towards his shoulder, take the line and ask the horse to lower his head--the first step in establishing a working relationship with the gelding. Then slowly my hands enter and scan his energy field...


Editor's Note: Energy healing is becoming a useful tool for people who work with animals...


Energy Medicine

by Alison Anton CNE, CMT, FDN

Naturally, most of us who get sick want to survive; as soon as we are diagnosed with illness or experience physical symptoms, the survival mechanism kicks into high gear...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: In energy medicine, true healing occurs when there is a balance between body, mind and spirit. Perfect health is more than just survival. Medical intuitive Allison Anton discusses this process of "true healing." At the end of her article, Allison presents a 60 second energy intervention:  Sensing the Difference Between Surviving and Healing.



Energy Medicine

by Baeth Davis

Having just gone through a bout with breast cancer, my life has been rearranged in such a beautiful way. One of my relatives who is now 68 years old had breast cancer in her early thirties and has been healthy ever since...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: I am always searching for great, practical advice for maintain health and wellness through the application of energy. Part of this process involves living the life you were meant to live - living true to your purpose. Baeth Davis shares her experience with breast cancer and offers three simple ideas on maintaining your energy of wellness and health.


Energy Medicine



by Anna Hunt
Cross-posted from

Are souls constructed from the fabric of our universe? Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona, and his colleague Sir Roger Penrose, a British theoretical physicist, seem to think so, and have been promoting this theory over the last 15 years...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: I've often been asked, "How does energy medicine work?" If Quantum physics can offer us an explanation of the near-death phenomenon, perhaps this research can lead us to a better understanding of how "energy" works. Are we all interconnected by the fabric of the universe - does quantum consciousness reside in our brain? A very provocative article with a video explanation by Dr. Stuart Hameroff of what may happen during a near-death experience.


Energy Medicine

by Don Bailey, MD

“Energy Medicine” is an incredibly broad atopic. The list of modalities, techniques, and practices are endless. As such, I thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts on Energy Medicine and Energy Healing...





Energy Medicine

by Barbara Janelle, M.A.

In August 1992, I visited Jean Soprano in upstate New York. Jean recently obtained her license as a wildlife rehabilitator specializing in mammals. She does this work in her home, and this summer raised 11 infant skunks and 10 young raccoons. When I arrived, Jean took me to a cage where a 12-week-old raccoon was looking very ill...



Energy Medicine


Editor's Note: This is an interesting presentation on aura imaging, how to see auras and how auras are connected with the chakras. Enjoy!


Energy Medicine


Editor's Note from Bruce Dickson: HUMOROUS demo of what's possible with AK-TFH from one of the early masters. The Emotion Code has resurrected this use of magnets, more or less. Still, magnets like crystals, are simply one way practitioners focus and converge intention. Many very experienced practitioners do without any such props replacing them with love. AK and TFH pre-date the use of the term "energy medicine" but are its historical foundation.


Energy Medicine

by Judith Orloff, MD

If you want to see people flip their lids fast, try invading their personal space. What is personal space? In “Emotional Freedom” I emphasize its main aspects. First, it’s the invisible border that surrounds us and sets our comfort level when we interact. Depending on our preferences, it can range from inches to feet and varies with situations, upbringing, and culture...




Energy Medicine

by Dorinne S. Davis

When the term ‘Senior’ is attached to the generation of people within your age range, you know the time for ‘quality’ living is important! For myself, I want vitality, energy, an ability to keep on the go, clear thinking, and the health to keep going for many years. In today’s world, we are offered so many medical options. There are initials for just about any disorder, like GERD, OCD, COPD, PAD, and there is a medication for just about anything. Some of us, however, don’t want to be known by our disorder or symptoms, and don’t want to take pills unless absolutely necessary. Instead, seniors are searching for alternative approaches to maintain their overall wellness to support and/or complement the medical options...


Energy Medicine

by Kate Mitchell

Indigo children are the Bridgers from the Old World of win/loose to the New World of win/win. They ensure that we close the doors to war, poverty, discrimination and separation. They usher in the world of peace, abundance and oneness...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: Who are the Indigo and Crystal children? Kate Mitchell's article provides insight into these spiritual ambassadors. It sheds light on how we can best support and honor them.


Energy Medicine

by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Science tells us that kindness directly influences your propensity for happiness. But kindness does more than that; it not only improves your health but increases your longevity. It’s a proven biological fact...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: Energy medicine is a way of living. It's all about wellness and keeping that balance between body, mind, and spirit. Did you know that committing daily random acts of kindness is energetically beneficial to your good health? Dr. Mercola presents scientific evidence that kindness contributes to your overall well-being and longevity.


Energy Medicine

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What Is Therapeutic Touch?

by Douglas Hardwick

With the recent explosion of interest in alternative forms of healing, attention has turned to the practice of energy medicine. Energy medicine is an approach to healing based on the assumption...


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