What is Energy Medicine? All living things emit an energy field. Energy Medicine unblocks stagnant energy and restores vitality by amplifying the body's natural health and healing ability. Energy medicine is considered a form of complementary medicine. As seen in its natural healing methods, Energy Medicine views energy as a living, dynamic force which can directly affect health and happiness. Many divide energy fields into two main groups.  The veritable energy field can be measured with our current technology which includes fields like sound, visible light, lasers and magnetism. On the other hand, putative energy fields cannot be measured with our present technology. The term ‘energy medicine’ as used on this site will relate to the putative energy fields. Though not easily measured by conventional methods, energy medicine practitioners work with subtle energies by sensing or ‘seeing’ with their hands, eyes, bodies or minds. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this energy is called Qi (pronounced ‘chee’).  Healing through energy assumes there is a natural flow of these subtle energies and when illness occurs, they believe that their patient is in a state of imbalance with their Qi or life force energy blocked or obstructed.   As stated by Francesca McCartney PhD, “Energy Medicine is the ancient wisdom inside each human being.”  Healing through energy was observed thousands of years ago by Chinese healers who identified 12 major meridians or pathways of energy in the body. Energy Medicine can also be traced back to 3000 b.c. within Ayurvedic medicine.  These ancient sciences discovered that we indeed do have a subtle energy system that runs through the body. According to, Dr. Elmer Green and colleagues substantiated the comprehensive and inclusive term, “Energy Medicine” by founding The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM).     The future of natural health and healing through energy predicts a day where healing becomes a universal skill greatly reducing the level of pain and suffering that currently takes place on the planet.  Unimaginable break-throughs in natural healing methods are coming according to Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch.   Learn how you can get healing through energy with these natural healing methods at All Things Healing. Visit All Things Healing online regularly!

Introduction to Energy Medicine Healing
(Asst. Editor: Melanie Channell) As an Energy Healer, Crystal Therapist and Meditation/Life Coach, Co-Editor Nicholas Pepe believes that we are the most powerful healers in our lives....
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Nicholas Pepe
Carolyn White, PhD, DCH, CSC, ChI, metaphysical educator and energy therapist, is also a published author and entertainer. She has a passion to help others discover their innate beauty ...
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Carolyn White, PhD, DCH, CSC, ChI

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by Mary E. Riposo, PhD

We all know that eating right is a good way to maintain your health. Do you remember your mother telling you to "eat your vegetables" when you were a child? We all know that a diet high in raw foods and vegetables is good for our physical health; but did you know that eating your vegetables can also improve your psychic ability?...


Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Adopting a healthy diet not only leads to health but can also improve one's psychic ability. A healthy lifestyle filled with raw foods (dark leafy vegetables), avoiding certain foods, a little sun, filtered water and air can help the pineal gland stay healthy, boosting one's psychic ability. She also offers a thirty-day diet plan to get you going.


Energy Medicine

by Jeanine Sande, MBA, Medical Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher

I am trying to stop looking at Google news because it makes me want to SCREAM. And, I am somewhat addicted to checking the news at least twice a day! I am so frustrated to hear about all that is happening in Washington and our economy, and how those who need the most help will be getting less. As you can guess, I could go on with my rant - but what good will it do? Does it help fix things in Washington? no.. Does it help those in need? no.. Does it help me feel better? no!



Energy Medicine

by Karen Murphy

It all started in New Zealand. Matthew and I spent nearly a month there this winter, and when we landed, groggy from 18 hours of flying, one of the first things that greeted us in the airport in Auckland was a rack of...

Editor’s Note: Many healers have had to heal themselves of illness and injury. Karen Murphy used energy healing and channeled help from other realms to heal herself of a foot injury. 


Energy Medicine

by Cindy Sawyer

There has been so much written about diets of all kinds and millions made by their authors. Unfortunately the majority of the diets work only in short-term. You learn very little about how your own unique body functions and what it really needs...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: You may use many "diet" systems for attaining an ideal, healthy weight. Often, these systems neglect to address the core issue of healthy weight management - self-esteem.  Cindy Sawyer offers a simple and powerful method to cultivate a healthy body and healthy weight - the "I Love You Diet."  Love is one of the most powerful and positive energies you have to create a healthier body, mind and spirit.  Cindy shows us how you can harness the energy of Love to move toward your ideal weight.


Energy Medicine

by Rosanna C. Rogacion

In the late 1800's a Japanese spiritual seeker by the name of Mikao Usui climbed Mt. Fujiyama, which was considered a sacred mountain. His sole purpose was to find the answer to the question, "What is the ultimate purpose of life?" Usui fasted and meditated for twenty one days...



Energy Medicine

by Pamela Arwine

As the forward march of time unfolds, energy healing is emerging into the mainstream as a viable force for maintaining strong, good health.  Questions arise.  Which are the favored forms of energy healing?...




Energy Medicine

by Elaine Seiler
If you were a designer, creating a gorgeous high-style dress of silk and satin, would you consider adding plastic buttons or polyester trim?  Probably not! You would make sure that all the materials used in your design were of similar and high quality, and that they all were resonant and harmonious – at the very least you would choose a non-resonant item for a reason and with conscious intent...




Energy Medicine

by Inna Segal

Every disease or disorder a person experiences feeds on negative thoughts, feelings or energies. The more density there is in your mind the more fuel your body has to degenerate...


Editor's Note from Bruce Dickson: Therapeutic Metaphor is a huge part of Energy Medicine and healers like Inna have taken this up when psychosomatic medicine, as a speciality, was abandoned by the AMA. It's true, The Meaning of Illness Is Now an Open Book.


Energy Medicine

Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Dr. Norm Shealy gives insight into energy medicine, the future of health and his new book. He focuses on the work and channeling of Edgar Cayce. Dr. Shealy touches on Crystal Healing, Energy Medicine, Tapping, Diet and Exercise.



Energy Medicine

by Karen Murphy
Often people say they cannot feel energy. What they really mean is: they do not know what they are feeling when they feel it.

All of you feel energy all the time. All of you have the ability to discern what it is that you are feeling. You simply need to bring awareness and attention to what it is you feel...


Editor’s Note: This is a nice overview for people who are new to energy work...


Energy Medicine

by Dorinne Davis

Most people hear the word sound and assume ‘music’.  They don’t immediately think of ‘energy’.  Within the context of energy medicine, sound is simply the vibration or frequency of specific energetic movements usually at the atomic, quantum, or cellular level. So while music contains, embeds, and revolves around all particulars of sound vibration, in the context of sound-based therapy, especially as used within The Davis Model of Sound Interventionâ„ , sound is more energy than music...


Energy Medicine


Editor's Note: I looked high and low for a video demonstrating the inner sensitivity required to have consistent results with any kind of self-testing over time. So far--I haven't found such a video in kinesiology muscle testing! This TAT video does demonstrate where the facilitator and client have to go to in consciousness to address and release a disturbance in the subconscious. You'll notice a slower pace permitting clients to go deeper and escape the trap of trying to deal with an issue only 'from the neck up.' TAT is part of the TFT, EFT family of meridian tapping, very much a part of the original definition of "energy medicine."


Energy Medicine

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What Is Therapeutic Touch?

by Douglas Hardwick

With the recent explosion of interest in alternative forms of healing, attention has turned to the practice of energy medicine. Energy medicine is an approach to healing based on the assumption...


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