What is Energy Medicine? All living things emit an energy field. Energy Medicine unblocks stagnant energy and restores vitality by amplifying the body's natural health and healing ability. Energy medicine is considered a form of complementary medicine. As seen in its natural healing methods, Energy Medicine views energy as a living, dynamic force which can directly affect health and happiness. Many divide energy fields into two main groups.  The veritable energy field can be measured with our current technology which includes fields like sound, visible light, lasers and magnetism. On the other hand, putative energy fields cannot be measured with our present technology. The term ‘energy medicine’ as used on this site will relate to the putative energy fields. Though not easily measured by conventional methods, energy medicine practitioners work with subtle energies by sensing or ‘seeing’ with their hands, eyes, bodies or minds. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this energy is called Qi (pronounced ‘chee’).  Healing through energy assumes there is a natural flow of these subtle energies and when illness occurs, they believe that their patient is in a state of imbalance with their Qi or life force energy blocked or obstructed.   As stated by Francesca McCartney PhD, “Energy Medicine is the ancient wisdom inside each human being.”  Healing through energy was observed thousands of years ago by Chinese healers who identified 12 major meridians or pathways of energy in the body. Energy Medicine can also be traced back to 3000 b.c. within Ayurvedic medicine.  These ancient sciences discovered that we indeed do have a subtle energy system that runs through the body. According to, Dr. Elmer Green and colleagues substantiated the comprehensive and inclusive term, “Energy Medicine” by founding The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM).     The future of natural health and healing through energy predicts a day where healing becomes a universal skill greatly reducing the level of pain and suffering that currently takes place on the planet.  Unimaginable break-throughs in natural healing methods are coming according to Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch.   Learn how you can get healing through energy with these natural healing methods at All Things Healing. Visit All Things Healing online regularly!

Introduction to Energy Medicine Healing
(Asst. Editor: Melanie Channell) As an Energy Healer, Crystal Therapist and Meditation/Life Coach, Co-Editor Nicholas Pepe believes that we are the most powerful healers in our lives....
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Nicholas Pepe
Carolyn White, PhD, DCH, CSC, ChI, metaphysical educator and energy therapist, is also a published author and entertainer. She has a passion to help others discover their innate beauty ...
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Carolyn White, PhD, DCH, CSC, ChI

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by Jennifer Koebele

Before we can begin healing and balancing the seven major chakras, it is not necessary, but helpful, to have some way to assess which of our energy hubs are in the most need of our attention. Chances are, if one center is suffering, the others are as well. An imbalanced root chakra, for instance, can easily throw the others out of whack, if for no other reason then that it produces a lifestyle and spiritual state which causes us to be more vulnerable, less honest, and closed toward others...


Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Try this test to find out if your chakras are balanced. Get a deeper understanding of your vital energy centers and how chakra imbalances can effect you.


Energy Medicine

Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Michael D'Alton demonstrates Bio-Energy healing on Tamara Bull. He demonstrates how clearing blocked energy can help alleviate pain.



Energy Medicine

by Elaine Seiler

2012 is a new world. New vibrations from the outer reaches of the universe have been coming onto the planet since the mid-80s. These vibrations are faster than those that existed before. As the vibrations around us speed up, so our internal vibrations have to do the same. It is said that the heartbeat or pulse of the earth, once thought to be 7.8 cycles, is now calculated at 12 Hz and is increasing every year...



Energy Medicine

by Adrienne R.

Today’s generation owes much to the workings of the Internet, which has built bridges and made it possible for information to be quickly disseminated to different parts of the globe. Nevertheless, excessive Internet use can take a toll on emotional health in the form of internet addiction...


A Note from ATH Supervising Editor, Sherri Carter: In this article, from, Adrienne explains how Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping, is a great tool in releasing symptoms of anxiety related to many mental health issues, including PTSD, OCD, and Adjustment Disorder, to just name a few. EFT helps to create balance between mind and body, combining a gentle tapping on various energy points with affirmations. I use it in my practice with my clients with amazing results!


Energy Medicine

by Amanda Gore

OK, you've done the preparation.  It's Christmas day, you're driving to the 'event'.  What can you do?  


First, play something pleasant on the cd in the car - a comedy or calming music.  Say positive things to yourself...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: Christmas Day, or any special holiday/celebration, can arouse many emotions. You may feel excited and happy to share traditions with family and friends. You might be apprehensive about seeing people that, in the past, have been less than supportive of you. Whether you approach the holidays with joy or fear and loathing, your expectations may not mesh with your fellow celebrants, which is stressful


Energy Medicine

by Jeanine Sande, MBA

How many of us grew up in less than happy homes? As children we remembered, for a while, who we really were, but we thought that (unconsciously, of course) “if I just vacuum all this unhappiness up, and deal with it later, then everyone will be happy”?




Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Creating "Healthy Boundaries" and releasing all that no longer serves you is important in life.  When we hold onto unhealthy energies we slow our process and experience less joy. Jeanine Sande provides ways to clear these energies in your life so that we can experience joy fully.

Energy Medicine

by Amanda Gore

A typical 'family' get together these days consists of step mothers, step fathers, step children, direct in laws, step in laws, separated but not remarried singles and parents, angry children, and confused animals! Not to mention step uncles/aunts, second marriage relatives etc...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: The holiday season may be hazardous to your health, especially your heart, according to a study  published in Dec. 14, 2004 issue of Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.  Researchers examined records for 53 million deaths from natural causes over a 26-year period (1973-2001), excluding suicides, homicides, and accidents. The study shows death rates peak during Christmas and New Year's, with coronary issues leading the cause of death, i.e the "Merry Christmas Coronary" or the "Happy New Year Heart Attack."


Energy Medicine

by Amanda Gore

Will this new year be the same as usual for you?

You rush around for Christmas, eat and drink too much and then find the best party you can go to on New Year's Eve, drink buckets more and the next morning think about what resolutions you need to make for the new year...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: In the last months of the year, do you find yourself so involved in the holidays that you lose perspective of your goals? Does the partying and feasting eat at your plans for a healthier you?  The New Year naturally evolves as the time when you renew your resolutions and intentions to live a lifestyle that promotes balance and wellness. It's when you participate in active goal setting to map out your goals and action plans. What can you do to energetically support your resolve? Amada Gore shares ten strategies to help you evaluate and successfully attain your goals for the New Year.


Energy Medicine

Kathi Kenedi CTHt, CCHt

Condition your Stomach with your mind. Did you know your stomach has the wisdom to know when it's full? That it has the ability to let you know when it's time to stop eating? And that you can know when it is communicating with you?...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: From the perspective of energy medicine, the more "in tune" each one of us is with the basic functions of our body, the easier it is to maintain, or return to, a state of homeostasis. With the new year and new resolutions in the making, weight loss seems to always be on the top of the list. Here is a simple and effective approach from Kathi Kenedi that uses the power of our imagination to cultivate healthy, balanced eating habits through awareness of - your stomach.


Energy Medicine

by Guy Spiro

A broader spectrum of ways of healing rests with greater communication between healers and medicine. Plans for the future of Barbara Brennan's highly successful school for healers build strongly on continued positive action and intentions for just such dialogue...




Energy Medicine

by Nicholas Pepe,
ATH Co-Editor of Energy Medicine

In western culture, a boom of alternative healing methods are being used in healing many forms of dis-ease. Present-day medical views are deeply rooted in a Newtonian worldview, Allopathic Medicine. According to Dr. Richard Gerber (author of Vibrational Medicine), “Doctors conceptualize the body as a type of grand machine which is controlled by the brain and peripheral nervous system:  the ultimate biological computer.”


Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Here I compare the different approaches to healing, utilizing the theories of Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Energy Medicine

by Nancy Hausauer

Sometimes it's hard being an energy worker. You feel things or see things that other people don't. I know that I've definitely taken some flack for my views and my work...


Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Author Nancy Hausauer delves into the existence of  Subtle energy. In the past, the study of Energy Medicine has been met with harsh skepticism. But things are changing. According to cellular biologist James Oschman, each of our organs and muscles have a biomagnetic field that exist in and around the body.


Energy Medicine

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What Is Therapeutic Touch?

by Douglas Hardwick

With the recent explosion of interest in alternative forms of healing, attention has turned to the practice of energy medicine. Energy medicine is an approach to healing based on the assumption...


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