What is Energy Medicine? All living things emit an energy field. Energy Medicine unblocks stagnant energy and restores vitality by amplifying the body's natural health and healing ability. Energy medicine is considered a form of complementary medicine. As seen in its natural healing methods, Energy Medicine views energy as a living, dynamic force which can directly affect health and happiness. Many divide energy fields into two main groups.  The veritable energy field can be measured with our current technology which includes fields like sound, visible light, lasers and magnetism. On the other hand, putative energy fields cannot be measured with our present technology. The term ‘energy medicine’ as used on this site will relate to the putative energy fields. Though not easily measured by conventional methods, energy medicine practitioners work with subtle energies by sensing or ‘seeing’ with their hands, eyes, bodies or minds. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this energy is called Qi (pronounced ‘chee’).  Healing through energy assumes there is a natural flow of these subtle energies and when illness occurs, they believe that their patient is in a state of imbalance with their Qi or life force energy blocked or obstructed.   As stated by Francesca McCartney PhD, “Energy Medicine is the ancient wisdom inside each human being.”  Healing through energy was observed thousands of years ago by Chinese healers who identified 12 major meridians or pathways of energy in the body. Energy Medicine can also be traced back to 3000 b.c. within Ayurvedic medicine.  These ancient sciences discovered that we indeed do have a subtle energy system that runs through the body. According to, Dr. Elmer Green and colleagues substantiated the comprehensive and inclusive term, “Energy Medicine” by founding The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM).     The future of natural health and healing through energy predicts a day where healing becomes a universal skill greatly reducing the level of pain and suffering that currently takes place on the planet.  Unimaginable break-throughs in natural healing methods are coming according to Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch.   Learn how you can get healing through energy with these natural healing methods at All Things Healing. Visit All Things Healing online regularly!

Introduction to Energy Medicine Healing
(Asst. Editor: Melanie Channell) As an Energy Healer, Crystal Therapist and Meditation/Life Coach, Co-Editor Nicholas Pepe believes that we are the most powerful healers in our lives....
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Nicholas Pepe
Carolyn White, PhD, DCH, CSC, ChI, metaphysical educator and energy therapist, is also a published author and entertainer. She has a passion to help others discover their innate beauty ...
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Carolyn White, PhD, DCH, CSC, ChI

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by Elizabeth R. Mackenzie

One day, I was in a local herbal shop chatting with the shopkeeper, a friend, about my long-standing efforts to shift the energy in my life, when I ran into an old acquaintance who happened to mention that her mother was moving into a new kind of therapy designed to move the boulders in one’s life...I was dubious when she said the process used flower essences, but the whole exchange seemed so synchronous, I was determined to take a chance and try it out...



Energy Medicine

by Krista Mitchell, BFA,RMT

Many of us hear that we need to 'love' ourselves more.  Of course it's true, but what stumps us is HOW.  How do I love myself more when I feel like crap? When I'm depressed?  When I don't like how I am?  When people keep rejecting me?  When nothing's going my way? When I have so much else to do?!!!



Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: How can we cultivate a practice of self-love?  Krista Mitchell shows us how, utilizing Affirmations, Meditation, inner-child and more.

Energy Medicine

by Norma Gentile

I have always seen auras. They look like a cloud surrounding the physical body. They often appear to me as multi-colored, swirling masses of textured energy. As a child I wondered why people were all these different colors. Finally as an adult I know that there is no simple reason!




Energy Medicine

by Dr. Joe Vitale

Two years ago, I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients--without ever seeing any of them. The psychologist would study an inmate's chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person's illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved...


Energy Medicine

by Deepak Chopra
Cross-posted from

Consciousness orchestrates its activity in response to both attention and intention. Whatever you put your attention on becomes energized. Whatever you take your attention away from dwindles. On the other hand, intention is the key to transformation, as we have seen...


Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Deepak Chopra states that the things we focus on show up in our lives. That there is no difference between information and energy as they are one in the same. What we send out, we receive.


Energy Medicine


by Bill Austin

I find it very ironic that so many people I know on the spiritual path often struggle so much with money. I feel in many ways that it is far more spiritual to be abundant than to be struggling financially. When Jesus said the Kingdom of GOD is within us what I feel he meant is that our inner divinity – what I call the highest level aspect of our monad – is totally abundant.



Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Bill Austin gives Healers and Spiritual people the keys to manifesting not only money, but an abundant life filled with joy.

Energy Medicine

by Linda Webber

Dr. Edward Bach understood that where there was ‘dis-ease’ in the body, there was lack of harmony within the personality. As a respected and highly successful medical practitioner, he felt that the conventional forms of medical treatment for his patients were inadequate, and often presented a new set of symptoms to be dealt with...



Energy Medicine

by Sara Davidson

In February of 1999, I drove up the long spine of the San Fernando Valley to the town of Sierra Madre to seek out the Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere. I was a pilgrim, desperate for a cure. I'd heard she was an "energy healer" but I had no idea what that was...

Editor's Note: This is a nice interview of energy healer Rosalyn Bruyere. I've studied with Rosalyn Bruyere and found her to be a great teacher and inspiring pioneer in the field of energy healing.  Enjoy!


Energy Medicine

by Steve Clayton

As the leaves are coming out on the trees, one of the times of the year I love the best, one of those Facebook postings came across my page. Below is the underlined FB posting and the thoughts that came to me while I read them. I hope you enjoy them and even modify them with your own wisdom.


Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Steve Clayton illustrates how our connection to trees is really a connection with everything(in the quantum field). In following the wisdom of trees, we can better our lives.  To quote Steve, "What we do to Mother Earth, is the result of what we are doing to ourselves."

Energy Medicine

by Joe Flower

Through one lens, Bernie Siegel is a "New Age" doctor with a hip, holistic point of view. Looked at another way, his message is as old as Hippocrates.: we must treat the whole person, not merely the organ, the system, the disease. People are complex. If we expect to heal and care for people, we cannot effectively reduce them to "the liver failure in 127" or "the torn ligament in Examing Room B." We have to deal with people's lives and emotions -- and with our own emotions as healers and caregivers.


Editor's Note: It is always encouraging to find mainstream physicians who recognize the importance of something like “love” in the healing process....


Energy Medicine

by Mary E. Riposo, PhD

We all know that eating right is a good way to maintain your health. Do you remember your mother telling you to "eat your vegetables" when you were a child? We all know that a diet high in raw foods and vegetables is good for our physical health; but did you know that eating your vegetables can also improve your psychic ability?...


Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Adopting a healthy diet not only leads to health but can also improve one's psychic ability. A healthy lifestyle filled with raw foods (dark leafy vegetables), avoiding certain foods, a little sun, filtered water and air can help the pineal gland stay healthy, boosting one's psychic ability. She also offers a thirty-day diet plan to get you going.


Energy Medicine

by Jeanine Sande, MBA, Medical Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher

I am trying to stop looking at Google news because it makes me want to SCREAM. And, I am somewhat addicted to checking the news at least twice a day! I am so frustrated to hear about all that is happening in Washington and our economy, and how those who need the most help will be getting less. As you can guess, I could go on with my rant - but what good will it do? Does it help fix things in Washington? no.. Does it help those in need? no.. Does it help me feel better? no!



Energy Medicine

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What Is Therapeutic Touch?

by Douglas Hardwick

With the recent explosion of interest in alternative forms of healing, attention has turned to the practice of energy medicine. Energy medicine is an approach to healing based on the assumption...


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