What is Writing & Poetry Therapy? Intentional use of written and spoken word for healing and personal growth. Rich in imagery, emotion, and metaphor, poetry provides unique opportunities for self-discovery and is a catalyst for healing and self-integration. Therapeutic Poetry – Poetry, as therapy, is the use of written and spoken word for healing and personal growth. For more information about poetry as therapy & healing poetry, visit All Thing Healing online today!

What is Writing & Poetry Therapy?
(Asst Editor: Tomasz Czepaitis) Life Coach, writer and artist, Susan de Wardt is a specialist in the use of transformative language, story and art to unleash full creative potentia...
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Susan de Wardt, CAPF, CJF
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by Shubran Krishan
Cross-posted from www.Care2.com

My childhood’s most memorable moments were made up of pen and paper and muse. My father and I loved to play Poem-Poem! We gave each other an opening line, then built our own poems around them. Time limit: five minutes. What emerged was usually hilarious, often downright nonsensical, but sometimes, stop-you-in-your-tracks-stunning...


Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: Here's a refreshing comment on the power of poetry to connect you with others including a fun poem to poem game you can play with family or friends.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Susan de Wardt,
ATH Co-Editor of Writing and Poetry Therapy

We each carry lines of poetry with us. Words that others have written float back to us and stay with us, indelibly. We clutch these "Life Lines" like totems, repeat them as mantras, and summon them for comfort and laughter...


Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: Have you been inspired by a poem? Do you have words of poetic wisdom floating in your head? Read about the Academy of American Poets project:  Life/Lines: Vital Words.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by W. S. Merwin

with the night falling we are saying thank you

we are stopping on the bridges to bow from the railings

we are running out of the glass rooms...


Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: Merwin's thoughtful poem on saying thanks offers an unusual look at gratitude --where or when we find it in our lives. Writing prompts are included at the end of the poem so you can write your own poem or letter of thanks for whatever is before you. Where can you find time or place to pause and give thanks in your life?


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Sheila Bender

I started my writing career as a poet and I believe that poetry is my “home page,” the place I return to for investigating my feelings and perceptions and to recognize those of others that are so like my own. As poets, we write from joy, sorrow and wonder; our poems record our responses to being alive and they create a sense living intensely, rather than walking shut down through our days...


Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: Prolific author, poet and essayist Sheila Bender speaks openly about how she used poetry to help her through the grief following her son's tragic death.


Writing & Poetry Therapy



Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: Captivating video by poet Sarah Kay as she tells the story of how she found her voice through spoken word poetry and began connecting kids to the power of self-expression through Project V.O.I.C.E.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Susan de Wardt,
ATH Co-Editor of Writing and Poetry Therapy

Dreams are messages from the subconscious and according to dream expert Jeremy Taylor, “dreams come in the service of health and wholeness … only the dreamer knows for certain what his/her dream means.” Since dreams are nature’s way of processing unfinished daytime business, working with dreams is a worthwhile process of self-discovery...


Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: You spend one-third of your life dreaming - why not utilize this valuable resource. Here are some useful journal writing tips to help you unravel the mystery of your night mind.


Writing & Poetry Therapy


Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Eric Maisel encourages you to get quiet enough to develop a creative mind. One example is to go to bed wondering about your writing, rather than worrying about it. Then, when you wake up in the morning, pull out your journal first thing and begin writing. You'll notice your creative thoughts flow better than you thought possible.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Tzivia Gover

"What is Poetry?" I pose the question to my students, young women in their teens and early twenties. I am answered with silence. Seconds slink past. Finally, one student, who is meticulously made up from her mascara-ed eyes to her silver and blue polished nails offers, "I think it has to rhyme..."

Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Tzivia Gover shares her first hand experience in leading writing workshops that are indeed not a luxury, neither for her students nor for herself.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Maryhelen Snyder

There are only the two of us. The poet and the page. The therapist and the client. These are the central creative activities of my life. And each is an intimate experience that I and others have compared to that of being a midwife. Because the fact is that the primary satisfaction lies in waiting. And then, as a poem or a person emerges, in being receptive, and sometimes astounded...

Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Maryhelen Snyder takes us on a journey as a poet and a therapist to explore topics of: new beginnings, becoming the other, not knowing, metaphor, creative energy, and most of all--love.



Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Katie McClain

When I was in 4th grade, I bullied someone.

I'm nervous to admit this, but it's true.

The girl I bullied was very pretty, with gorgeous brown hair. And big curly locks...


Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Who among us has not done something that they regret? Here's Katie McClain's enlightened adult perspective on bullying.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Dr. Mark Laaser, MDiv, PhD

I am a pastoral counselor that specializes in working with men who are struggling with sexual infidelity and addiction. This can involve fantasy, pornography, masturbation, affairs (emotional and physical) and a large variety of other sexual behaviors. It has been well researched in our field that many of these men experienced a great deal of wounds in their growing up years...

Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Dr. Mark Lasser explains here how writing can be a tool to connect to our inner child and help affirm the parts of ourselves that are challenged by addictions.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Quinn McDonald

Writing is an act of healing, and the healing begins when you finish with your need to rehearse it over and over again and feel the pain all over again. Knowing it’s in your journal is reason enough to quit rehearsing the details...


Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Have you ever thought about writing to forget?  Now is your chance.  Join Quinn as she explains the healing path of forgetting.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

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The Summer Day

by Mary Oliver

This poem by Mary Oliver asks you to look more closely at the world around you. After reading this poem, notice how you pay attention to life. Do you know how to be idle?  What are the questions that tumble into your mind as you relax on a perfect summer day? Let Mary Oliver help you discover the answer...


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