What is Writing & Poetry Therapy? Intentional use of written and spoken word for healing and personal growth. Rich in imagery, emotion, and metaphor, poetry provides unique opportunities for self-discovery and is a catalyst for healing and self-integration. Therapeutic Poetry – Poetry, as therapy, is the use of written and spoken word for healing and personal growth. For more information about poetry as therapy & healing poetry, visit All Thing Healing online today!

What is Writing & Poetry Therapy?
(Asst Editor: Tomasz Czepaitis) Life Coach, writer and artist, Susan de Wardt is a specialist in the use of transformative language, story and art to unleash full creative potentia...
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Susan de Wardt, CAPF, CJF
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by Helen Maffini

Keeping a journal is a great way of expressing emotions. The skill of using emotional literacy will be developed as well as better self awareness and self reflection...


Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: Encouraging a child to write in a journal builds self-awareness and emotional literacy. Try these journal ideas with your children or students.


Writing & Poetry Therapy


Editor's Note from Tomasz Czepaitis: A fresh video from the Lithuanian Poetry Spring, evening in the artistic Uzhupis district-republic. Michael Augustin, poet from Bremen reads his "Poem about poems" in English, then in native German, then poet A.A.Jonynas reads Lithuanian translation.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Susan Hemmingway

The worst year of Norma Pitzer-Kelly's life arrived in 2010. That winter, her parents died within months of each other. She lost her job as an insurance adjuster in early spring...


Editor's Note from Sue Meyn: Isn't this an inspiring article about the value of expressive writing? Hope it inspires you to keep up your writing habit----or to start one!


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Susyn Reeve

Since living an inspired life has its roots in your mind, it is necessary to understand how your mind works, how new brain pathways are created, and how upgraded software of the mind is installed...


Editor's Note from Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony: If you knew more about how your brain worked, what would you do differently? Take out your journal and write about just five things you do everyday on auto-pilot. Then write about one thing you can do differently to create a new pathway and to ultimately keep your brain young and active.


Writing & Poetry Therapy


Editor’s Note from Susan de Wardt: This delightful little film underscores the meaning of E.E. Cummings's poem "May I Feel Said He". A tribute to love and the mating rituals between men and women, listen to the simple words as you watch this woman walk into the lens of her husband's camera for four decades.


Writing & Poetry Therapy


Editor's Note from Sue Meyn: Another visit with Julia Cameron. She talks about dealing with those people who are "wet blankets" to our creative force. It's a good inspirational piece---and she is such a character!


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Sue Meyn

I've read several articles in a magazine called "Fast Company". It's essentially a business magazine, but there were so many articles that attracted my attention (and I am not a business person) that I have to believe it offers a very holistic view of business...


Editor's Note: I hope you'll think about creating your own journal group. It's such a wonderful way to come together with friends and to celebrate yourselves and each other.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by David Whyte

Above the mountains
the Geese turn into
the light again
painting their
black silhouettes
on an open sky...


Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: Summer reminds me of travel - taking journeys both short and long to places we may know and to places where we are unfamiliar. David Whyte's poem "The Journey" speaks about a different kind of travel: the journey to find Self. Perhaps this summer you will find time to reflect on your own journey--to find 'the one line already written inside of you."


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Barbara Lazarony

Does this sound like your day? The phone rings and its sad news about your best friend’s beloved animal. Your email dings, announcing that your boss wants a report that you haven’t started on yet. And the kids are fighting, again...


Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: The next time you're feeling angry or frustrated, try this quick investigative writing technique to clear through your negative emotions.


Writing & Poetry Therapy


Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: Tyler Stanley, author of Counting the Days: Recovery Through the Romance Side of the Brain, discusses the healing power of poetry. Read more about Tyler's recovery from traumatic brain injury at www.tylerstanley.net.

Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Kristin Donovan

You know those moments when your whole world changes in one instant?

They are powerful topics for journaling. I call them "Luis Moments." Here's why...



Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Grab your pen and get ready to explore your own version of a "Luis Moment."



Writing & Poetry Therapy

Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Enjoy this short piece honoring all that is Holy. An award-winning film based on a poem written and performed by Derrick Brown. Directed by David and Daniel Holechek. Featuring music by Mogwai.

Writing & Poetry Therapy

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The Summer Day

by Mary Oliver

This poem by Mary Oliver asks you to look more closely at the world around you. After reading this poem, notice how you pay attention to life. Do you know how to be idle?  What are the questions that tumble into your mind as you relax on a perfect summer day? Let Mary Oliver help you discover the answer...


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