What are Arts & Art Therapy? In this forum, Arts & Art Therapy will be curated to reflect the expression of growth and inspiration. Art is a visual representation of the inner and outer world as seen through the eyes of the artist. At All Things Healing, art therapy is curated to reflect the expression of growth and inspiration. Learn more about art therapy – healing art therapy & visual art therapy by visiting us online today!

Introducing Arts & Art Therapy
(Asst Editor: Karen Adler, Dip TPAT)  Karen Stabley is a speaker, therapist, relationship coach and teacher. Karen is an interactive, solution-focused therapist with a tr...
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Karen Stabley, MCAT, ATR, BC
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by Laurence Kingston

Rhodes Scholars are selected not just for their outstanding academic achievements, but also for their character, commitment to others and to the common good, and for their potential for leadership in whatever domains their careers may lead.  A Rhodes piano is an electro-mechanical piano that was described by the New York Times in 2001 as having a “shimmering, ethereal sound”. Both of these very different Rhodes are exceptional...

Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: Music is an incredible form of art that can serve many purposes. It can be used for relaxation, distraction, expression, or prayer. Music can also be a very powerful meditation, just as washing the dishes or walking can be. Music is just one example of an activity that you can make richer and more satisfying by putting awareness into it.


Arts & Art Therapy 

Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: Junot Díaz is a Dominican-American writer, creative writing professor at MIT and fiction editor at Boston Review. Much of his writing centers around his immigrant experience. He received the Pullitzer Prize for Fiction for his novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, in 2008. He was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2012. The MacArthur Fellowship is a $500,000, no-strings-attached grant for individuals who have shown exceptional creativity in their work and the promise to do more. This is a reading from his book, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: I love to see art therapy make a difference in people's lives, particularly school students who are empowered to take back control of their lives via art. 'Gangs, murder and fear are common vocabulary words for some Chicago Public School students. They see tragedies so often that it harmfully affects their behavior and academics. But Art Therapy Connection tries to change that. This non-profit helps children and teens conquer anger and other emotional issues through artwork.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC, CTC,

Registered Board Certified Art Therapist, Certified Trauma Consultant

Domestic violence is defined as “a pattern of abusive behaviors -- including physical, sexual, and psychological attacks as well as economic coercion -- used by one intimate partner against another (adult  or  adolescent) to gain, maintain, or regain power and control in the relationship...”


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: In this article, art therapist, Gretchen Miller, provides an overview of her work with women and children who have been exposed to and traumatised by domestic violence. A video and presentation provide additional information of Gretchen's work.


Arts & Art Therapy 



Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: When Jarrett J. Krosoczka was a child he didn’t play sports, but he loved art. He depicts the funny and touching story of a little boy who pursued a simple passion: to draw and write stories. With the help of supportive family and teachers, this child grew up to become the successful creator of beloved children’s book characters, and a vocal advocate for arts education.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Jean Pollack, PhD

Many people seek comfort when experiencing upsetting emotions such as worry, sadness, boredom, unhappiness, discontent, or loneliness. Are you replacing an emotional need with food? Like a lover, food can be used to silence one’s loneliness, pain, or suffering...


Editor's Note from Karen Stabley: Are you replacing an emotional need with food? Sometimes people silence their feelings of loneliness, despair, or suffering by consuming. Consumption addictions include food, video games, shopping, alcohol, pornography, and other negative behaviors. In this article, Dr. Jean Pollack explains this frustrating cycle and how to recreate new networks.


Arts & Art Therapy 

by Karen Adler, Transpersonal Art Therapist

ATH Asst. Editor of Arts & Art Therapy

Mental Health - Art Works!, an exhibition at Gosford Regional Gallery, is in its thirteenth year. The exhibition consists of paintings, sculpture, drawings, ceramics and photography by people in the Central Coast community whose lives have been affected by mental illness. This includes family and carers of people with a mental illness. An initiative of the Central Coast Mental Health Service, Central Coast Local Health District, to coincide with Mental Health Month, the exhibition has won several awards and has received recognition at local, State and National levels...


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: Scribble drawings are used in art therapy as both a diagnostic and on-going therapy tool to help clients get in touch with unconscious thoughts and feelings. In this video, I take the viewer through the steps of creating a scribble drawing and through a simplified analysis. This is a very fun and usually highly illuminating exercise.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Jeanine Austin, PhD, CHt

Charles Feildelson Jr., Yale professor, said that “Life is a series of little deaths out of which life always returns.” Most of us, at least by midlife, have discerned the truth about this affirmation. Life is comprised of loses, some gut wrenching and perhaps others more benign, but with each transition or death something new is brought forth...

Note: Learn about the day of the dead through the eyes of Dr. Jeanine Austin as she goes to Mexico to experience the love, devotion and deep-rooted traditions of El Muertos, The Day of the Dead. Perfect time for Halloween, to understand the concepts of death and the elements of rebirth through the sacred ceremonies and celebration of this auspicious holiday.


Arts & Art Therapy


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: Although not strictly an Art or Art Therapy topic, I have included this video here because of my long time interest in the phenomenon of Spiritual Emergence/Spiritual Crisis and my belief that Transpersonal Art Therapy has a role to play in discriminating between the two.


Arts & Art Therapy


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: Martina McBride sings about how she has changed her life by changing the way she thinks. She sings, "I used to hide in a party crowd, bottled up inside, feeling so left out. Standing in a corner wearing concrete shoes with my frozen smile and my lighted fuse. Now every time I start to feel like that I roll out my heart, I like a welcome mat. Oh, watch me go, I'm a happy girl! Everybody knows that the sweetest thing that you'll ever see in the whole wide world is a happy girl!" It is a fun song and sure to lift your spirits! Enjoy!!


Arts & Art Therapy 

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The Alternate Selves of the Artist

Sonia Weiss Durga 1929-2008

Art can be used to heal a psyche or express parts of that psyche that have no other avenue of expression. Sonia Weiss Durga's art is a good example of this. She was a deep, complex person with many aspects to her being.



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