What are Arts & Art Therapy? In this forum, Arts & Art Therapy will be curated to reflect the expression of growth and inspiration. Art is a visual representation of the inner and outer world as seen through the eyes of the artist. At All Things Healing, art therapy is curated to reflect the expression of growth and inspiration. Learn more about art therapy – healing art therapy & visual art therapy by visiting us online today!

Introducing Arts & Art Therapy
(Asst Editor: Karen Adler, Dip TPAT)  Karen Stabley is a speaker, therapist, relationship coach and teacher. Karen is an interactive, solution-focused therapist with a tr...
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Karen Stabley, MCAT, ATR, BC
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by Karen Stabley, MCAT, ATR, BC,
ATH Co-Editor of Art & Art Therapy

It's that simple.... just draw a house. Don’t take too much time to think about it. Just grab a pencil and some paper and draw me a house. I will be asking you to analyze your own image, so it might be better if you just draw at this point then come back and read the remaining text...


Editor's Note from Karen Stabley: I am continually amazed at what insights my clients have about their lives from simple drawings, such as a house. I always use a series of simple images at the start of therapy; it provides a road map for healing.



Arts & Art Therapy 

by Glenyss Bourne

I began painting the Archangels in 2007 when Suze, a fellow healer had a close encounter with Archangel Michael, in a healing session. He showed himself to her and actually asked her to describe his appearance to me so that I could paint him in his true colours...


Editor’s Note: Healing and powerful, one can almost feel the breath of the angel, the healing spiritual colors engulf the soul in need of healing. Her artwork is inspiration on so many levels...


Arts & Art Therapy


Editor´s Note from Karen Adler: Neuroscience meets love meets film-making. In The Love Competition, contestants were given 5 minutes in an fMRI machine to love someone as hard as they could. Changes in the brain regions involved in producing the neurochemical experience of love were recorded. As we listen to beautiful music by The Pauses, we see the neural pathways relating to Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin light up like a Christmas tree...


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor´s Note from Karen Adler: A beautiful example of the arts in social activism, social justice. Australian documentary filmmaker, Anna Broinowski, went to North Korea to emulate their propagandist film making methods in her efforts to stop coal seam gas mining. The result is clever, funny, effective.


Arts & Art Therapy 

Lalita Thompson

"Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." Miriam Beard...


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: I studied Transpersonal Art Therapy with Lali. She's one of those young people I greatly admire and who give me profound hope for the future of our species.

One of the many beauties of art therapy is that the arts are universal, they know no race or cultural boundaries and can speak of an individual's world in ways which words often can't. This is Lali's story of her time as a volunteer creative arts facilitator with Orphfund in Africa.

Arts & Art Therapy 


Interview by Alexandra Tursi

Subhankar Banerjee’s photographic urges take him to the far reaches of the world--the Arctic and Siberia--where he captures images that ask us to contemplate our global interconnectedness...


Editor’s Note: Subhankar Banerjee has a passion for nature and supporting the indigenous tribes, specifically in the Arctic and the colder climates in the North. Through photography he shows natural landscapes to promote awareness for the environment and for its people...


Arts & Art Therapy


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: The Keep Calm and Carry On Poster has become an iconic image of the twenty first century. Here is the story of this very simple piece of art, why it was made, and how it was discovered. Learn about this relic from a bygone era. If the words on the poster have enchanted you, you will really enjoy this story.


Arts & Art Therapy 

by Jeannie Lawson

the only safe place in a storm
is in the eye
curl inside and wait
time stands still...


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: As a poet, and also as someone who's suffered from depression and anxiety in the past, I discovered the power of poetry in dealing with my own difficult emotional states. As an art therapist, I use all art forms to help inform clients of their inner world. I initially asked Jeannie if she'd send me some poems for Mental Health Month, which is September here in Australia. Much time has elapsed since then but Jeannie's poetry still shows the beauty and power of working with our emotions in poetic form, bringing about an alchemical transformation so that depression is lessened, lightened but also given the validation it warrants as a signpost to our inner world.


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: One of my fabulous little clients taught me about these whimsical fairies, and I wanted to share them with you. These fairies are used therapeutically by giving them special powers to relieve anxiety or for comfort when facing difficult situations. You may want to discuss what issues they could help with as you make them with your 8-10 year old friend or client. They are fun and magical, and everything used to make them can be purchased at the Dollar Store.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Karen Adler, Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy
ATH Asst. Editor of Arts & Art Therapy

“Someone once asked me, 'Why do you always insist on taking the hard road?'

I replied, 'Why do you assume I see two roads?'”... 

Editor's Note from Karen Adler: I came to see Depression/Anxiety as a place - a town along the journey of my life, somewhere I used to live for a period of my life after my mother died. It's a place I refuse to take up residence in ever again. Art therapy and writing help me veer clear and take another road. Read Part 1: Giving Sorrow Words : Writing and Depression.


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: Matt thinks travel is important. It helps us learn what we're capable of, that the path laid in front of us isn't the only one we can choose, and that we don't need to be so afraid of each other all the time.  This little video is like taking a trip around the world with a smile on your face. There ARE happy people out there, all around the world!  This piece of art is one of the happiest videos that you may ever be privileged to view. It's a great production!  I hope you dance! 


Arts & Art Therapy

by Karen Adler, Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy
ATH Asst. Editor of Arts & Art Therapy

A month or so ago, my life seemed to consist of window cleaning. I was cleaning windows at the Franciscan Monastery in Stroud and I was cleaning windows at a friend’s house down Washpool Road. At both places, I could look through the newly see-through glass to green hills and countryside, the vast vistas of open space and clean air I’ve become addicted to since my escape from the brain-boiling heat of Central Qld and the soul-destroying noise and congestion of Sydney...


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: As an art therapist, I combine both art and writing in the form of storytelling. The combination of the two can be immensely effective from a therapeutic perspective. The natural synergy between words and images - think of some of the stunningly beautiful children's books which combine a simple and yet profound story with some of the best art imaginable - enables a deeper level of insight than can be accomplished by using only one form of expression.

Writing, when approached from a therapeutic perspective usually yields a power, richness and depth of imagery and meaning which acts as a powerful catalyst for self-understanding and the possibility of change.


Arts & Art Therapy 

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The Alternate Selves of the Artist

Sonia Weiss Durga 1929-2008

Art can be used to heal a psyche or express parts of that psyche that have no other avenue of expression. Sonia Weiss Durga's art is a good example of this. She was a deep, complex person with many aspects to her being.



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