What are Arts & Art Therapy? In this forum, Arts & Art Therapy will be curated to reflect the expression of growth and inspiration. Art is a visual representation of the inner and outer world as seen through the eyes of the artist. At All Things Healing, art therapy is curated to reflect the expression of growth and inspiration. Learn more about art therapy – healing art therapy & visual art therapy by visiting us online today!

Introducing Arts & Art Therapy
(Asst Editor: Karen Adler, Dip TPAT)  Karen Stabley is a speaker, therapist, relationship coach and teacher. Karen is an interactive, solution-focused therapist with a tr...
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Karen Stabley, MCAT, ATR, BC
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by Susan Filson

I am not a writer, but I do a lot of writing...


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: I asked a friend to write a piece on how she had used the arts to help her through difficult moments in her life. Susan is an extremely brave and resilient woman who has, in the last five years, weathered the death of a  much-loved son through cancer as well as a diagnosis of cancer herself.  Susan has travelled extensively with her botanist husband, Rex, and describes herself as more of a reader than a writer. A stalwart of the local Writers’ Group, even though she does not consider herself to be a writer, this is what she wrote anyway.


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor´s Note from Karen Adler: A truly beautiful and magnificent contribution from a young man whose message is 'You don't have to find out you're dieing to start living."


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor's Note from Erica Curtis: Homeless and low-income women discover their artist within through the City Heart project that provides group art classes and a forum for showing and selling their work.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Giroa Carmi, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT, BCPC, BCIM

I think everybody accepts that making art can be good for you. A wonderful example appeared recently in a documentary on PBS about an open studio project in a hospital upstate. A professional artist with a crusading ambition to help patients was given a big space and a big budget. Easels and artist quality materials were bought. The studio opened and was made available for many hours daily. Patients were encouraged to come and make art...


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: Giroa Carmi's article highlights the differences between the therapeutic effects of making art and how art therapists use artmaking in a way that is so uniquely effective.


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: This is a time-lapse video showing the process of making an art journal page. Art journals are fun and therapeutic. I hope this inspires you to make one of your own!


Arts & Art Therapy

by Hollie Chantiles

“Artists roam the earth with wide eyes, cultivating artistic inspiration as they amass found objects and other material for their artwork. Most do not need much for inspiration to begin blossoming…” Kelsi Maree Borland...


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: The more time we invest in our creativity, the more we will get out of it. With time and dedication, our creativity can take us places that we might have never dreamed! Are you putting the time into creativity to get the results you desire? Do you need to invest more time in it? Sometimes you need to just carve out a little bit of time each day to pull away and let your creativity run free. The more time you invest in creativity, the more you will get out of it. Try making an inspiration box and see just how far your creativity will take you!


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor's Note from Marie' Sakai: Look out world, here are voices like you've never heard before, presenting: Ill Volo. These Italian teenage boys have voices of angels that sound like 40 year old men! Amazing and pure, their voices will carry you to another dimension! Ill Volo hit golden platinum in Italy, a feat that has never been done before, without the radio or any other publicity, except three TV performances. Clearly Ill Volvo is on its way to great heights and is reaching the world one city at a time. So look for Ill Volvo-they are coming to a city near you. Their voices will enchant, inspire, and heal you like nothing you have ever heard before! Enjoy!



Arts & Art Therapy

by Erica Curtis, MFT, ATR-BC

It’s that time of year when we give thanks and there has been no other time in history that we’ve been so aware of its benefits. The new science of positive psychology offers us a cornucopia of information about the health and wellness benefits for both the giver and receiver of gratitude...


Editor's Note from Erica Curtis: Positive psychology reveals a cornucopia of benefits to showing gratitude. And thanks giving doesn't have to be limited to saying "thank you." Here are some tips for bringing a creative spark to giving thanks.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Jeanine Austin, PhD, CHt

Charles Feildelson Jr., Yale professor, said that “Life is a series of little deaths out of which life always returns.” Most of us, at least by midlife, have discerned the truth about this affirmation. Life is comprised of loses, some gut wrenching and perhaps others more benign, but with each transition or death something new is brought forth...

Note: Learn about the day of the dead through the eyes of Dr. Jeanine Austin as she goes to Mexico to experience the love, devotion and deep-rooted traditions of El Muertos, The Day of the Dead. Perfect time for Halloween, to understand the concepts of death and the elements of rebirth through the sacred ceremonies and celebration of this auspicious holiday.


Arts & Art Therapy

by M. Edwin Green, BA, MDiv, ThM, DMin

She did what so many of us do… she fell in love and got engaged. Everything seemed headed for a storybook wedding when out of nowhere the family began squabbling over wedding arrangements...


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: If you are in a family, have friends, and interact with other people, then you are inevitably going to deal with conflict. The question is never whether or not there will be conflict. The question is how are you going to deal with it. The difference between happy and unhappy relationships is not the absence of conflict. It is the presence of forgiveness. It truly is our deepest need and our most difficult and highest achievement.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Karen Adler, ATH Asst. Editor of Arts & Art Therapy,
Diploma Transpersonal Art Therapy, Grad Dip Material Anthropology

When Annie Backshall lamented to a musician friend that she was devoid of musical talent, the friend said, ‘Yes, but this is your song.’ She was referring to Annie’s creation - Hatters Tea House in the tiny fishing village of Ettalong on the Central Coast of NSW...


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: There is a very real sense in which we are ultimately responsible for our lives and that they are, indeed, our creations. It's therefore useful to have a healthy dose of self-knowledge and awareness when we come to crossroads in our lives and look at the journey ahead. Annie's Song is the story of one person's thinking and soul-searching at a major transition point in her life.


Arts & Art Therapy


Editor's Note by Marie Sakai: A film by James Anthony McElligott uses imagery as well as personal stories from these two courageous women in sharing how art changed their life for the better. In the beginning, the film moves a little slowly, I think it is trying to capture the environment in which these two people, Jessica Mellow and Margie Nugent. Both women faced some intense circumstances that led them to each other...


Arts & Art Therapy

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The Alternate Selves of the Artist

Sonia Weiss Durga 1929-2008

Art can be used to heal a psyche or express parts of that psyche that have no other avenue of expression. Sonia Weiss Durga's art is a good example of this. She was a deep, complex person with many aspects to her being.



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