What are Arts & Art Therapy? In this forum, Arts & Art Therapy will be curated to reflect the expression of growth and inspiration. Art is a visual representation of the inner and outer world as seen through the eyes of the artist. At All Things Healing, art therapy is curated to reflect the expression of growth and inspiration. Learn more about art therapy – healing art therapy & visual art therapy by visiting us online today!

Introducing Arts & Art Therapy
(Asst Editor: Karen Adler, Dip TPAT)  Karen Stabley is a speaker, therapist, relationship coach and teacher. Karen is an interactive, solution-focused therapist with a tr...
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Karen Stabley, MCAT, ATR, BC
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from Art Therapy Blog

"Art therapy is a very simple process of separating the thinking mind from the observing mind. When we think thoughts, they’re usually fleeting thoughts and we don’t give them a great deal of consideration. Very often we act on those inappropriately..."


Editor's Note from Erica Curtis: An interview with Dr. Chris James explores how the power of art can harness the brain's capacity for healing as well as dispel myths about mental illness to the community at large.


Arts & Art Therapy

Sculpted by Nature II

(Antelope Canyon, Arizona)

© Di Fruscia Photography


Editor's Note from Marie Sakai: Deep and insightful landscape photography, Patric Di Fruscia hits the mark when it comes to finding purpose, passion, and depth to nature. With his artistic eye, he sees the world in a fresh and new way. From the high mountains to the sandy beach, through all weather and seasons-he takes the shot and a moment of nature's imperial beauty lives forever. Di Fruscia's photography has been seen in numerous well-known magazines as well as published in countless books, calendars and other media. A visionary artist-he wants art to find its way to your soul and lead you on the path to where you need to go. Inspiring and brilliant-a must see-no doubt!


Arts & Art Therapy 

by Cindy Landrum

Michael Sachs was a precocious toddler who would sing and dance and talk in short sentences. He was cuddly and playful, interested in everything.

Then, shortly after he turned 15 months old, that all changed...


Editor's Note from Erica Curtis: This article profiles 19-year-old Michael Sachs who is diagnosed with Autism and is one of 54 artists featured in the new book “Artism: The art of Autism.” His art brings awareness to the disorder, raises money for charity, and in Michael’s words, “Is fun.”


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor's Note from Marie' Sakai: Powerful music and powerful images that speak profoundly to our souls. You can see that the colors truly resonate with the images of the tantric portraits, from warms of reds, oranges and yellows of vibrant determination to cool colors of greens, purples, blues that hold a healing, calmness...

Fine Arts

by Naomi Sachs

This is a crossover book, meaning that it’s for everyone from scientists to “educated laypeople” – non-scientists, anybody who might want to find a healing space. It’s also for architects, designers, students, and other young people – which is why I used more populist language, metaphors, and examples...


Editor's Note from Marie' Sakai: Naomi Sachs is the Founding Director of the Therapeutic Landscapes Network. She interviews, Esther M. Sternberg, M.D, author of the Healing Spaces: The Science and Place of Well-Being and asks Dr. Sternberg about the landscape of what a healing space is and how we can heal. This book is for anyone interested in the mind, brain and ideas. This interview outlines Dr. Sternberg's belief in that anyone-regardless of if they are scientists, artists, archiects, students, educated or not-healing spaces are for everyone and are available to those who are in need of healing.



Arts & Art Therapy


Editor's Note from Marie' Sakai: Uplifting sunset pictures to remind you of your artistic endeavors, your hopes, and dreams. Beautiful photographs with soothing music for the spirit and heart.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Marian Kraus

Transforming an environment, whether it is your or your client’s home or workplace, into a more tranquil space, can be as simple as investing in a few well placed pieces of art. Designing the artwork that graces your walls is as important as the architectural blueprints that created them...


Editor's Note from Marie Sakai: Marian Kraus gives a clear and conclusive outline of how to make your workspace or your client's home (or your home!) full of healing energy. This is a how-to that gives you the basics of how to create and cultivate a place that holds a sense of peace and harmony to all who enter. Simply put, easy to understand, and great results are ensured for you if you follow these guidelines. We all need healing spaces, Marian Kraus gives you the basics of what you need to create a professionally welcoming environment.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Shemaya Nancy Blauer

As a hospice volunteer I often sat bedside and entered into an intimacy and being that words could not begin to describe. Each person’s journey was unique, and my task was to enter their world and be a companion, allowing each moment to unfold into the next...


Editor's Note from Erica Curtis: Touch Drawing, a unique process of drawing with the finger tips, has lent healing benefits to those coping with grief, health issues and trauma to name a few. In this article, hospice worker Shemaya Nancy Blauer reminds caregivers to take time to make their own art to integrate the profound (and sometimes challenging) experiences of helping others.


Arts & Art Therapy


Isn’t it amazing that the land we walk upon is the same land that frames the sky with majestic mountains and leads sandy beaches to the shore? The limitations of earth are few and her mysteries are great. In fact, the simple symbolism representative of earth, downplay her complexity. Her far-reaching nature cannot be drawn in a picture, nor can it be limited to words – earth is far too awesome for that...


Arts & Art Therapy


Editor's Note from Erica Curtis: In the Realms of the Unreal chronicles the life and work of self taught artist and writer Henry Darger. Abused as a child orphan, a poor janitor and recluse in adulthood, Darger's work reflects a rich fantasy world, creative spirit, and dedication to art making that was only discovered by others just before his death. His work is now internationally known.


Arts & Art Therapy


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: A video by Mia BloomBecker. 'The field of Art Therapy is growing, but many people still don't know what it entails. This is a film I made for my Film, Culture and Society class. The interviews are with Shaun McNiff, the Dean at Lesley University and Art Therapy expert, and my friends Jen Malloy and Maddie Dickerson. This was one of my favorite experiences I've ever had, and I hope the video is thought-provoking.'


Arts & Art Therapy

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The Alternate Selves of the Artist

Sonia Weiss Durga 1929-2008

Art can be used to heal a psyche or express parts of that psyche that have no other avenue of expression. Sonia Weiss Durga's art is a good example of this. She was a deep, complex person with many aspects to her being.



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