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What are Arts & Art Therapy? In this forum, Arts & Art Therapy will be curated to reflect the expression of growth and inspiration. Art is a visual representation of the inner and outer world as seen through the eyes of the artist. At All Things Healing, art therapy is curated to reflect the expression of growth and inspiration. Learn more about art therapy – healing art therapy & visual art therapy by visiting us online today!

Introducing Arts & Art Therapy
(Asst Editor: Karen Adler, Dip TPAT)  Karen Stabley is a speaker, therapist, relationship coach and teacher. Karen is an interactive, solution-focused therapist with a tr...
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Karen Stabley, MCAT, ATR, BC
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Editor's Note: Marina Petro's paintings are inspiring and uplifting. They hold a healing presence that all can feel the energies of the guides, angels and powers that be that have a profound affect. She can feel into the soul of the needs of people and then paint what they need to transform. We all have the ability to heal and it is through color and Marina's ability to see into the other world, the veiled spiritual world, that she can bring healing and soulful inspiration to those in need. This artist is truly a remarkable and soulful woman who wants to hold the world in light, color and beauty...


Arts & Art Therapy

by Debra Lansdowne

I am currently a student of Transpersonal Art Therapy in Sydney, Australia. My working life has covered 40 years of various twists and turns all taking me to the point where I stand now, in my mid 50’s, feeling I have many life experiences to share with others in my community. I was looking for a new direction in my working life that would be creative, joyful and assist others to find their joy...


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: Debra Lansdowne is studying Transpersonal Art Therapy and gaining immensely from the experience. I asked her to write an article for ATH about designing a ritual to enable her to deal with any left-over 'stuff' from her adolescent years. Debra's story is a lovely example of the additional insights which can be gained by incorporating the arts and the mind-body connection in a creative way. Working with all our senses, honouring the wisdom of our body and creating meaningful rituals for ourselves can lead to profound healing which may not always happen via more conventional, mainstream methods.


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor´s Note from Karen Adler: The Mental Health Council of Australia reports that one in five Australians currently suffer from mental illness annually.

In the midst of these alarming statistics, we turn to Denmark, a country leading the field of research in a different form of treatment for mental health patients - art therapy. The Kunst Museum is the leading institution in Denmark providing this therapy.

Meet patient and employee, Preben Stig Madson, who tells his story.


Arts & Art Therapy 

by Justine Potter

The arts have always been a significant part of my life. From being dragged along to numerous exhibition openings as a child, to co-ordinating one of the art world’s biggest celebrations - the opening of Tate Modern in London in 2000 - I have always valued the impact of the arts and culture on community and individual wellbeing...




Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: This tutorial goes through all the steps and materials required to make beautiful little fairies. Dollar store fairies are useful in therapy with clients, but they are also fun to make and can be as fabulous as your client or child's imagination! The ideal age for making fairies is 8-10 and that aged child can do most of the steps themselves. Everything needed to make the fairies can be purchased inexpensively at the dollar store. Have fun and enjoy!


Arts & Art Therapy

by Geron and Rebecca Countess
Brenda Wintermyer was born in south central Pennsylvania. Brenda has loved to draw and paint since she was a little girl. When she was 10 years old, Santa surprised her with her very own easel and art supplies. She remembers thinking, “If Santa thinks I am an artist, I must be an artist!”


Editor's Note from Karen Stabley: Geron is an art student of Brenda Wintermyer. Geron loves bright, vibrant colors and is a great admirer of Brenda's work. At the end of one art class, Geron asked Brenda how she came to become an artist. This is Brenda's story.


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: Three dimensional street art is surprising and always gets a reaction. 3D street art is a matter of perspective. If you look at it from one angle it appears distorted and flat, but seen from another it absolutely comes alive. This process is called anamorphosis and requires the viewer to stand at a certain angle to view the three dimensional image. These optical illusions are popping up on streets around the world. Here is a stunning compilation set to Japan Classical 128.


Arts & Art Therapy

Curator's Statement from Marie' Sakai: John Van Dreal has shown in numerous shows and has collections in museums and in universities in the United States. His work demonstrates the figure in all its illumination, specifically how light illuminates the figure from within and without. In his "Work in Progress" there is a definite continuation that recalls the realistic artists of European and early American artists. His subtle warm neutrals create a sense of timelessness that not only creates luminous figures, but also conveys a deepening to symbology of the figure's gestures. John Van Dreal's paintings are full of complex and simple lay-outs that bring the composition to its height and gives light to his subject matter. Realistic yet dream-like, these images hold a purity and continues a dialogue between the figures and the flora motifs. Emblems of white roses and women draped in cloth bring to mind feminine beauty in all its glory and love. Allegorical references and specific motifs speak to a narrative of beauty, purity, and hope. Thus, John Van Dreal weaves all of these elements together successfully to create a sacred space for his figures that embues a sense of realization of Beauty Herself.


Figure Polyptych 1 in Progress
30 x 30


Arts & Art Therapy

by Lucie Rivard

“Heal the World” is a piece about all races of the world coming together in love and unity to heal the planet.  “An ancient Hopi prophecy, shared by many tribes, tells us of the beginning of the world, when the Creator created four races of four colours, each assigned a task that together would ensure a world where all the life was held in one sacred circle...


Editor’s Note: Ideas of healing art through illustrations, reiki and good energy - Lucie Rivard uses her artwork to heal the world through vivid and vibrant colors.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Karen Adler
ATH Asst. Editor of Arts & Art Therapy

Returning to our origins – our own creation stories – whether they be familial or cultural, is a worthwhile exercise at Christmas time, which brings to mind birth and beginnings...

Editor's Note from Karen Adler: We are all storytellers. Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves are fairy tales with a happily-ever-after ending. Sometimes they're horror stories where everyone suffers and ultimately dies a lonely, miserable death. The imagination is a powerful place and it's wise to know who's speaking inside us. This adaptation of a Creation Story made me realise the power of the stories we tell ourselves and also the power of the stories we inherit - both from our culture and from our families.


Arts & Art Therapy


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: Anise Bullimore shares a beautiful and deeply personal talk about her experience with breast cancer. She describes how art helped her to heal and also to understand her experience and emotions. It is a very inspiring and positive talk.


Arts & Art Therapy


Editor´s Note from Karen Stabley: Tape transfer is a fun and beautiful way to transfer a favorite image to a more permanent setting. With my clients I like to use blank playing cards to transfer the image and write affirmations. The results are beautiful and make lovely gifts.


Arts & Art Therapy

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The Alternate Selves of the Artist

Sonia Weiss Durga 1929-2008

Art can be used to heal a psyche or express parts of that psyche that have no other avenue of expression. Sonia Weiss Durga's art is a good example of this. She was a deep, complex person with many aspects to her being.



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