Introducing Non-Profit & Organizations Websites

Introducing Non-Profs & Orgs (Non Profit Organization Websites)
by Jesse Hall


What does an organization have to do to be a part of All Things Healing? Why is it featured here? After learning about a new charity, where should I go next to help?

I’m glad you asked! All Things Healing seeks the very best non profit organizations websites, communities and organizers to be featured on this page. We may lift small grassroots start-ups from obscurity and position them because of their timely campaign. And you may find the popular, international leaders with thousands of members showcased here as well. Generally, if a campaign demonstrates an example that needs to be recognized, it will be highlighted here.

There are as many causes as there are days in the year. We sift through the very best to award those with great ethical behaviors and superior management, so you may be proud to endorse these non profit organization websites. You are naturally going to feel more sympathetic to some more than others depending on your culture and environment. It is important that you are exposed to these organizations and refer friends to discover causes that you know need help. Without you sharing, many of these helping communities fail to be recognized. So please volunteer your time and resources to as many as you can and forward this page to all those you know who would enjoy discovering new “change the world” foundations.

As you become determined and committed to help, reach out directly to the non profit organization websites or visit our forums and communicate your desire with the community. You may realize the path has been paved and it is easier to contribute than you think.

Thank you for your generosity in advance. Namaste. The ATH team.

About the Author

Jesse Hall, our ATH Editor of the Non-Profs and Organizations, has been volunteering for as long as he has been working. Jesse started contributing to his local churches by earning community service hours which were part of his curriculum. And as part of his ongoing love of church and family, Jesse continued to contribute in other ways. From playing music with the church band to helping mentally challenged kids ride horses. Jesse has always learned to better himself by helping others.

Today Jesse operates his own promotional company in Central Florida with the same intentions. INI PRODUCTIONS AND EVENTS, LLC has a unique concept for raising awareness for those in need.  The concept incorporates four parties; venue, sponsor, charity and talent. INI Productions creates events that help gain exposure for everyone involved.

You may contact Jesse via this page, or by emailing He’d love to hear from you with comments or submissions. If you have non profit organizations websites and campaigns that you believe should be highlighted here, please don’t hesitate to contact him.




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