Introduction to Energy Medicine Healing

Learn how to receive healing through understanding your own energy and how to work with it. This section shares diverse approaches to working with invisible human energy; health and wellness are always the goals.


Introduction to Energy Medicine
by Bruce Dickson, MSS, MA

WHAT IS Energy Medicine?
Short version: Varied and diverse self-help methods for moving stagnant and stuck energy, all methods specifically designed with beginners in mind; methods useful for professionals as well.

Main Benefits of Energy Medicine 
(1) Identifying stagnant and stuck energy patterns (habits), (2) Addressing root and causative factors more directly, (3) Replacing-redirecting-redeeming and removing imbalances out of your body and field altogether. 

Energy Medicine is a Bridge to:
- Greater self-sensitivity, courage and confidence about energies moving in your own body,
- Developing skills to move and manage invisible energy in your self (self-healing), 
- "Reading" your own energy, learning the read the Messages from Your Body,
- Develop intuitive insights and connect with your own Inner Healer,
- Whole-brainedness: connecting energy, awareness and healthy self-love.

Because kinesthetic self-awareness is discouraged in conventional factory-style schools, many adults are often amazed at how quickly life and health concerns can be changed when you become friends with the energy moving in your body. Pain reduction, stress relief and greater self-confidence are commonly reported outcomes. 

The 14 major meridian pathways in the human body, articulated by ancient Chinese healers, gives energy medicine decidedly Eastern and Oriental roots, not Western roots. This is why virtually all practitioners readily acknowledge Eastern traditions as having value and practical benefits for today. 

According to
Energy Medicine University, Dr. Elmer Green and colleagues substantiated the comprehensive and inclusive term, “Energy Medicine” by founding The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine ( now largely defunct). The term was coined in response to two circumstances:
- The large body of Western experiment, observation and practice, since 1970, validating the existence and effectiveness of working with acupuncture points and meridians. 
- The need to put a respectable "face" on this activity for skeptical Western doctors, since some doctors were bringing it into treatment rooms and hospitals. "Energy Medicine" though poorly descriptive, was thought to sound respectable to appease skeptics. 

Since 1990 dozens of free manuals and training videos, for the simplest of energy medicine protocols, have been made public and shared freely. 

The entire field of energy medicine is often characterized by the simplest protocols:  EFT, TFT and meridian tracing, but this is a misnomer. These modes however do point to several of the major figures in the field: Gary Craig, Donna Eden and Tapas Fleming.

The skill ladder for practitioners from "least skilled" to "most skilled" appears to be:
- EFT, TFT, TAT etc, point-tapping and point-holding "recipes" ~ requires least inner awareness;
- Meridian tracing ~ requires some inner awareness of how energy is moving;
- Arm-pull-down muscle testing ~ permits increased latitude of topics to explore;
- Self-muscle-testing (Client-Controlled Testing) ~ requires more inner awareness of how energy is moving;
- Surrogate testing long-distance by phone etc. ~ requires most inner awareness.
- Chi Gung ~ requires years of training and self discipline and has significant dangers for practitioners. 

Energy Medicine vs. Energy Healing
The two terms are roughly equal and increasingly equal in character and meaning. Energy medicine connotes meridian tapping, tracing and point-holding.

Energy healing connotes another diverse field; including, Reiki, Joh-Rei and other modalities claiming more spiritual rather than practical and physical benefits; all the way to, sophisticated and highly customized "energy detective work" done by very experienced health and medical intuitives. 



About the Author

Bruce Dickson's (MSS, MA and Assistant Editor of ATH's Energy Medicine page) greatest life lesson has been healing himself, resolving unconscious issues. In junior high school, Bruce began study of everything metaphysical: Edgar Cayce, UFOs, yoga philosophy, Theosophy... thanks to his mother, a board member of the Philadelphia Parapsychology Society. He began meeting and learning from healers, psychologists, hypnotists and body workers in the the mid 1960s.  

Because Bruce's pressing issues were not physical but primarily unconscious, by high school he realized metaphysical info was a dead end: no amount of information necessarily helped anyone get out of the isolation of 'living only from the neck up.' Also it was clear that the intuitive gifts from his mother and grandmother could not blossom without individual investment in, and commitment to, a path of personal growth; in a word self-mastery.

In 1976, by age 25, Bruce was working as a body worker trained in Reichian methods, had visited several large rural intentional communities, lived in a urban commune, started another urban commune, worked as a manager in two food co-ops and helped promote Findhorn and other good news, working at Aquarian Research Foundation.  

By 2001, Bruce had lived communally with 80 people for 15 years, worked as a team member of several Waldorf and charter school startups, had a Masters from Peace Theological Seminary (, published Rudolf Steiner's Fifth Gospel in Story Form, and had drafts of all 11 books on the Three Selves. For decades he had worked on friends informally as an intuitive using self-muscle testing to navigate issues. There was no additional training or certification to begin a professional practice in this, so he apprenticed to the Universe with a commitment to do 100 successful client sessions in a row as evidence of his ability in this new variation of Health & Medical Intuition.

In 2012, by phone, Skype and in person, Bruce assists clients and other health practitioners to be more successful in their Inner and Outer Games. He uses Message from the Body and his own book, Meridian Metaphors, to connect illnesses to their underlying issues; and then, coach clients in Forgiveness to release those disturbances. He has many projects in the pipeline and welcomes collaborators and connections with intentional communities worldwide.

Bruce is available for speaking engagements on Tools That Heal, Best Practices in Energy Healing System. Contact him at or

Visit his website:

His Home-Office:
10740 Lawler Street #4
Los Angeles, California USA 90034-5472

Gift sessions by phone-Skype between 8am and 9pm PST only:
(310) 280-1176  
Skype: selfhealingcoach



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