What are Eco-products and Services? Information to help you tread lightly on the Earth, and the products and services that align with your green mindedness, and sustainable values. Lower your impact on the environment and start eco friendly living with this guide to eco products & services. Learn about eco friendly products and eco friendly services by visiting All Things Healing online today!

What is Eco Friendly Products
(Assistant Editor: Margaret Marchuk) Zorica Denton’s success story actually begins in a small village of former Yugoslavia. Zorica was barely seven-years-old when she created...
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Zorica Denton
Assistant Editor, Margaret Marchuk is a Communications and Business Support Consultant to various individual practitioners and businesses involved with a holistic mission.  She ...
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Margaret Marchuk

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Editor's Note from Margaret Marchuk: How buildings are built and perform affect our planet. If you are interested in green building this book provideds information on the sustainability performance of the world's greenest buildings.


Eco Products & Services


Take up the synthetic, wall-to-wall carpet. Donate it to a charitable organization rather than throwing it into the trash (as long as it is in decent shape).


Editor's Note from Zorica Denton: Simple tips on how to redecorate your home  Eco Friendly. See part 1


 Eco-Products & Services


Editor's Note from Zorica Denton: Urban Gleaners in Portland, OR rescues over 500,000 pounds of food a year from being thrown into landfills, and instead they made sure it went to people in need. In addition to the 10 agencies they supply food to, they also deliver to 1,200 families! This is all that slightly imperfect stuff you never see on the shelves of stores... it's a GREAT idea and very reproducible.


Eco-Products & Services

Do you have some reservations about redecorating your home in an eco-friendly way? Maybe you think it only involves earth-colored paint and dim lighting. Or maybe you are concerned about the cost...


Editor's Note from Zorica Denton: Simple tips on how to redecorate your home  Eco Friendly.





Eco-Products & Services


Editor's Note from Margaret Marchuk: A home can be gorgeous and sustainable. This video shows a eco-lux style home made with bamboo.


 Eco-Products & Services

by The Center for Environmental Health

I love honey. A little honey on a bowl of oatmeal is just about a perfect breakfast as far as I’m concerned. And a little honey on pancakes is just as good. If you’re like me, when you think about honey you think about beehives surrounded by flowers and industrious bees bringing their loads of nectar and pollen back to the hive...


Editor's Note from Zorica Denton: Giving information to readers about the latest discovery of lead in honey and better options of where to purchase.


Eco-Products & Services


Editor's Note from Margaret Marchuk: Even if you don't make an impression with your game score, you probably will with these eco-friendly items. Now you can green your golf game with this solar powered golf cart, water soluble golf ball and eco tee.


Eco-Products & Services

by Diana Fox

Despite frequent exhortations not to print at the bottom of people’s emails, we still seem to be drowning in paper. I do my best to (a) reduce = not print (b) reuse = fill the GOOS (good on one side) box for homework and other notes and (c) recycle...


Editor's Note from Margaret Marchuk: If you still feel concerned about paper use and waste in your office, then consider this paper composed of 80% wheat straw fibre (a waste product) and 20% virgin wood pulp (Forest Stewardship Council certified).


Eco-Products & Services

by Cathy Ives

I am not a wine connoisseur, I generally buy wine based upon price, the pictures and or the name (ie Mad Housewife)! About six months ago, I switched all my wine purchases to organic wines...


Editor's Note from Margaret Marchuk: If you like drinking wine, now you can feel even better when you indulge knowing it is grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides. Plus, you are supporting the farmers growing grapes in this manner.


Eco-Products & Services

by Ecopreneurist

If you live in the city, you know how difficult growing your own food can be. With limited light in apartments, little to no balcony space, and very few community gardens, having freshly picked produce might be a pipe dream...


Editor's Note from Margaret Marchuk: The concept for this thriving start-up company is to provide a product and service that provides people with the know-how to grow their own food no matter what space they have.


Eco Products & Services

by OnlyGreen

It’s easy enough to say that we all grasp the idea of plastic being harmful to the environment, but do we really understand just how much damage is being done? Toxic chemicals such as benzene and dioxin are released into surrounding communities during the manufacture of certain types of plastic, and some types leach chemicals as we use them. A plastic bottle tossed into a landfill will take hundreds of years to break down, while plastic bags that litter the landscape will kill animals that try to eat them.


Eco-Products & Services


Editor's Note from Margaret Marchuk: Bikes that look like modern art, are lightweight, can fold up and can be carried in a backpack or can recharge your cell phone or iPod while you peddle are making it even more tech savvy and appealing to bike to your destination.


 Eco-Products & Services

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Using Toilet Paper Made from Old-Growth Forests?


With all the waste paper in the world that can be recycled and all the acres/hectares of forest land that are now used to grow trees for pulp mills, is there any reason for us to cut down giant swaths of old-growth forest to make toilet paper, facial tissues, and other single-use paper products?


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