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What is Dream Medicine? The practice of embodying the healing power of dreams. It is a process of renewal and transformation that can lead us into the wholeness of who we are. Dreams, including nightmares, function to restore balance. Dream Healing - Did you know that dreams can heal? View information on dreams, articles about dreams & healing dreams online on All Things Healing. Visit All Things Healing online and learn about dreams!

Introducing Dream Medicine
Cynthia Greb is a Dreamer.  She is also a lover – of this planet, of beauty, of people. She has been passionately learning about dreams, healing, the Divine Feminine, indigen...
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Cynthia Greb
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by Kelly Bulkeley

So why snakes? Why have snakes made such a powerful impact on the human religious imagination, and what exactly is the spiritual significance of their frequent appearances in people’s dreams? What is it about this particular animal that has made it so prominent a figure not only in dreams but in myths, folklore, and art from all over the world?


Dream Medicine

by Kevin Kovelant

One of the most frequently asked questions I get (and that most dreamers ask themselves upon having a Visitation Dream) is “was it really Grandma?”


This is difficult to answer, for obvious reasons, however, the question opens up some fascinating avenues of inquiry, if addressed seriously, and respectfully...


Dream Medicine

by Bruce N. Gelerter
Cross-posted from WakingTimes.com

Lucid dreaming doesn’t work for everyone, but those that do find themselves able to induce lucid dreams largely rely on a few popular methods. While most of these lucid dreaming tips rely only on mental preparation and self-coaching to induce lucid dreams, there are lucid dream gadgets, such as the lucid dreaming mask, that also assist in controlling your dreams. Read on to learn more...


Note: Much insight can be gained by remembering your dreams, also known as lucid dreaming. Here are are few steps to enhance dream memory.


Dream Medicine

by Kate Adams, PhD

Children often tell researchers that no one listens to them when they want to talk about their dreams. Unfortunately, pressured schedules and a cultural disinterest in dreams mean that many parents take little notice of their own dream life, never mind their children's. Here are five reasons why parents might want to find a few moments to listen carefully to their children's nightly expeditions...


Editor's Note: Psychology Today expert, Kate Adams PhD shares some important tips on why listening to children's dreams is crucial to their sense of well being. Read this helpful article and take some time to share dreams with a child in your life.


Dream Medicine

by Atava Garcia Swiecicki MA, RH (AHG)

We can also consciously set up a sleeping environment to effect and enhance our dreaming. One of my favorite ways to do this is with plants, or what we herbalists refer to as: “sleeping with herbs...”


Editor's Note from Valley Reed: People often ask me about which herbs may help them remember their dreams. In this article, Atava shares her herbal dream wisdom to help us remember dreams as well as alleviate insomnia and nightmares.


Dream Medicine

by Tzivia Gover, CDT

Yes, dreams do come true.  We call these visions, glimpsed first with our sleeping inward-looking eyes, precognitive. It happens to me, and my guess is that it’s happened to most people at one time or another. You have a dream and then days, weeks, or months later, there you are, wide awake and experiencing the event that you dreamed about...


Editor's Note: Pre-cognitive dreams, dreams in which the dreamer glimpses the future, do happen. But what of it? This article considers the pluses and minuses of dreams that come true.


Dream Medicine

by Tallulah Lyons

All dreams are healing in the sense that all dreams arise as experiences from which dreamers can grow into consciousness of their own wholeness and of the unity of life. Many dreams, particularly nightmares, are part of a series of dreams combined with waking life situations through which the dreamer is invited to move into conscious experience of wholeness, no matter the circumstances of waking life...


Dream Medicine

by Karen Baldwin

For two months after the web-like growth in my breast was confirmed as cancer, I visited specialists. Driving through dreary, gray December fog, I located the radiation treatment center, an enormous building I had never noticed before. The waiting room, carpeted with geometric patterns in shades of mauve and gray, was filled with patients with long, empty expressions.


Editor's Note: Dreams can tell us about illnesses in our body and even point to correct medical interventions. Karen Baldwin has had such an experience, and by following her dream, she enjoys vibrant health.


Dream Medicine

by Dr. Marcia Emery

Did you know that maintaining good health is an inside job? You can retrieve an insight about any health challenge by tapping the wisdom from within and not just popping the pill from without. You can go into the Land of Nod and retrieve incredible healing insights. Your inner physician, speaking through a dream, can foreshadow health challenges, illuminate their meaning in your life, diagnose and prescribe treatments and even chart the course of your illness, letting you know when your recovery is complete...

Editor's Note:
It's common wisdom to seek a second opinion when confronted by a serious illness. In this article, Dr. Marcia Emery suggests we seek an additional perspective as well; the guidance of the inner physician, the deep knowing we can access through our dreams.


Dream Medicine

by Rachel Norment, MA

There is a powerful healing potential within our dreams if we are willing to take notice and listen to their wisdom. The word for dream in Hebrew is "chalom" and is derived from the verb meaning "to be made healthy or strong..."





Dream Medicine

by Ryan Hurd

Even though we all say we want to interpret our dreams, often we are not looking for an explanation so much as a chance to deepen the experience of the dream, to bring the dream into our lives and work its magic in this realm too.

At least, that's what I want!

That's why now is time to discuss the connection between dreams and the body. Dreams are more than some random linguistic foam left over from the brain's defragging of the memory systems each night. Dreams contain expressions from the body-mind, and as such they offer a pathway to self-knowledge, to our private myths, as well as some pretty clear warnings of bodily issues.



Dream Medicine

by Irene Clurman

Bob Dylan’s immortal invitation sums up the spirit of Dream Portrayal workshops, where participants literally walk into each other’s dreams. The journey involves sight, sound, touch and movement, and its purpose is to decode the healing messages hidden in our nighttime narratives...


Editor's Note: Dreams can be explored in a number of ways, including dream theater. Irene Clurman takes us through the some of her experiences facilitating dream portrayal groups and how acting out our dreams can bring about deep healing.


Dream Medicine

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Dream Mirrors of the Self

by Robert Moss

One of the most important gifts of our dreams is that they put us in touch with more aspects of ourselves than we have recognized in what Yeats called our “daily trivial minds.” Among these aspects is the famous Shadow, composed of parts of our selves we have repressed or denied (and tend to project on to others in regular life, till we awaken). But we encounter much more than the Shadow. We encounter a whole family of aspects of ourselves, and as we recognize them and bring them together we become much more than we were.


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