What is Dream Medicine? The practice of embodying the healing power of dreams. It is a process of renewal and transformation that can lead us into the wholeness of who we are. Dreams, including nightmares, function to restore balance. Dream Healing - Did you know that dreams can heal? View information on dreams, articles about dreams & healing dreams online on All Things Healing. Visit All Things Healing online and learn about dreams!

Introducing Dream Medicine
Cynthia Greb is a Dreamer.  She is also a lover – of this planet, of beauty, of people. She has been passionately learning about dreams, healing, the Divine Feminine, indigen...
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Cynthia Greb
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by Tallulah Lyons, M.Ed and Wendy Pannier

Dream literature abounds with accounts of dreams and healing, from the Yellow Emperor's book on internal medicine more than 4500 years ago to the dream temples of Asklepius to current research on psychoneuroimmunology. Physicians from Hippocrates to Bernie Siegel have found that dreams can often predict illness before the symptoms become obvious...

by Ryan Hurd

Listening to warning dreams can save your life, so it's important to know what to look for. Unfortunately, we often notice these warnings long after the dream sounds its alarm. And the last thing I want to promote is a sense of paranoia about our dreams. So here are my tips for recognizing possible prodromal dreams...





Dream Medicine

by Tallulah Lyons

Exploring dreams is a wondrous process of discovering inner connection to a source of deep wisdom and healing. It’s a life-enhancing process of developing an ongoing and ever-deepening relationship with the source and energies of your dreams. To benefit the most from working with your dreams, imagine the process as a dialogue. The dream speaks to you through an experience of images and sensations. Then you, the dreamer, answer by responding to the experience and integrating the insights and energies. The dream again speaks to you with another experience. Then you respond. The dialogue is ongoing...


Dream Medicine


Editor's Note: In this lively clip, author Robert Moss talks about the way dreams have influenced the great events in human history.

Dream Medicine

by Linda Yael Schiller, LICSW

“Dreams transport us each and every night into that strange and radiant world inside ourselves wherein, for better or worse, we come face to face with powers greater than ourselves...


Editor's Note from Cynthia Greb: I am very pleased to introduce you to Linda Yael Schiller. Linda has trained with some of the biggies of the dreamwork world: Robert Bosnack, Robert Moss, Maria Louse Van Franz, Jeremy Taylor, Marion Woodman, Eugene Gendler, and Stanley Krippner. She has also been facilitating dream circles for over 25 years and has herself been a member of a dream circle for 30. That's a heck of a lot of experience she brings to the table! In addition to offering individual therapy, she teaches about dreamwork and leads workshops. We are honored to share some of her articles with you here.


Dream Medicine

by Robert Waggoner

Sometimes a lucid dream, one in which the dreamer is aware that she is dreaming, results in an apparent physical healing. What follows is a condensed version of June L.s’ story and my speculations on creating a scientifically verifiable, lucid dream healing experiment...

Editor's Note from Tzivia Gover: Anecdotally we know that many people have reported experiencing physical healing after a lucid dream about their ailment. In this article Robert Waggoner not only shares such an anecdote, he also proposes a method for scientifically exploring the possibility of using lucid dreaming as a healing modality.


Dream Medicine

by Cynthia A. Greb, MLA,
ATH Co-Editor of Dream Medicine

Erin Langley

"The first dream I remember happened in the apartment my family lived in until I was 18 months old. So, sometime when I was very young, I had a dream of three faceless figures sitting on a bench in a desert, in front of a building made of sand with swinging red doors. I guess it was a nightmare, because I screamed for my mom, “The folks are coming! The folks are coming!” It was very real. My dream life has always been vivid..."


Editor's Note from Cynthia Greb: Periodically I will be interviewing people whom I know to be powerful dreamers and/or notable within the field of Dream Medicine. My first interview is with a women I met in grad school. The more I got to know Erin Langley, the more impressed I was with her wisdom and talent. (In addition to being a powerful dreamer, she is an exceptional artist.) I was further introduced to her Dreaming abilities during the course of our mutual immersion in the Indigenous Mind program.


Dream Medicine

by Kirsten Backstrom, MA

If your project is dream incubation,
You must limit crude sense-stimulation.
Be calm and serene,
Conscientious and clean,
And refrain from excess celebration...


Editor's Note from Cynthia Greb: In this delightful post, Kirsten Backstrom shows that dreamwork and dream incubation doesn't have to be heady and intellectual.


Dream Medicine


Editor's Note: So, you've read about lucid dreaming ... maybe you've even heard a friend talking about the wonderful experience she's had while lucid in the dream state. But how do you do it? This video offers helpful hints and some interesting facts about lucid dreaming.


Dream Medicine


Editor's Note from Cynthia Greb: Robert Moss interviewed on Vancouver news show.


Dream Medicine


by Linda Mastrangelo

Dreams are an ancient practice going back to our ancestors thousands of years ago. These dreams or "night visions" were not a separate state of consciousness as we perceive them today but rather an infusion of Mind, Body and Spirit. In the modern and post modern era we are more conscious of the "waking" state as the true and only "reality" but with that came a disconnection to our indigenous ways of knowing.

by Valley Reed

I see an image of an ancient stone gateway, with a stone guardian statue that I recognize as being from a period that Robert Moss would know. It is the body of a lion and the head of a woman and is more in the style of Greek sculptures. I swing through the goddess gateway and find myself at the dream teacher retreat...


Editor's Note from Cynthia Greb: Valley Reed was a former co-editor of this Dream Medicine page.  I found her quite "by accident" as I was searching Google for "sacred dreams" and "dreams of power."  Valley certainly is a very powerful dreamer, and like all good dreamers, she honors her dreams by acting on them.  Here is a beautiful example of a series of dreams which led her to move to her new and beloved home where today she facilitates dream circles and other beautiful events.


Dream Medicine

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Dream Mirrors of the Self

by Robert Moss

One of the most important gifts of our dreams is that they put us in touch with more aspects of ourselves than we have recognized in what Yeats called our “daily trivial minds.” Among these aspects is the famous Shadow, composed of parts of our selves we have repressed or denied (and tend to project on to others in regular life, till we awaken). But we encounter much more than the Shadow. We encounter a whole family of aspects of ourselves, and as we recognize them and bring them together we become much more than we were.


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