What is Dream Medicine? The practice of embodying the healing power of dreams. It is a process of renewal and transformation that can lead us into the wholeness of who we are. Dreams, including nightmares, function to restore balance. Dream Healing - Did you know that dreams can heal? View information on dreams, articles about dreams & healing dreams online on All Things Healing. Visit All Things Healing online and learn about dreams!

Introducing Dream Medicine
Cynthia Greb is a Dreamer.  She is also a lover – of this planet, of beauty, of people. She has been passionately learning about dreams, healing, the Divine Feminine, indigen...
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Cynthia Greb
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Editor's Note from Cynthia Greb: If you have trouble falling asleep at night, this fascinating "video" may help!  Warning: very relaxing!


Dream Medicine

by Misa Tsuruta, MA

On March 11, I visited my former classmate at my Alma Mater, Hitotsubashi University, some 35 minutes’ train ride from central Tokyo. After lunch we said good-bye in front of the station. I was two stations closer to home, when the train shook violently while stopping at a station. Instantly all passengers knew that it was an earthquake, an unusually big one. A few more earthquakes followed. Within 30 minutes, I knew I was unable to pick up my son Kuuya...


Editor’s Note: Misa describes her experience during events of March 11 when the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Catastrophy hit Japan. She recalls a dream she had several months before...


Dream Medicine

by Kirsten Backstrom, MA

If your project is dream incubation,
You must limit crude sense-stimulation.
Be calm and serene,
Conscientious and clean,
And refrain from excess celebration...


Editor's Note from Cynthia Greb: In this delightful post, Kirsten Backstrom shows that dreamwork and dream incubation doesn't have to be heady and intellectual.


Dream Medicine


Editor's Note from Cynthia Greb: Robert Moss is a beautiful combination of shaman and dream expert.  In this video he talks about how we can learn to bring back the missing parts of ourselves through our dreaming.


Dream Medicine

by Tzivia Gover, MFA, CDT

It has been said that nothing happens in reality that isn’t first experienced in a dream. Taking that message to heart, in the spring of 2009 I launched “350 Dreamers”, a global network of people who are using the power of dreams to take action and raise awareness about the negative effects of global climate change...


Editor's NoteSure, I’m a dreamer, but I like to take action, too. 350 Dreamers is an international alliance of dreamers connected through and by the internet. In this article I explain that we dream together for global healing, and I believe we really are changing the world, too.


Dream Medicine

by Layne Dalfen

You needn't worry when you dream of death. Some part of you might be changing for the good.

Like many people, you may have dreamed about people you love who have died, or about dying yourself. While these dreams can be sad or frightening, they don’t have to be...


Editor's Note: There’s no need to be frightened by dreams of death and dying. In fact such dreams may offer new perspectives on life. Layne Dalfen’s article offers insight and inspiration for working with dreams of our own death, or the death of a loved one.


Dream Medicine


Editor's Note from Nancy Huslage: People often ask me how to help children with their dreams. This video provides great activities you can do with your children as they share their dreams.


Dream Medicine

Editor's Note: Shamanism is a form of conscious dreaming used to bring about healing. In this video, Robert Moss puts his engaging storytelling talents to use to give us a core myth from the Shamanistic tradition.


Dream Medicine


Editor's Note: Carl Jung's "Red Book" is essential reading for anyone interested in the healing power of dreams, myth, and symbol. This video gives a brief but solid introduction to the book that was finally made public in 2009.


Dream Medicine


Editor's Note from Nancy Huslage: Craig offers ways that dreams can be both directive and helpful in creating a remarkable life. He describes the use of pre-cognitive dreams and lucid dreams to inform waking life. He suggests asking the question, "What is this dream asking of me?"


Dream Medicine


Editor's Note from Tzivia Gover: Dreamcatchers are not only beautiful Native American-inspired objects, they are also said to bring good dreams and keep the bad dreams away. They make beautiful gifts; in fact, some say you should never make one for yourself, but only to give away! This short video shows you how.

Dream Medicine

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Dream Mirrors of the Self

by Robert Moss

One of the most important gifts of our dreams is that they put us in touch with more aspects of ourselves than we have recognized in what Yeats called our “daily trivial minds.” Among these aspects is the famous Shadow, composed of parts of our selves we have repressed or denied (and tend to project on to others in regular life, till we awaken). But we encounter much more than the Shadow. We encounter a whole family of aspects of ourselves, and as we recognize them and bring them together we become much more than we were.


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