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Introducing Conscious Consumerism
Jean-Pierre Ruiz is the founder of EcoStar Health, Inc., a California-based e-tailer of Earth-Conscious products with a mission to empower people to take control of their health. EcoSta...
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Jean-Pierre Ruiz
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by Dr. Tracy A. Darling, MD

On November 9, 2010{1} reported on their analysis of 10 different forms of valerian root. They found only 3 that met label claims...


Editor's Note from Jean-Pierre Ruiz: Dr. Darling exposes the fact that sometimes you do get what you pay. Referring to analyses performed by, a non-profit, Dr. Darling shows that supplements may, in many instances, contain fillers and other materials, such as heavy metals, that can be impairing your health. These supplements may make you sicker instead of healthier.

As usual, your power is not at the voting but rather at the cash register.


Conscious Consumerism

by Marilyn Scholl

Cooperative Development Services has developed a model for the development of food cooperatives – Four Cornerstones in Three Stages. The model is based upon the four cornerstones of vision, talent, capital, and systems that are each within three stages of food co-op development: organizing, feasibility and planning, and implementation. The four cornerstones comprise the attributes of a successful start-up within the three stages. The vision of Food Co-op Initiative is to support faster and more efficient start-ups by providing assistance and resources all the way through the development process.



Conscious Consumerism


Editor's Note from Jean-Pierre Ruiz: This is a follow-up to "The Story of Stuff" and teaches us that WE, jointly, have the power to change the world we live in by taking "action." Don't just sit back and complain! Take action.


Conscious Consumerism


Editor's Note from Jean-Pierre Ruiz: Did you know that each gallon of gasoline releases 19.4 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere? Or that, while 86% of workers over 16 years drive to work, 76% of us drive alone, each of us contributing over 3 tons (!) of CO2 per year. Find out more.


Conscious Consumerism

Cooperatives serve as thoughtful solutions to meeting the immediate needs of a community in a way that serves their specific needs and desires...Not only do cooperatives represent the epitome of community ownership, but they also represent for many, a personal commitment to community responsibility and provide a means to practice that responsibility. Read on to find out the 7 guiding principles that are the foundation of this lifestyle.




Editor's Note from Jean-Pierre Ruiz: The FDA ruled that GMOs were not "significantly" different from existing crops. Though the definition of the word "significantly" is unclear, what is clear is that the FDA's decision was based on studies conducted by the manufacturers of GMOs. This should not be a surprise given that most of the FDA's decision-makers are from the food industry, including the GMO industry. What is also clear is that the US stands almost alone amongst the developed, and under-developed, nations in refusing to label foods containing GMOs even though more than 70% of items in our grocery stores contain GMOs...


Conscious Consumerism


Editor's Note from Jean-Pierre Ruiz:  The world need not be ruled by Pepsi and Coca-Cola and their toxic chemicals. There are still hundreds of small, mom and pop, soda bottlers that use pure ingredients that your body recognizes and can assimilate.

John Nese is the proprietor of Galcos Soda Pop in Los Angeles. His passion for his industry is inspiring, his smile is infectious, and he has a tremendous message for all of us from corporate greed (watch his response to Pepsi's pitch to his freely sharing of his products and his delight at doing so), to toxic products (watch his take on energy drinks), and so much more...


Conscious Consumerism

by Sarah Cooke
Cross-posted from

As women, we are often faced with making many of the decisions that contribute to the smooth functioning of our households, whether we work outside the home or not. The reasons behind this and the implications of it are many, and constitute the basis of another article beyond the scope of this one...


Conscious Consumerism

by Nathan Shedroff

If you're ever looking to stir up the controversy, there's no easier way than to tell the owner of a Prius (or any other hybrid car) that studies show the Hummer is actually better for the environment than what they're driving. In most cases, after the incredulous shock, you'll either get a wrath of righteous indignation or simply be ignored...



Conscious Consumerism

by Jean-Pierre Ruiz, President & CEO of Ecostar Health, Inc.,
ATH Co-Editor of Conscious Consumerism

I often say that we have the cheapest food prices in the world, but we pay a very heavy price for it. That is the cost on our health, the health of the animals and the planet in general caused by the Agricultural Industrial complex's use of genetic engineering and its concomitant overuse of life destroying herbicides, insecticides and pesticides...






Conscious Consumerism


Many people may think that alternative medicine is a relatively new practice but types of alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, have been around for over 2,000 years...


Editor's Note from Jean-Pierre Ruiz: "Medicine" has been around probably since the dawn of man. Over the ages it has evolved into a profit-making business, where the bottom-line often seems more important than healing. With ever more pills to "cure" us (I was amazed that we now have a prescription drug to enhance eyelashes --- really?!?) but with side effects often more dire than the original "disease" (I fail to understand how a pill that "treats" depression "may" cause suicidal thoughts --- wouldn't that be contra-indicated?), more people are turning to "alternative medicine." That's really a misnomer since it is Western-based medicine is "alternative" given that we describe as "alternative" was used long before Big Pharma. And isn't homeopathy's theory (i.e., "like cures like") the basis of vaccines (i.e., introduce an inert or weakened strain of the virus to let the body "kill" it)?


Conscious Consumerism

by Anup Shah

Observe a child and parent in a store. That high-pitched whining you’ll hear coming from the cereal aisle is more than just the pleadings of single kid bent on getting a box of Fruit Loops into the shopping cart...


Editor's Note: Anup Shah works hard to maintain the information he presents to his readers. Carefully regarding the fact that certain information is subject to change over time, Shah respectfully updates the research and data provided...


Conscious Consumerism

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Socially Responsible Investing: Empowering An Untapped Resource for Change

by Ann B. Alexander

When you consider the vast amount of money we have invested as individuals, institutions, foundations, non-profits, etc., imagine the effect we could have on how corporations do their business if we weren't "silent investors" but instead used this incredible untapped resource for change in the way things are done. By not using this power, we leave it up to corporations alone to decide what is best for the world. In these economic times, we can clearly see that letting corporations make unbridled decisions is not a great idea...


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