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Introducing Conscious Consumerism

Through Conscious Consumerism, our economy, society, the environment, and you as a human being can begin to heal and move toward the ulitmate goal of putting you money where your heart is.


Introducing Conscious Consumerism

What do you think about when you spend money? Do you think about it? What is the result of your spending…not just to you, but to the environment, the economy, society, and the planet at large? What happens when you invest your money? How does your purchasing and investing power impact life as we know it? Are you aware of Socially Responsible Investing opportunities? Just learning about and practicing Socially Responsible Investing can change the face of consumerism from an embarrassment of gross materialism to a way of life that generates ecological and financial health for us all – this is the start of conscience consumerism.

Taking the above questions further, how do you feel when you’re consuming products and services? Do you get a sense of satisfaction that you’ve made the best possible purchase, knowing that the decision you’ve made makes the least negative impact economically, societally, and sustainably? If so, then you know and understand conscious consumerism. If not, please sit back and spend some time with us, reading and watching the material here on Conscious Consumerism.

If you’d like to have the anxiety releasing experience of satisfaction when you spend, use services, and invest your money, take some time here to understand the full spectrum of what happens as a result of YOU being a consumer. Conscience consumerism is all about giving yourself the power to decide how to spend your money in a way that will help not just the environment, but the world.

These pages will help you understand all about money and how to use it consciously, sustainably, and with clarity and confidence. In learning wisdom and the truth about conscience consumerism, spending and investing, you, our society and the planet will all benefit and begin to heal as a result of practicing what you now know, and spreading the knowledge around.

Have fun here, become educated, consume consciously and pass it on!


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