What is Chiropractic? Chiropractic focuses on spinal health & the nervous system. AK is a diagnostic system which evaluates health needs using neurological muscle tests. Learn about the wonderful benefits of chiropractic applied kinesiology through chiropractic news & information. All Things Healing has editors that provide useful information about applied kinesiology chiropractics. Spiritual & Healing Practices: Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology - Beyond conventional healing methods, there are different healing practices that chiropractors use to treat diseases. The Applied Kinesiology chiropractic method is of the various techniques chiropractors use in diagnosing health problems, especially those related to the muscles. Since chiropractors mainly focus on the musculoskeletal system, the treatments associated with it also deal with muscular issues. Chiropractic applied kinesiology, for one, involves manual muscle testing to evaluate the functional status of the body. Here, the three aspects of health are observed: the structural, chemical and mental. The applied kinesiology chiropractic technique is based on the premise that every organ dysfunction is related to a weakness in a specific corresponding muscle. When you visit your chiropractor and undergo chiropractic applied kinesiology method, your chiropractor will apply force to each target muscle or muscle group, and you’ll be asked to resist that force, during which the response of your muscles will be evaluated. An absence of smooth response usually means there is a problem or imbalance in the body. Such imbalance in the body is corrected using manual pressure on the specific muscle. Other kinds of treatments may also be employed alongside it such as joint manipulation and mobilization, clinical nutrition, dietary counseling and myofascial, cranial and meridian therapies. A generous amount of chiropractic information states that applied kinesiology is used as an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to healthcare. In fact, chiropractors are not the only ones who employ such healing practice; other professionals such as naturopaths, medical doctors, dentists, nutritionists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and nurse practitioners use it too. According to chiropractic news, applied kinesiology is also based on the philosophies of other holistic therapies, such as osteopathy, meridian therapy, and physical manipulation.   

Introduction to Chiropractic
Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski became interested in chiropractic after she completed her undergraduate studies. She was recovering from her 30th eye surgery and was studying medical massage a...
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Elizabeth Wisniewski, DC
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by B.J. Palmer DC

We chiropractors work with the subtle substance of the soul. We release the prisoned impulses, a tiny rivulet of force, that emanates from the mind and flows over the nerves to the cells and stirs them to life. We deal with the magic power that transforms common food into living, loving, thinB.J. Palmerking clay; that robes the earth with beauty, and hues and scents the flowers with the glory of the air.


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: This is a poem by the developer of chiropractic, B.J. Palmer.


by Ralph W. Stephenson, DC, PhD

1. The Major Premise - A Universal Intelligence Is In All Matter And Continually Gives To It All Its Properties And Actions, Thus Maintaining It In Existence...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth M. Wisniewski: In 1927 Ralph W Stephenson published a book called The ‘Chiropractic Text Book’ and these 33 chiropractic principles came out of it. These are described from the most general, the major premise, and become increasingly more specific. They are a series of concepts and deductions that are vital to understanding chiropractic from a philosophical and scientific view.



by Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski, DC, ATH Co-Editor of Chiropractic

& Tom Rezabek, Chiropractic Intern

There are three ways that vertebral subluxations can occur in the spine . These are trauma, toxins and negative thoughts (autosuggestions). Traumas can range from being in a car accident in which a person experiences a whip lash injury to something that seems minor like every day wear and tear through repetitive motions of daily life...

Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: No matter how big or small the trauma the body will protect its self from further injury by creating a grid like matrix in the soft tissue structures which ultimately leads to shortening of the muscles. The increased muscle tension can cause vertebra to be pulled out of alignment causing segmental dysfunction. Chiropractic adjustments can help restore proper function to the spine and therefore the nervous system is able to flow freely and the body can function at a more optimal level.



by Julia Pinkerton, DC

I am here today, living out my dreams and about to take the trip of a lifetime, because of efforts that all of the people closest to me have made in my life...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: Live life as a journey, not a destination is the message from Dr. Julia Pinkerton. Take time to literally stop and smell the roses, to travel and truly experience your world. Failure is an important part of life and what matters is what you learn from your failures. If you are able to turn challenges into something positive then you will find true happiness.



by Justin Brame, BS, Chiropractic Intern
& Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski DC, ATH Co-Editor of Chiropractic

Going through chiropractic college friends and family often call and write asking “is this normal?” or “I swear I was not doing anything and then I heard this weird popping sound…” and finally, “I have this crick in my back, can chiropractic help?” Below is an answer I wrote to an old friend who had messaged me with one of these common questions, she had hurt her back and it was impacting her activities of daily living...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: At least 80% of Americans will experience low back pain in their lifetime. The most cost effective and safest approach to dealing with this sometimes extremely debilitating health concern is getting adjusted by a chiropractor.



by Michael T. Murray ND

Cross-posted from

We’ve grown accustomed to taking pills when we feel bad–for headaches, insomnia, mild depression, indigestion, and the aches and pains of aging, to name a few common complaints. We’re so used to automatically reaching into our medicine cabinets for quick relief that we don’t stop to ask an obvious question: What’s causing the discomfort?


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: The "quick fix" of opening the medicine cabinet for the instant gratification of symptom relief is causing far more damage to your body than you may realize. Instead of treating symptoms by masking them with drugs, go to a chiropractor and get your spine checked for spinal subluxations that are causing disease.


by Nikolai Bogduk, MD, PhD

One of my favorite articles addressing the relationship between the cervical spine (neck) and heads was written by one of the leading anatomists and researchers of our time Nikolai Bogduk in 1995.


From his research we have learned that headaches have a common anatomy and physiology that originates in the brainstem...



by Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, DC,

Your core is your center of gravity, located around your trunk and pelvis, and having a strong core is vital to good posture, muscle control, injury prevention, maximum athletic performance and even basic activities of daily living. There are a variety of ways to work the core muscles, and these days, it’s not always necessary to use free weights or weight machines. Body weight, foam rolls, stability balls, bands, tubing and medicine balls are tools that can be used at home, on your own, to create a solid foundation for developing dynamic strength in your torso, shoulders, arms and legs. Here are three key core exercises you can perform daily at home on your own...




Editor´s Note from Abbey Denaro: Dr. Bruce Lipton, renowned Cellular Biologist, describes how your DNA is simply a blueprint and not the sole determinant for your health. Your body is not just a machine; there is a "driver" as well - your innate.



"Life is but the expression of spirit through matter. To make life manifest requires the union of spirit and body,"

~Daniel David Palmer, DC Discoverer of chiropractic 1895




by Dr. Amanda Halstead, DC

The large majority of people associate chiropractic with neck and back pain. When I tell people I specialize in working with pregnant women and children, I often receive puzzled glances. Common responses are, “I hope we don’t need you” and “Haha, my children don’t have back pain...


Editor´s Note from Abbey Denaro: Children of all ages often have symptoms, like frequent colds and ear infections, asthma, colic, allergies, etc. These are not diseases, they are red flags that their bodies need some help to normalize itself. Luckily, children do not have years of stress interfering with their healing ability, so Chiropractic care can work wonders for many of these symptoms.



by The American Chiropractic Association

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most expensive of all work-related injuries. Over his or her lifetime, a carpal tunnel patient loses about $30,000 in medical bills and time absent from work.

CTS typically occurs in adults, with women 3 times more likely to develop it than men. The dominant hand is usually affected first, and the pain is typically severe...


Editor's Note: This patient information page is a public service of the Journal of the American Chiropractic Association. The information and recommendations appearing here are appropriate in most instances, but they are not a substitute or a diagnosis by a specialist. For specific information concerning your health condition, consult your doctor of chiropractic.



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Chiropractors and Subluxation Correction

Reprinted from the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society

To understand chiropractic you first have to understand how the body works. Our bodies have the knowledge and ability to keep us healthy (chiropractors call this "Innate Intelligence").cartier replica watches


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