What is Chiropractic? Chiropractic focuses on spinal health & the nervous system. AK is a diagnostic system which evaluates health needs using neurological muscle tests. Learn about the wonderful benefits of chiropractic applied kinesiology through chiropractic news & information. All Things Healing has editors that provide useful information about applied kinesiology chiropractics. Spiritual & Healing Practices: Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology - Beyond conventional healing methods, there are different healing practices that chiropractors use to treat diseases. The Applied Kinesiology chiropractic method is of the various techniques chiropractors use in diagnosing health problems, especially those related to the muscles. Since chiropractors mainly focus on the musculoskeletal system, the treatments associated with it also deal with muscular issues. Chiropractic applied kinesiology, for one, involves manual muscle testing to evaluate the functional status of the body. Here, the three aspects of health are observed: the structural, chemical and mental. The applied kinesiology chiropractic technique is based on the premise that every organ dysfunction is related to a weakness in a specific corresponding muscle. When you visit your chiropractor and undergo chiropractic applied kinesiology method, your chiropractor will apply force to each target muscle or muscle group, and you’ll be asked to resist that force, during which the response of your muscles will be evaluated. An absence of smooth response usually means there is a problem or imbalance in the body. Such imbalance in the body is corrected using manual pressure on the specific muscle. Other kinds of treatments may also be employed alongside it such as joint manipulation and mobilization, clinical nutrition, dietary counseling and myofascial, cranial and meridian therapies. A generous amount of chiropractic information states that applied kinesiology is used as an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to healthcare. In fact, chiropractors are not the only ones who employ such healing practice; other professionals such as naturopaths, medical doctors, dentists, nutritionists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and nurse practitioners use it too. According to chiropractic news, applied kinesiology is also based on the philosophies of other holistic therapies, such as osteopathy, meridian therapy, and physical manipulation.   

Introduction to Chiropractic
Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski became interested in chiropractic after she completed her undergraduate studies. She was recovering from her 30th eye surgery and was studying medical massage a...
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Elizabeth Wisniewski, DC
Dr. Abbey Denaro is a Chiropractor and graduate of Palmer West College of Chiropractic. As a Chiropractor with a background in Exercise Physiology and personal training, she has a clear...
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Abbey Denaro, DC, BS, CPT

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Editor's Note Dr. Jeffery Tucker: The Egosque Method with it's corresponding corrective exercises create a cohesive flexibility and core training system. This video provides a simple explanation of the body's mechanical design. The Egosque Method works well with people that have low back pain and individuals trying to improve there active lifestyle or fitness goals. A focal point of any musculoskeletal pain is that significant limitations or right and left side imbalances should not be overlooked. The body should be free of restrictions and imbalances. Watch this to learn about posture and how the body commonly compensates.



by Dr. Jacob Martin, DC and

Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski, DC,

ATH Co-Editor of Chiropractic

The discipline of public health encompasses a wide spectrum of healthcare professions, interest groups and organizations. The common tie that binds these parties under the auspice of public health is prevention of disease and improvement of society’s overall health. As we progress through the 21st Century, chiropractic continues to enjoy an ever loftier position in health care...




Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski:  Is exercise part of your new year's resolution? Dr. Edwards demonstrates a simple, yet effective abdominal exercise in this video. Many core exercises are unsafe for the spine so it is important to work with a trained professional to insure you are performing your exercises correctly.




Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: Chiropractor Jeanne Ohm passionately discusses chiropractic's major premise and how to live a vitalistic lifestyle.




by Dr. Dave Jeurhing, DC, DACRB

Cervicogenic headaches are thought to result from a convergence of sensory input from the upper neck area into an area of the lower brain...


Editor's Note from Dr. Jeffery Tucker: Many people with neck pain suffer from headaches, and many people with headaches suffer with neck pain. Cervicogenic headaches are characterized by same sided neck, shoulder or arm pain, headache radiating from the posterior to anterior head, same sided upper neck pain and restriction of range of motion in the neck. The headaches are often aggravated by sustained neck positions or postures. I did an interview with Dr. Jeurhing who is a Professor at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa on the topic of neck related headaches.



by Dr. Jamie Lucia, DC

Our canine friends are some of our best friends. As a part of our family, they need proactive chiropractic care to keep their nervous system as healthy and vital as possible. Some indications of subluxation in dogs are can be easily observed with the right training and knowledge...


Editor´s Note from Abbey Denaro: Pets are a part of the family and their health is important. Dr. Jamie Lucia provides tips to check your dog for spinal subluxations.



by Addison Bulosan, Doctor of Chiropractic candidate

As a chiropractic student at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California  and chiropractic patient, the concept of the chiropractic adjustment never fully developed until I began the program. With that in mind, let me share with you my experience—I hope you too, will be inspired...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: Addison is a dedicated scholar of all things chiropractic. On top of attending chiropractic school he took a year long program that ended with a mission trip to Nicaragua. In this article he describes the conditions he witnessed while in Nicaragua and how he used specific upper cervical adjusting on these people. His passion for the profession shines through as he discusses this very specific form of chiropractic care.



by Dr. Kim Christensen

Strength naturally decreases as we age. A combination of muscle loss and the slowing down of the nervous system can show up in everyday life. Just getting out of a chair and being able to climb stairs can be difficult as we get older...


Editor's Note from Dr. Jeffery Tucker: Many Chiropractors specialize in helping clients slow down the ageing process. Definite things happens to our musculoskeletal system as we age...



by Abbey Denaro, DC, BS, CPT
ATH Co-Editor of Chiropractic

If you are a gym-goer, does that mean you are immune from illness and injuries? If you asked me this question even three years ago, I would say – YES! Exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself...

Editor´s Note from Abbey Denaro:  Are you getting the most out of your exercise? You may be living with something that is preventing you from fully reaping the benefits of your hard work. If the problem is corrected, you may notice faster recovery times, improved endurance and strength, and a stronger immune system.



by Andrew Cohen DC, CCSP®

I just completed ten days. It wasn't easy. The first day and a half, I was looking around for loopholes and ways to cheat. I'd see a guy on his iphone and glare at him jealously wondering why he can be on his and I can't. Yes, even though I imposed this "cleanse"...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: In addition to making adjustments to the spine, Doctors of Chiropractic often function as lifestyle and wellness coaches. An important lifestyle choice you can make is to go on a technology detox. This allows you to connect better with the people around you and improve your overall quality of life. In order to hold an adjustment you must detoxify your mind and body. This is an important part of living a chiropractic lifestyle.



by Mark Force, DC

The first and foremost key to preventing flu is to be aware of transmission - flu is transmitted in the fluid secretions of anyone infected with the flu, usually through coughing and sneezing and through touch after transmission of secretions to primarily the hands...




by Michelle Schoffro Cook
Cross-posted from

Everyday foods like bacon, eggs, coffee and dairy products are linked to inflammation. That might not sound like a big deal but when you consider that most chronic conditions like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity have been linked to inflammation. Low grade inflammation is a factor in most health issues.  And if you suffer a pain disorder, you better believe that inflammatory foods will aggravate the condition.


Editor's Note from Beth Wisniewski: Most chronic diseases and pain are a result of low grade inflammation in the body. This article from Care2, lists the top 12 foods that cause inflammation. Eliminating these foods will reduce systemic inflammation and decrease the pain associated with an inflammatory lifestyle. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet along with regular chiropractic care will reduce your chronic pain and enhance your quality of life!


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Chiropractors and Subluxation Correction

Reprinted from the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society

To understand chiropractic you first have to understand how the body works. Our bodies have the knowledge and ability to keep us healthy (chiropractors call this "Innate Intelligence").


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