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Introduction to Books for Healing
I have always found words to be comforting and a source for knowledge.  Within each book lies a path for understanding one's self better. I aim to spotlight books that will aid ...
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Janet Gillett
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Books for Healing

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Editor's Note from Janet Gillett: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee provides insight into how the earth is treated reflects our inner world. 


Books for Healing

by Janet Gillett, PsyD

After constantly being told to “Get your head out of the clouds,” finding out that visiting those clouds is not only okay, but can lead to growth and healing, was a welcome relief. In “A Blueprint for your Castle in the Clouds,” Barbara Sophia Tammes guides the reader in creating their own castle in the clouds where the sole occupant is yourself and the sole goal is self-care...


Editor's Note from Janet Gillett: Who hasn't dreamed of building an inner castle? Use this book as a guide to explore your inner castle.


Books for Healing

by Hannah Sido

Where do I begin in describing my accolades for “Women Who Run With the Wolves”? And more so, how it has enlightened my healing journey? As a Wild Woman who relates personally to the stories and messages in this book and Psychologist deeply interested in other’s growth and healing, I come at this review from an interconnection of both personal and professional. “Women Who Run With the Wolves” combines the infinite wisdom of stories passed along from generation to generation with the brilliant interpretation and sharing of Clarissa Pinkoka Estes, Ph.D....


Books for Healing


Editor's Note from Janet Gillett: Dr. Steven Farmer explains what you will gain out of reading his new book released late last year.  His teachings will guide you to understanding your self and your family on a deeper level.


Books for Healing

by Lisa McCourt
Review by Ms. Bliss from When Paper Met Paper

Are you living your richest, gutsiest, juiciest life? Do you feel all the exquisite bliss and sweetness you can imagine? If not—if you aren’t experiencing the abundance and personal freedom you crave; if you’re not vitally and deeply connected with your loved ones; if you’re unable to attract and maintain a soul-nurturing, awe-inspiring, passionate primary relationship—it can only mean one thing. You are not expressing the full truth of who you are...


Editor's Note from Jodi Chapman: Juicy Joy releases March 27, 2012. Make sure to visit Lisa McCourt’s website and join the Juicy Joy Community and check out Club Naked for "emotionally courageous men & women who embrace authenticity and emotional nakedness as the direct path to a juicy, joyful life."


Books for Healing

by Sarah McLean

Soul-Centered (available May 1, 2012) presents a contemporary, mainstream view of meditation in an eight week program that delivers time-tested techniques and practical exercises to give the reader insight into the how's and why's of meditation so they can easily cultivate an effective daily meditation practice.

Inspired by and based on author Sarah McLean’s 20-plus-year spiritual journey, the book begins with insights into the five essentials necessary for successful meditation...


Books for Healing

by Stephan Beyer

In the Upper Amazon, mestizos are the Spanish-speaking descendants of Hispanic colonizers and the indigenous peoples of the jungle. Some mestizos have migrated to Amazon towns and cities, such as Iquitos and Pucallpa; most remain in small villages, their houses perched on stilts on the shores of the rivers that are their primary means of travel...


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski, Supervising Editor of ATH: I have to share this bit about our author, Stephan Beyer, here... as stated in the press release regarding his book, "An expertise in hallucinogens may not seem the most compelling resume builder for your average corporate litigator, but Stephan V. Beyer’s trajectory from a major Chicago law firm to his tenure as one of the world’s foremost experts on sacred plant medicine has been anything but average." If that doesn't pique your interest, I don't know what would. Stephan, thank you for letting us showcase Singing to the Plants on ATH.


Books for Healing

by Norma-Jean Strickland, ATH Assistant Editor of Therapeutic Storytelling
Reviewed by Keith Varnum

I have just released my first book and it’s about prayer. This book was a complete surprise to me and came about in a most unexpected way. Just over a year ago, I awoke from a disembodied voice dream that said: “The words will come. Write them down.” They did and I did! On New Year’s Eve 2010, I started writing my book at 6:00 pm and the majority of it was finished in 72 hours, including the selection of most of the accompanying photographs (which I also took). I am not necessarily saying this book was channeled, but it did come “through” me...


Books for Healing

by Steve Olsher

There’s an old adage that says “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

And it’s dead wrong.

The fear of the devil you don’t know is much worse than the devil you do. Positioning yourself to look what you don’t know in the eye—and refusing to back down—will empower you to achieve breakthrough results...



Books for Healing

by Raven Jones, AP

My first treatment is at 7am and consists of a flowing massage by two young, dark skinned men dressed in light brown jacket and trousers. They have that thick, jetblack, close cropped hair and ubiquitous mustache of many Kerala men from this southern part of India...


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: It is my distinct honor to share with you the inspiring and heartfelt reflection of one man's journey through his battle with cancer. A brilliant author and dear friend, Raven Jones has created a link between health and spirituality through Ayurveda. His cancer survival story is both thought provoking and intellectually stimulating as it is filled with emotional honesty.


Books for Healing

by Erica Settino
Reviewed by Daelyn Fortney

"I Am Everything and Everything is Me" follows a young girl named Sara who wakes one morning, steps outside and, as she feels the warm sun shining down upon her, she realizes that she is one with the sun. Sara journeys into the woods near her home where she comes across many different creatures. With each meeting, she poses her body to match the creature and develops a greater realization of the connection she has with earth...



Books for Healing


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski, ATH Supervising Editor: I am such a BIG proponent for upgrading/altering the current state of school lunches in the United States (my family refers to school lunch as "birthday lunch"). So, anything I can find from Jamie Oliver to Sarah Wu, I'm going to showcase (even if it means showing something from The View - he he). Go Whoopi! So, listen to the ladies interview Sarah Wu, an elementary school speech pathologist who went undercover and ate school lunches for an entire year and wrote the book "Fed up with Lunch."


Books for Healing

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Ignite the Genius Within: Discover Your Full Potential

by Christine Ranck and Christopher Lee Nutter

This book is intended to light the spark of creativity in the reader. How can it do this? Each page displays an evocative photograph often accompanied by text that encourages the reader to dive deep within for reflections and musings. The novel twist is that the authors designed the book to be viewed while listening (through headphones) to specially recorded music that the reader can download


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