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Introducing Healing Through Massage & Bodywork
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Massage & Bodywork
We are currently seeking a Co-Editor and/or Assistant Editor for this section. For more information please contact Sherri Carter at

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by Coach Cary Bayer

Recently, while I was preparing for a road trip in the southern part of the United States, teaching a variety of seminars, I was packing my multi-vitamins for the two weeks and happened to notice the minimum daily requirements label on the jar. As a massage therapist, you’re probably already well aware of the need for vitamins on a regular basis. But are you aware of your minimum daily requirements for inner vitamins as well?...






Editor´s Note: This video gives the flavor of Thailand, including a traditional music track. Check out the warm greeting of the Thai people and their elaborate medical Thai foot massage methods.

Massage & Bodywork

In a recent study, elderly retired volunteers were assessed after giving infants massage for a month versus receiving massage for a month themselves...The effects the elderly practitioners experienced were stronger from giving infants massages than receiving massages...

by Stacy Lazar

A Zeel member asks: “I have lower back pain. What type of massage is best for this type of pain?” With a flurry of answers, Zeel Experts respond with possible bodywork solutions for all your lower back pain woes...


Editor´s Note: I like this article because it shows how various bodyworkers all get results for back pain using their favorite techniques. 



Massage & Bodywork

by David Lauterstein

Perhaps the biggest health secret humankind needs to hear is being carried by the bodywork profession! What do you think it is?

Ever since Ida Rolf stressed the important of verticality and the role that fascia plays in that – we have seen, in essence, the final step in human evolution...


Editor's Note: Many of us, including me, have heard of Mayan Abdominal Massage and wondered about it. What is it?  Is it exotic? This article by leading massage educator David Lauterstein presents his down-to-earth view of abdominal massage. The article originally appeared prior to a workshop on Mayan Abdominal Massage in order to educate people about the benefits of this type of bodywork.


Massage & Bodywork

by Suzanne Getz, LMT, RPP, BCST

Here is a way you can do some cross fiber massage on yourself, on your back muscles with little effort and practically for free.  First find 2 tennis balls and used ones are acceptable; second, find a sock that has a sturdy cuff at least 3 inches long.  Put both tennis balls in the sock and tie it off as close to the tennis balls as you can...

Editor´s Note
Looking for a way to massage your back muscles at home?  Let this author tell you how to do that with one sock and two tennis balls!


Massage & Bodywork


Editor´s Note: A simple self-massage routine to help you keep your knees in great shape.


Massage & Bodywork

by Ion Doaga

When I go for a massage I have two main goals. First is to get out of knots or alleviate pain in particular areas of my body and second is to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing treatment.

Deep tissue massage offers both of these benefits, though it’s not always the case...



Massage & Bodywork

by Magnus Hjerpe

What is a trigger point? Well, it is a painful point in a muscle. It often feels like a small sausage or poorly cooked spaghetti surrounded by softer muscle tissue.

If it is really irritated, you can often feel pain radiating over a larger area when you press the point...



Massage & Bodywork

by Riva Naimark, LMT, NCTMB

Awareness of complementary therapies such as massage and/or energy based modalities has been growing among people diagnosed with chronic diseases. However, some don’t know quite enough about it; and often wonder if it could possibly address their particular symptoms of not. As with all such techniques, they do not replace regular visits to the person’s health care practitioner...


Editor's Note: In my own massage practice, I often see clients with chronic conditions that allopathic medicine is unable to cure. The author explains how and why Shiatsu might help in cases of chronic disease!


Massage & Bodywork

by Susan G. Salvo

There aren't very many people who, at first glance, would think of the lungs and respiratory system as gaining any great benefit from massage therapy, but those people are far from accurate. Massage therapy, when conducted by a skilled practitioner, can create some wonderful and helpful results when it comes to your lungs and ability to breathe more efficiently...



Massage & Bodywork

by David Pratt, LMT, BA

I was in a friend’s garden and had just picked two white turnips. As I stood up, I noticed how much force there was in this action, how roughly I had grabbed and snapped the second turnip, and how my mind was not with the activity of my body at all...


Author's Note: Breema is an art that is dear to my heart because it helps bring harmony into every area of my life. When I work with this art's principles, even something as simple as picking a turnip can be a source of nourishment and balance and reminds me that I am not separate from all of Existence. The amazing thing is, Breema is also a beautiful, flowing bodywork treatment that's received fully-clothed on a comfortably padded surface.


Massage & Bodywork

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Why CEOs Need Expanded Awareness

by JD Messinger

The greatest advantage that a chief executive can attain is a condition of Expanded Awareness (EA). A recent Fortune magazine cover bears the image of legacy leaders whose unique vantage point and prescient insights were not only demonstrated in stellar shareholder returns, but in altering human behavior as well. These great EA visionaries created a linear innovation—a combination of things that already existed but bundled in a manner that added new value in a new way—and in the process shifted industrial patterns and consumer behavior...


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