What is Massage & Bodywork? Intentional manipulation of the body’s soft tissues for therapeutic effect - yet encompasses much more. Touch heals on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. Alternative Healing Massage & Bodywork – Did you know that you can use massage & bodywork for healing? Learn more about healing through massage & bodywork with our body healing massage articles at All Things Healing. Visit us online today!

Introducing Healing Through Massage & Bodywork
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Massage & Bodywork
We are currently seeking a Co-Editor and/or Assistant Editor for this section. For more information please contact Sherri Carter at

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Editor's Note from David Burrows: I was glad to come across a video which demystifies Mayan Abdominal Massage.  This short professional, entertaining video features a clip of a therapist demonstrating Mayan Abdominal bodywork.


Massage & Bodywork


Editor´s Note from David Burrows: This video shows how a massage therapist might utilize their understanding of anatomy and physiology to help alleviate shoulder problems for clients.


Massage & Bodywork

by Brian Critchley

As a massage therapist I often ask new clients about their prior massage history. The response I get most often from clients is, "I love getting massages, but I don't get them as often as I'd like." We have become conditioned to scheduling regular physical checkups, dental visits, and time for physical activity and exercise. However, many people still have difficulty finding time in their schedules for regular massage sessions...


Massage & Bodywork


 Editor´s Note from David Burrows: This peaceful video shows Thai Massage in motion. Note how the therapists uses not only her hands but her feet!


Massage & Bodywork


Editor's Note from David Burrows: Kam Thye Chow, who has been one of the main exponents of Thai Massage, shares his wisdom.


Massage & Bodywork

by Celeste Yamall
Cross-posted from

Therapeutic touch (TTouch) therapy, a method devised by Linda Tellington-Jones, is a type of nonverbal communication through cellular memory. The practitioner speaks to the cellular intelligence in her hands, which in turn speaks to the cells in the body. When working on animals, simply by placing your hands on the body and moving them in a circular manner, you create a kind of kinesthetic (sensory) interspecies communication...



Massage & Bodywork

by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta

In tantra, lingam massage is an integral aspect of both honouring and nurturing the male sexual organ. The name 'lingam' is Sanskrit for 'the wand/rod of light.' Honouring and nurturing the lingam with a lingam massage is appropriate and desirable according to ancient tantra...





by Bill Helm,

O.B.T., A.O.B.T.A. Certified Instructor, Taoist Priest

Since tui na uses the same traditional Chinese medicinal (TCM) framework as acupuncture and herbal medicine, the symptom patterns can be addressed using tui na methods for activating the flow of qi and Blood through the Zang Fu, channels, and collaterals. Tui na is very helpful in treating asthma...




by Coach Cary Bayer

Wouldn’t you love owning a business where everyone wanted what you offered? Even giants like Microsoft aren’t in demand by everyone. But there is a business desired by virtually every adult--it’s called massage therapy...







by David Pratt, LMT, BA

It is easy to assume Breema is just bodywork when we see photo- graphs of practitioner and recipient moving in perfect ease and balance. If you’ve already received a treatment, you probably know what a transformational effect it can have. However, Breema is more succinctly a practical teaching including bodywork, self-bodywork and nine universal principles, supporting recipients and students to have the experience of bringing mind, body and feelings into harmony...

Author's Note: “There’s not an artificial way of doing Breema that has to be over-come,” said Jon Schreiber, Director of the Breema Center, when I talked to him for this article. This new way of using the mind and body provides us with profound support to experience that freedom really is in this moment. Breema helps us again and again to move from complication to simplicity. When we have a taste of that, it is clear that this is what we have been searching for.


Massage & Bodywork


Editor's Note from David Burrows: A Shiatsu Master is at work on this video, showing a bodywork treatment for sciatica. The technique presented is somewhat similar to Thai Massage.


Massage & Bodywork


Editor´s Note from David Burrows: Ah! Foot Massage!


Massage & Bodywork

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Why CEOs Need Expanded Awareness

by JD Messinger

The greatest advantage that a chief executive can attain is a condition of Expanded Awareness (EA). A recent Fortune magazine cover bears the image of legacy leaders whose unique vantage point and prescient insights were not only demonstrated in stellar shareholder returns, but in altering human behavior as well. These great EA visionaries created a linear innovation—a combination of things that already existed but bundled in a manner that added new value in a new way—and in the process shifted industrial patterns and consumer behavior...


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