What is Ayurveda? Developed in India thousands of years ago, Ayurveda is a known as the world’s oldest health care system. It is a holistic healing and medical tradition that provides preventative, acute and chronic health guidance and wisdom through food and lifestyle choices and changes. Ayurveda, in its purest sense, is a modality of practicing purification of spirit and unification of mind, body and soul - of becoming one. The word Ayurveda comes from two Sanskrit words. “Ayu” means “life “and “Veda” means “the knowledge of.” Therefore, Ayurveda literally means knowledge of life as a whole. Ayurveda looks at the whole person including the mind, body, senses and the soul; therefore healing through Ayurveda is considered a holistic healing practice. Health is based on the five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth, just as in nature. The way that these elements combine within any given individual determines which “dosha” or primary “type” they are: Vatta dosha  (ether and air), Pitta dosha (fire and water), and Kapha dosha (water and earth). Each dosha thrives and heals with specific food choices and ways of living and conversely becomes ill and out-of-balance when making poor food and living choices. Good health within Ayurveda occurs because it considers the uniqueness and individuality of every person. Healing is based on treatment protocols that address each person’s specific health challenges. Using lifestyle changes, specific dietary modifications, herbs, and cleansing practices, Ayurveda provides a powerful, effective health care system that honors each person’s uniqueness. You can learn more about Ayurveda by visiting the Ayurveda section on All Things Healing regularly. We welcome you and your comments. Visit us often! 

Introducing Healing through Ayurveda
Dr. Sonica Krishan is an Author and Speaker in the areas of Healthy and Joyous Living through Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga and other Contemplative practices. She is a leading Ayurveda Pro...
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Sonica Krishan, BAMS, NDDY, ADNY
Julie Cerrato, PhD, AP, CYT, CAT is founder and owner of Well-Being Integrative Health Consulting. As a scientist, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga instructor, Julie blends Eas...
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Julie Cerrato, PhD, AP, CYT, CAT

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by Conni Kunzler

After traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday—which included lots of cold weather, a cancelled flight, reinjuring the meniscus in my left knee, overeating, and a succession of late nights—I returned home out of sorts and with a cold. Too much of everything left me weary and, frankly, a bit teary...

Editor's Note from Sonica Krishan: Author Conni Kunzler shares with us this beautiful article on Ayurveda wisdom. She writes about how the Ayurvedic concept of “dinacharya,” or daily routine, provides the foundation for a calm mind, cleanses and rejuvenates the body, and sets the rhythm for the day. She tells us to pay heed to what creates the most irritation for you while on the road, and then look to a simple practice that can balance the same. This is a wonderful piece right at the commencing of the holidays and indulging in traveling. Happy holidays !




Editor's Note from Sonica Krishan: This is a great video about 'Secrets of Ayurveda' which details about the balancing of Vatta, Pitta and Kapha doshas for general well being. Also, Kumudini Shoba tells us about Ayurveda herbs and foods that help greatly to live healthy. Self understanding is an important concept emphasized by Ayurveda which is beautifully shared by the Ayurveda practitioner. Have a look...



Editor's Note: Check this video for ante and post natal massage care. It contains some very interesting descriptions of different strokes and their uses in common problems during and after delivery.



by Nadya Andreeva

Food is the highlight of the holidays for most people. Who doesn’t like a beautiful traditional holiday dinner? Someone is perhaps looking forward to a home-made roasted ham with mashed potatoes, someone can’t wait to bite into mom’s pie or grandmother’s special stuffing...


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Are your eyes ever bigger than your stomach? This holiday season, with all the feasting, fun and food, take a moment to examine what tickles your tongue but may bloat your belly! Wellness Coach and Ayurvedic Enthusiast Nadya Andreeva presents Ayurveda's concept of "Asatmya" - improper food combining. And, just in time for holiday dinners! Asatmya speaks to distinct digestive properties of all food and how the combination of the five elements can either be in sync with your eating habits or wreak havoc on your body.




by Dr. Sonica Krishan,
ATH Co-Editor of Ayurveda

Knowingly or unknowingly we tend to take in some food combinations, that are actually mismatched. If you would be a little more cautious on this front, you could prevent so many maladies that are bound to interfere with your natural balance and wellbeing;  and which crop up only because you have been less concerned about your everyday diet intake...


Editor´s Note from Sonica Krishan: Knowingly or unknowingly we tend to take in some food combinations, that are actually mismatched. If you would be a little more cautious on this front, you could prevent so many maladies that are bound to interfere with your natural balance and wellbeing; and which crop up only because you have been less concerned about your everyday diet intake. Please have a read of my article. Namaste.




Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: This is a beautiful and practical video that demonstrates how Ayurveda envisions Yoga as a daily practice! It speaks to the customization of Yoga according to your doshic constitution. Vata, Pitta and Kapha predominant constitutions can all benefit from Juliet Jivanti's Ayurvedic Yoga video. Enjoy!



by Meenakshi Joshi, BAMS, PG PPHC, PGCPK

Oil massage is advised before any other ritual. According to Ayurveda, oil massage is bahy snehana bahy. Outer sneha means oil and love, too... to wrap and nourish the body with love that is the application of oil. It is basically vata shamak or pacify vata dosha so the best anti ageing, anti stress methods if done daily...


Editor's Note: Bathing is a daily ritual to cleanse the body. These days with the advancement of the leisure industry this ritual has become more than a mundane daily washing. There are more lines of products with fancy names than ever before. The technology and advancements have surely given us lots of choices and options, but with all this array of good products there comes a trolley full of unavoidable confusions, too...



by Alex Duncan, PhD

Although different pathways ensue with food allergies and food intolerances, Ayurveda views the source of these two reactions as one; stemming from improper digestion and a build up of toxic Ama in the gut. Ama develops from undigested food and low Agni...


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Food allergies are rare and commonly mistaken for food intolerances. A true food allergy will result in a fervent and specific immunological reaction involving antibodies and may proceed to anaphylactic shock. Often these are genetic and may include allergies to shellfish, tree nuts and legumes (soy and peanuts). In contrast, a food intolerance is often a physiological reaction of discomfort to a particular food but does not typically involve the immune system. Perhaps the most common food intolerance discussed these days is to gluten.



by The Chopra Center

If you are one of the millions of people who has a made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and start eating a more nurturing diet, the healing science of Ayurveda offers a balanced, practical approach...


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: The Chopra Center offers a beautiful series examining how Ayurveda views balance with food, eating, nutrition and life. Ayurveda has a very different perspective on how we individuals approach food and nourishment. In part one of "Eating for Balance," we revisit the doshic energies and prakriti, our constitution. This wonderful article describes how the act of eating is a choice governed by the everchanging dance of internal energies. It speaks to your physical transformation and approach to food as a reflection of your daily doshic imbalances. Therefore our "ideal weight" is rather redefined as our unique, perfect form, achieved through balance of our mind-body type. Namaste



by The Chopra Center

Ayurveda places a great emphasis on the sensations and pleasures of eating nutritious food and a balanced diet. From the Ayurvedic perspective, a balanced diet isn’t just about getting the right amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins – it is also about another extremely important quality: taste...


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: The Chopra Center offers a beautiful series on how Ayurveda views balance with food, eating, nutrition and life. Ayurveda has a very different perspective on how individuals approach food and nourishment. In part two of "Eating for Balance," we explore the shad rasas, or six tastes and how incorporating them into each meal aids with reducing cravings and nourished the body more fully. Use the wisdom from this article to examine which foods and tastes are present in your diet and how you may round out your meals for greater mind-body satisfaction. Namaste. See Part 1.




Editor's Note from Sonica Krishan: This is highly educative video uploaded by Indiandiplomacy, focusing on the goodness and importance of Ayurveda therapy. It mainly signifies that Ayurveda continues to grow rapidly as one of the most important systems of mind-body medicine and natural healing, as a spiritual approach to life becomes ever more important in this ecological age. Our film Journey of Ayurveda travels in time from its origins in India to its progress into the 21st century, where Ayurvedic medicine is gaining international interest and respect as an alternative means of caring for physical and mental health!



by Dr. Baljot Bharaj

Post natal period is like a second birth for a woman. It is the period to replenish the vital elements lost during pregnancy and giving birth to the baby. Ayurveda emphasizes on regulated dietary regimen during this period to gain strength and pre-pregnancy state...


Editor´s Note from Sonica Krishan: Significance of Postnatal diet finds importance in Ayurveda woman-care. Not only does this diet help in nourishing the tissues of the woman, replenish the vital elements lost during pregnancy and giving birth to the baby; and also balances the body humors or doshas viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Dr Baljot Bharaj has brought us with these details in her nicely authored write-up 'Post Natal Diet and Ayurveda'. Please have a read.



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A History of Ayurveda

by Dr. Vikram

Ayurveda originated in India long back in the pre-Vedic period. Rig-Veda and Atharva-veda (5000 years B.C.), the earliest documentation of ancient Indian knowledge, have references to health and diseases. Ayurvedic texts like Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita were documented about 1000 years B.C. 


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