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(Assistant Editor Rachel Webster, PTA, CPT-ACE)

Bess Coble, BS, LMT has been involved in the fitness and wellness field for over 20 years as an avid student, instructor and amateur athlete, participating in the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2002. She has a BS in Human Performance (Exercise Physiology) specializing in Physical Performance, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Pilates Instructor and has certifications in various other fitness and wellness modalities. While teaching Pilates, she discovered Rolfing and subsequently graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado as a Certified Rolfer. She currently has a Rolfing and Pilates Wellness practice in Southwest Florida.

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More about Bess Coble
Co-Editor for Excercise/Fitness

Bess Coble has been involved in the fitness and wellness field for over 20 years. Due to her own health and weight issues, Bess began her career educating herself on fitness protocols, weight management, vitamins, nutrition and mind-body connections. She holds an AA degree in music emphasis from Miami-Dade Community College in Miami, FL and a BS degree from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL where she graduated magna cum laude in Human Performance (Exercise Physiology) with a minor in Psychology. During her undergraduate program, she did internships in cardiac rehab and with the Boston Red Sox Spring Training Facility. She completed post-graduate studies by becoming a Certified Rolfer through the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado and is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Florida. As an amateur athlete, she completed the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2002. She is also a Certified Equine Massage Practitioner through the Western School of Equine Massage in Corvallis, Montana.

Bess is a Certified Pilates Instructor in Mat and Equipment through PhysicalMind Institute and Powerhouse Pilates. She has also studied with master teachers trained in Core Dynamics, Polestar and Stott Pilates. Additionally, she has a background in Personal Training, Yoga, Gyrokinesis, QiGong, Body Pump and Resist-a-Ball.

Bess currently has a Rolfing and Pilates Wellness practice in Southwest Florida where she integrates her knowledge of biomechanics, postural assessment and alignment, movement education, breath patterns and pain management. She continues to teach group and private Pilates Mat, Equipment and PhysioBall classes.

Bess has written several articles related to the Fitness Industry.

Visit her website:
Fort Myers, Florida USA


About Rachel Webster, PTA, CPT-ACE
Assitant Editor of Exercise & Fitness

Rachel Webster, PTA, CPT-ACE is a fitness expert, certified as a personal trainer, has an education in physical therapy and over 12 years of experience helping people achieve their health and fitness potential.

Over the years she has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from kids to the elderly, with goals ranging from performance enhancement for sports to getting off of medications and getting healthy to changing physique. She realized the success of all of these clients had one big thing in common. Consistency. There are lots of excuses for inconsistency, but, she found that one of the largest issues with consistency and adherence was pain and poor movement quality. The reality is, most clients will experience pain at some point and most clients also can stand to improve the quality of their movement. This realization brought Rachel to the decision to return to school to get an education in physical therapy so that she could better serve her clients and get the results they want faster, more efficiently and safely.

Rachel eventually found that her true passion is working with women to grow their strength, change their bodies and watch their confidence soar. Rachel excels at helping women empower themselves to make the time to take care of themselves first without feeling guilty so that they can better care for their families and careers. She strongly believes that you can be a mother, career woman, wear all the hats that you have to wear AND have the body that you feel confident, healthy and happy in.

Rachel makes education a priority. She strongly believes that we should never stop learning and that it is important to invest in education to better serve the people that you work with. She attends seminars, workshops and summits regularly. She also started a network of trainers that will meet to share ideas and learn from one another. This network will be comprised of the best of the best at the type of training that each member does in the metro Detroit area. Her philosophy is to learn something new every day from each and every client. No two clients are the same.

Rachel is compassionate, yet able to push her clients through mental and physical barriers in a kind and loving way to assure that they meet their goals.

Rachel and her husband, Scott, enjoy spending time with family and friends. They have two dogs that they enjoy running and hiking with. She has been active in the sport of figure skating as a participant, as well as a coach. She was an active competitor in equestrian hunter/jumper events beginning at a very young age and enjoys spending time with her horse that she rescued after his racing days were over.


Madison Heights, Michigan
Rachel’s Ebook: Fitness Freedom – 7 Steps to Becoming the Fit Female can be found at:


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