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(Assistant Editor: Margaret Marchuk)

Zorica Denton’s success story actually begins in a small village of former Yugoslavia. Zorica was barely seven-years-old when she created her first face cream. Today, she is even more passionate about creating natural allergen free, environment friendly products to help empower an individual's life...

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About Zorica Denton

Assistant Editor of Eco Products & Services

Zorica Denton’s success story actually begins in a small village of former Yugoslavia. Zorica was barely seven-years-old when she created her first face cream. Today, she is even more passionate about creating natural allergen free, environment friendly products to help empower an individual's life.

After a successful modeling career in Milan and London, Zorica found herself in Malibu, California. Her passion for beauty led her to become a beauty consultant for several European cosmetic companies.

What makes Zorica truly unique is her sheer knowledge of the industry and her relationships with many beauty brands. Over the years she has learned how to craft with hands on experience. Also, while working in the beauty industry, she discovered that customers desired a simpler skincare regime. Customers would often comment, "Do I really need to use all of these?"; "Is there something simpler for me to use?"; "I don't have time to do all these steps."

She became determined to create a line of skincare products to address customer’s needs... natural, simple products providing results. Zorica herself knew the challenges, since she also suffered from very sensitive, dry skin.

Studying chemistry and working as a beauty consultant allowed her the knowledge to begin researching her own line of skin care. After two years of research and testing, she founded her company
Zorica of Malibu, and presented "the three simple steps to beautiful skin” in 1997.

Her recent break-through creation was a toxin free, allergen free, environment friendly, line of personal care products–including 100% pure perfume.

Zorica’s tireless dedication to the cause of creating wholesome beauty products has resulted in numerous accolades for her company. The company was awarded the title of the “Best Company in Cosmetics in the Los Angeles Area” for three consecutive years by the US Commercial Association (USCA).

Because of her love for nature and our fragile environment, you won’t find Zorica's products packaged in the box that gets tossed away. Zorica strongly believes in giving back. Some of the ingredients that she uses in her products are Fair Trade, and she has been a long time supporter of the St. Jude Children's Cancer Research Hospital.

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Malibu, California USA


About Margaret Marchuk
Assistant Editor of Eco Products & Services


Assistant Editor, Margaret Marchuk is a Communications and Business Support Consultant to various individual practitioners and businesses involved with a holistic mission.  She is also a freelance writer and editor. Finding satisfaction in serving those passionate about their product or service, Margaret crafts and takes a company’s message where it needs to be. She offers various services to achieve that goal.

Margaret Marchuk has been involved in the field of communications throughout her professional career.  For more than 20 years, she has worked with public relations and advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers and radio. Her clients have been large corporations, small businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and individuals.

Her writing career began while working part time in the public relations office of the university she attended. After graduation, she was hired by a New York City publisher to be his assistant, and she learned all aspects of magazine publishing as well as coordinating the firm’s international trade show.  Her next career assignment was as an account executive at a public relations firm where she ghost wrote articles for her clients and placed them with major publications. She then struck out on her own and worked full time on contract for AT& T in their public relations department. When the contract expired, she set up her own office providing writing and public relations services.

Building awareness, connections and generating media coverage are services she offers to her clients. In addition, she helps authors edit their books and speakers refine their presentations. Writing content for websites, blogs and collateral material and pitching article ideas to the media are all in a day’s work for Margaret.  When needed, she may be retained as a company’s representative to generate leads, develop new business and expand territory.

Throughout her career and in her personal life, Margaret has always had an interest and engaged in alternative healing modalities. Her intention in offering her consultation services is to collaborate and engage with socially conscious businesses that are of service to its staff, its clients and the community and who are aware of the impact their actions have on their organization and environment.

Black Mountain, North Carolina


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