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Chinese Herbal Medicine: How Safe Is It?
Many of my patients ask me about the safety of the Chinese herbal remedies that I prescribe. Most of their concerns are about the standards and practices used in Chinese factories, particularly given the news reports over the past few years about contaminated food sources in China. I often use herbs that are grown and manufactured in Taiwan and Japan, but there are many brands that come from mainland China that are reputable and safe. Before taking an herbal remedy always consult with a licensed or board certified Chinese herbalist who can steer you away from questionable brands and toward herbs that have a proven safety record.
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There are some questions about Chinese herbals being cross-contaminated from industrial pollutants such as lead. There are many American companies that produce Chinese herbals of very high quality that are made with very strict manufacturing policies. As a patient I would question sources and individual manufacturing policies of All supplements and herbs any practitioner suggests. As a health care professional I lean towards companies that are for professionals only. They supply lots of information on their manufacturing practices, their ingredients sources, and how often they check for contaminants.
Post Date:05-02-2011 11:51 am
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