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Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity
There can be so many barriers to getting more activity in our day: personal, location, family, health. Have you found a way to beat your roadblock to physical activity? Share it here and inspire others.
User: Kozman
Posts: 1

For me, I need to have a sense of accomplishment. Competition, whether against myself or others is an extreme motivator. Put a contest together between friends/co-workers surrounding fitness/weight loss. The stakes do not have to be high because the public accountability will help to drive compliance. Once you have created an exercise habit it is easy to continue - especially once you have seen the results. If you like to run/bike, local races are a great source of competition for all levels of ability. Set a goal for yourself and strive to achieve it.
Post Date:07-24-2010 06:03 am
Quoted By: Bess Coble, BS, LMT

Love the contest idea. I like to compete against myself for the week...choosing something I want to primarily focus on, whether it's a specific activity, such as Pilates, Zumba, etc. or a timeframe (one hour four times) or a modality (flexibility, strength, aerobic). This keeps it fresh for me and even though I try to include all the components each week, I am able to include the many activities that I enjoy doing. I choose to see it more as competing against myself than a goal, because I tend to get lazy with that word "goal." :)
Quoted By: reedgibs

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User: mouni
Posts: 3

Understanding common barriers to physical activity and creating strategies to overcome them may help us make physical activity part of our daily life. Exercise with a friend, join a local walking group or take up a team sport. Physical activity doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit.
Post Date:03-11-2015 12:31 am
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User: crystal glass award
Posts: 6

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Post Date:11-20-2014 8:21 pm
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User: smilechang
Posts: 4

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Post Date:10-24-2014 04:30 am
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User: Eden Kozlowski
Posts: 7

For me, it is all about exercise becoming such habit that it is simply a part of everything else that I do in life. And, when habit, when I don't do it, nothing else lines up...I don't feel good, my body doesn't feel strong. It effects everything.
Post Date:07-23-2010 12:39 am
Quoted By: Bess Coble, BS, LMT

So true, Eden. Once it becomes a habit, one feels "off" when we stop...it's like the body is 'demanding' "use me!"
Quoted By: bradray

Daily exercise makes you young!!! We all know that physical activity is beneficial in countless ways. Brad@Regrowth
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User: Jen
Posts: 32

I am a mother of four, one of them is autistic, plus a full-time college student, and wife so in order to fit working out into my schedule, I have to write in down in my planner like I would homework assignments or lunch dates with friends. If I plan on setting time aside to do something just for me, it helps to keep my "appointment" with myself if I write it down like I would with anyone else. It also makes me feel amazing so I look forward to working out! Jen
Post Date:01-08-2011 09:43 am
Quoted By: Bess Coble, BS, LMT

I do the same thing, Jen. It's the most important tool I use right now that keeps me on track. Thanks for showing that if someone as busy as you can find time for fitness, anybody can!
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