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New Developments in Psychotherapy
What do you think is the most interesting development in the field of psychotherapy in the past five years?
User: Debbie Allen, LCSW, DC
Posts: 4
Narrative Therapy
What a wonderful question about story. I've been influenced quite a bit by Salvador Minuchin's work in Family Therapy. He uses metaphors to reframe problems and give people a different way to think about their relationships. I think stories work in a similar way. People relate to stories and it allows them to consider things from a different perspective and also engages the creative mind which opens people to a more flexible kind of thinking.
Post Date:02-05-2011 3:45 pm
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User: Michael Williams, PhD
Posts: 9
Narrative therapy
It seems to me that psychotherapy is opening up more to the field of storytelling. There have been some wonderful advances in the use of narrative therapy, dramatherapy and therapeutic storytelling. A lot of recent brain research would also suggest a growing interest in the effect that storytelling and language has on brain function. Some suggest we are hard-wired for story. How many psychotherapists out there find story an important tool in their work?
Post Date:08-15-2010 5:22 pm
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