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Eco Product Favorites
With more and more quality natural products on the market each and every day (yay!) it is would be great to find out what your favorite Eco friendly products are and why? Please share your favorites here! I look forward to hearing from and sharing with you all. Yours in Health - Tanis
User: hectorGillard
Posts: 3
Go For Natural Products
Bringing my own shopping bag during groceries is what I do and I am teaching my children to practice it too. Buying fresh fruits and vegetables to my neighborhood to ensure the freshness of the goodies are good too plus I can save more of my money when I do it. I guess, there are many little ways to recycle and to love the natural products and it really depends to us if we are going to seriously do it.
Post Date:08-09-2013 06:12 am
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User: Mark
Posts: 3
Cloth Napkins
No paper towels at my house for dinner...cloth napkins all the way...though some words of advice: do not order white :-)
Post Date:01-21-2011 2:08 pm
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User: Samantha Dominic
Posts: 1
French Press Coffee Maker
I love using my french press coffee maker! It is a simple brewing device that uses no paper filters or electricity. I am also a big fan of a local coffee company in my neighborhood where I purchase in bulk. They have a lot of Fair Trade options, are very involved in the community and give back to many groups and organizations. My morning cup is mostly guilt free!
Post Date:01-18-2011 08:30 am
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User: Jen
Posts: 32
bottles and bags
Hello everyone, I carry my own bags to the store with me. I have been doing this for a while and I take them into every store I go in to. I also use the aluminum water bottles and brew my own iced green or black tea to put in them. I save plastic from being used for water bottles and I don't have to spend money on bottled green tea either! Jen
Post Date:01-16-2011 7:54 pm
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User: Susan Lutz
Posts: 33
Even in Central America
Her in Central America, I started toting my own bag long ago and the baggers thought I was nuts! I had to beat them to the punch as they love putting even detergent bottles in plastic bags and then in another plastic bag. But! It DOES change. As we support the process people will catch up.Now those same grocery stores are all selling "save the planet cloth bags!"
Post Date:08-13-2010 11:12 am
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User: Christine Breen, ISHom
Posts: 17
Green Ireland
Here in Ireland if you don't bring your own shopping bag and need them at the check out counter, you get charged 22c per bag! It's a great eco idea and one that is working really well.
Post Date:07-13-2010 12:07 am
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User: Dr. Steve Gangemi, DC
Posts: 11
Water Bottles
I'm a fan of steel water bottles like Klean Kanteen. Saves a lot of plastic, (and the harmful Bisphenol A to go along with it).
Post Date:07-12-2010 01:14 am
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User: Eden Kozlowski
Posts: 10

Ok, easy one but I love mine and it gives back every week AND I can carry so much in them - reusable shopping bags. The KEY is to keep them in your car. Finally, not a product but a really worthwhile effort....having our own little garden in the backyard.
Post Date:06-25-2010 11:40 pm
Quoted By: Rebecca McClary, MA, MT-BC
Source Toothbrush
I found a very inventive toothbrush at Target. It's called a Source Toothbrush and it's made by Radius in the USA. The handle is made from recycled wood bioplastic (mine is made out of recycled dollar bills) and has replaceable heads that allow you to only replace the part of a toothbrush that wears out. The replaceable heads last as long as ordinary toothbrushes but conserve 80% of material they waste, eliminating the need to recycle handles cross-country. The handles are neat in that you can adjust it for either a left or right handed person! The packaging, also, is made of 50% recycled soda bottles.
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