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alternative medicine ?
by ( quality68) for (Ayurveda)
can anyone have list of alternative medicine in ayurveda and which produce good results rather then homeopathic medicines
User: andrrew321
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water purify
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Post Date:05-13-2013 07:31 am
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User: arielwright111
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ayurvedic aromatherapy in canada
Nature designed ayurvedic aromatherapy to heal pain, cold sore and improve skin glow. The best part is that the ayurvedic home remedies made from essential oils have almost no side effects!Relaxing aromatherapy oils cure facial wrinkles, hair loss and cellulite deposits. Home remedies are effective, natural and have almost no side effects. http://www.ayurvedicaromatherapy.com/
Post Date:03-05-2013 11:19 pm
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User: AyurNow
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Julie Said It All!
Hi All, Just joined the forum and read this post. Julie covered the answer very well. If it helps we just did a post of some of the common herbs that are used in Ayurveda. Here is the link for that post (Hope this is allowed) http://www.ayurvedaremedies.co/tools/indian-ayurvedic-herbs-list/ Gratefully, Joseph
Post Date:08-10-2012 5:45 pm
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User: Julie A. Cerrato, PhD
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Alternative Medicine
Thank you for your forum inquiry. Ayurveda approaches health from mind, body and spirit. It therefore uses many tools to treat including yoga, meditation, diet, lifestyle and herbs. There are hundreds of Ayurvedic herbs that produce good results if they are properly tailored to suit the prakriti and vikriti (constitutions) of the individual. Homeopathy takes another unique approach to health which often uses highly diluted preparations believed to elicit a response in healthy people that resembles those exhibited by a patient. It is based on the "law of similars" where "like is used to cure like." Both Ayurveda and Homeopathy have been shown to be effective in various circumstances. Namaste, Julie
Post Date:10-20-2011 08:11 am
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