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by ( Sachi) for (Acupuncture/TCM)
The Summer Element is Fire It is Hot,Intoxicating,Sensuous,Joyful Each of Mother Earth’s seasons has it’s own unique energy. Expansive Summer calls us to live life in its total lushness! Flowers are in full bloom and all of nature is beckoning us to come out, play, enjoy! Summer’s personality is Sunny, Bright, Exhilarating. It is the Time of The Heart, A time when love is the very strongest emotion, encouraging us to open our hearts and fully connect with every one and everything! Let summer wrap you in it’s loving, passionate embrace! What canYou do to make the most of Summer? Start by eating lighter. Salads and Fruits (never eaten at the same time) make ideal meals now. Also drink lots of fluids. Make your own cucumber and watermelon juices. Both are very cooling and so yummy! Remember to stay hydrated! Sip mint drinks, cool herbal teas, lemon, and lime water all day long, 4 oz every half hour. Play every water sport! Exercising in the water is easy on joints and feels effortless so you can do lots! Remember to take special care of your heart! The heart is the king of our body and the queen of our soul. It deserves to be treated with great respect. Have an on going dialogue with your heart. Talk to it daily! See it healthy and joyous. Nurture your heart with beautiful thoughts, uplifting books and inspiring films. Love, both giving and receiving, is the most healing thing for the heart. So keep your heart filled with so much love it spills over to everyone you meet!


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