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Cough help
Dry cough that won't break up, what's a good alternative choice for helping?
User: magnusnr
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Home remedies for cough
Honey is used as an effective home remedy for a sore throat since olden times. Honey is a great substance that relieves irritation and soothes those irritated mucous membranes. Honey is known for its anti-bacterial properties and thus helps in shortening your coughing if it is due to bacterial illness. Another remedy to get relief from dry cough is by drinking hot milk. Drinking hot milk and honey helps in relieving from dry cough and reduces chest pain associated with continuous coughing. Gargle salt water so that it increases the salt concentration outside the cells in your mucous membrane. This home remedy is more useful and beneficial if you have a cough along with inflamed tissue.
Post Date:04-02-2015 01:09 am
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