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SPRING! The Chinese Medical Perspective.
by ( Sachi) for (Acupuncture/TCM)
Spring! Ah, just hearing the word can make our heart skip a beat. This is that most magical time of year when beautifully colored flowers start popping up everywhere. All of a sudden we just feel like smiling. As the long, dark, cold days of winter fade, we discard our heavy coats and boots and put on our light clothes and sandals. Our homes that where so cozy and comforting in the winter begin to feel confining. We want to be outdoors with friends and family for picnics and fun filled days and nights. The Chinese Medical Philosophy attributes correspondences to each season. These include many things, such as a yin and yang organ, a color, an energy and foods that relate specifically each one. The yin organ of Spring is the liver and the yang organ is the gall bladder. The color is green, Spring is the perfect time to eat lots of greens. The Liver and gall bladder work hard all year to eliminate toxins from the body. Bitter foods and herbs help cleanse these organs. Salads of arugula, dandelion leaves, and beet leaves (along with the grated beets to sweeten it up a bit) are ideal now. Taking supplements of milk thistle and drinking dandelion tea helps support this dynamic duo. Spring is the most active, yang time of the year. It is a time of growth. We witness this as buds bursting into flowers. But this energy of Spring is working within us as well. Harness this powerful energy and you can soar! Spring is symbolized by a tree. Spring is the time to come from your strong roots while stretching outward and upward! REACH FOR THE STARS AND ALLOW YOUR DESIRES TO BLOSSOM!
User: Dr. Sachi
Posts: 28

OK, so now Spring is in full swing! Let's hear YOUR stories of how using Spring's unique energies are helping you! *Have you adapted some dietary changes that are more Spring focused to your meals? If so, has it benefited you? *Have you used Spring energy to birth a "seed" idea into life? *Have you used Spring energy to get rid of things you no longer need? Material things as well as old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve the new you? Tell us what you have done! Inspire others to harness Spring Energy!
Post Date:05-17-2011 10:59 am
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User: Eden Kozlowski
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No kidding, I'm having beets and beet leaves tonight for dinner. Makes sense I why I had a craving. Thanks Dr. Sachi, this was wonderful info and makes me even more excited about spring.
Post Date:04-13-2011 12:17 am
Quoted By: Dr. Sachi

Use that exciting and powerful energy of spring to help sprout the seeds of the desires you've been thinking about all winter!
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