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Letting Go of the Past
I wanted to ask the readers what has helped you let go of the past and truly forgive others and yourself? The past is over and we can start now to make our future brighter. When you have been stuck in the past and holding onto things that are over-what have you done to make that final leap of faith?
User: KimberlyRae
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Healing the Past
Writing in my journal is always helpful for me. It's a process where I can look at the situation, allow myself the space to feel my true feelings about the situation (not anxiety over it), and make a choice to let it go. Consciously asking yourself, how is your current state holding you back and is it worth it to stay in the state? I sometimes believe until we take some responsibility for our own actions to stay in the past, then we are allowing others or a situation to control us. There are still moments where the past creeps back in, but each time I process the emotions, it becomes easier. There is no quick, easy fix but the results of joy and love for yourself are worth it!
Post Date:06-17-2013 8:56 pm
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User: Paul
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Letting go of my past.
I am trying to but it isn't easy. It comes back to haunt me. How can I illiminate it permently from my memory? Paul
Post Date:12-16-2012 2:32 pm
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