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Hello again editors! Is there a cleanser that is natural, without harsh chemicals, so it will not cause more harm to my cystic acne? I am currently using Cetaphil. It is an over-the-counter cleanser my dermatologist told me to get. Thank you! Jen
User: Wendy Wells, NMD
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Soap that is healing not harsh for acne
Yes this is important. As you are building up your health from the inside out, damaging the skin with harsh scrubs is counter productive. I recommend tea tree oil soap, mild and naturally anti-bacterial.
Post Date:01-07-2011 1:45 pm
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User: crystal glass award
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crystal award
I also suffer this and ask for help.http://www.xagloryaward.com/department/crystal-award/crystal-glass-award/.
Post Date:11-18-2014 03:08 am
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User: littleleaf
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have you tried using oil to wash your face? i find applying oil to a warm faceloth to wash my face to be a good way to regulate oil production of the skin. also a chickpea flour and clay scrub...just add a little water and oil to clay and chickpea flour..works wonders for acne. and eating healthy foods really matters as well. lots of vegetables helps.
Post Date:07-03-2012 7:52 pm
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