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natural acne treatment
by ( Jen) for (Naturopathy)
Hello everyone, I have an very inflammatory form of cystic acne. I have tried everything over-the-counter and have been seeing a dermatologist for a year, with very little results from the harsh creams he has prescribe for me. Is there a more natural, healthy way to treat my cystic acne? What kind of foods are best to help decrease the inflammation and the frequency of the break outs? Thanks! Jen
User: thenaturalone65
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Hello Jen! You should not apply anything that can irritate your skin. Obviously, medical creams will be more harmful than natural treatments. So it's good that you came for a natural alternative. While I never really had cystic acne, I would still add my recommendation: 100% aloe vera gel. You can find it on amazon for a decent price for such a large amount. Additionally, you can apply it deliberately on your face. There's no need to be modest when it comes to applying it because it isn't irritating and will speed up the healing process. I hope I helped. If you do consider getting it make sure you get 100%. I've been using it on my acne and it's been working well. Just make sure you avoid touching your face if you want it to heal appropriately. Good luck!
Post Date:10-26-2014 7:32 pm
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User: wwells
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Get to the cause of acne
Besides the hormonal changes in the body, acne can be caused by bacteria, constipation and dietary problems. When bacteria invade the body, their toxins move through the bloodstream to the skin. In constipation, the bowels are not working regularly, so more waste materials move to the skin to be eliminated. Food allergies or intolerances, emotional stress, digestive problems and nutritional deficiencies all take their toll.
Post Date:01-03-2011 11:39 am
Quoted By: Jen

I am seeing my midwife for possible hormonal causes of my acne. She told me that she will probably draw blood to check my hormone levels. Is there a better way to test my hormone levels? Thanks, Jen
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User: Wendy Wells, NMD
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Anti-inflammatory diet
An anti-inflammatory diet may help. There are so many underlying causes of cystic acne, diet is one of the most important, yet not the only possible cause. To try this type of diet, I recommend a book by Chilton called Inflammation Nation and one by Dr Jessica Black called The Anti-inflammatory Diet and Recip book. Both are available here. http://www.drwendywells.com/Recommended_Reading.html In short anti-inflammatory diet is low animal fat, high plant fat, low dairy, and gluten free. Along with reducing inflammation, you must heal the gastrointestinal tract. At my office, I test to find out exactly what your body needs via a stool test. Hope this is helpful.
Post Date:01-03-2011 1:57 pm
Quoted By: Jen

Thanks for the advice. I didn't know gluten and dairy could be a possible underlying cause of my acne. It is so painful and I'm ready to rid myself of it. Thanks again! Jen
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