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Questions about Reiki
by ( Eric) for (Energy Medicine)
Hi! Energy healing has always been something of an interest of mine, and while I've done a bit of research on Reiki I find I still have quite a few questions regarding it. Since I have a number of them, I think I'll start with a couple and we'll see how things move from there. The first curiosity that comes to mind is being attuned at various levels. I have an understanding of base theories, but since I've never actually met anyone that was a practitioner the specifics have remained somewhat elusive. What does the attunement accomplish or facilitate, and why is it necessary? If one is required to be attuned in some way to be successful how did the entire practice start? Are there different techniques that are better suited to heal or otherwise positively influence the various maladies, or is it all highly personalized for both healer and subject? Thanks!
User: Adele Wang
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Hi Eric, Thanks for your question. Attunements are part of the tradition, in terms of how Reiki is taught and passed on. I think of attunements kind of like an opening or an awakening. It isn't as much about acquiring a new skill as much as helping you to connect to the Reiki energy. Attunements are passed from Reiki Master to student. Attunements are mostly a Reiki tradition. Other forms of energy healing do not have an attunement process. It isn't necessary to have an attunement to do energy healing. However, if one wants to practice Reiki specifically, it is part of the Reiki process. Hope that helps answer your question! Sincerely, Adele Wang Editor of Energy Medicine on
Post Date:01-13-2011 8:31 pm
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