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Mom workout
What's a good way to shape arms for a busy mom?
User: ednachopin
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Post Date:06-18-2015 03:00 am
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User: malinamartis
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Great thanks a lot for sharing, i think this kind of exercise will be beneficial for arm and shoulder fitness, can be build shoulder muscles easily... zenegra
Post Date:03-09-2012 12:24 am
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User: Jen
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chaturanga pushups
I love this move, the Chaturanga pushup. Chaturanga Dandasana is a yoga pose and is usually used in Sun Salutation. These differ from the regular pushups because instead of your arms being in a wide stance, your hands are right under your shoulders. It is an intense pushup!I learned how to do these on a Jillian Michaels Yoga DVD. I am no exercise or yoga expert, but these pushups are awesome! Jen
Post Date:01-09-2011 11:00 am
Quoted By: Bess Coble, BS, LMT

I love this pose! For anyone who is interested, here is a great YouTube video explaining how to do it and then gracefully transitioning into upward dog/cobra pose:
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User: Bess Coble, BS, LMT
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Hi Susan, Thanks for your questions. Compound exercises or compound movements (they are actually 2 different things), are the quickest and most efficient way for busy people to work an area. A benefit of either is that they are also more functional — they mimic real-world motions. Compound exercises work several muscle groups and across more than one joint at once rather than focusing on one. A bicep curl works the front of the arm and one joint (the elbow joint.) This is called an isolation exercise. An example of a compound exercise would be a chest press, because you’re working multiple muscle groups (chest, shoulders, arms) and across more than one joint (elbow and shoulder). A compound movement is combining two exercises that target different body areas. A compound movement example would be a lunge with a bicep curl. For arm exercises you want to look for something that targets as many of the following areas as possible: the front and back of the arm, chest, shoulders and upper-mid back. This will ensure a balance in strength. Strength imbalances, such as having strong, defined arm muscles and weak shoulder muscles, can lead to injury. Compound exercises or compound movements efficiently recruit both major and minor muscles groups for an all-around strength conditioning regime. Some exercise suggestions would be (presuming you have no wrist or shoulder problems): Pushup (chest, shoulders, arms plus back and abdominals as stabilizers) Tricep Pushup (chest, shoulders, arms (focusing on the back of the arms), plus back and abdominals as stabilizers) Tricep Dips (works the back of the arms, chest, front of the shoulders, plus abdominals and back as stabilizers) Chest press (chest, arm, shoulders) More than anything, proper form is the most important aspect of any exercise. If you would like instructions on properly executing any of these exercises – or would like additional exercises or movements - feel free to email me:
Post Date:01-03-2011 12:47 am
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