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Amazing Person You've Probably Never Heard of
Amazing people are all around us: they are your best friend, your next-door neighbor, the one who drives you nuts, the person behind you in the checkout line. If you know of an amazing person post it here so we can all celebrate the amazing people who don't typically get the limelight. True fitness includes all of the wellness components: physical health, mental toughness, emotional stability, and spiritual purpose.
User: smilechang
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Thank you so much for sharing an amazing person in you life, I also have this kind of experience.In daily life,I care more about health,such as plant extracts, here are more:
Post Date:10-27-2014 04:49 am
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User: Jen
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amazing person
Hello everyone, I wanted to share someone who is amazing to me. She is my meditation teacher and her name is Eden. I have been meditating with her for almost 3 years and she has shown my exactly how strong I am. She gave me support, love and acceptance when nobody else in my life (including myself) would. She has shown me that whenever something "bad" happens, it is still amazing, a gift from the universe, no matter how crappy it may seem. She is a huge part of the reason why I don't weight 400 pounds and why I'm not locked up in a mental hospital somewhere because I couldn't deal with my emotions. She has truly helped me discover my emotional stability and mental toughness which has led to an increase in my physical health and an increased knowledge of my spiritual purpose. I cannot thank Eden enough for the differences she has made in my life. Jen
Post Date:01-09-2011 10:56 am
Quoted By: Bess Coble, BS, LMT

All of us need an 'Eden' in our life. Thanks for sharing an amazing person in your life, Jen.
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