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In touch again with massage
I just got back in touch with massage for my special needs son. Any good moves to increase oxygen flow?
User: David Burrows, BA, CMP
Posts: 3
"palming" technique from Thailand
I like the palming technique used in Thailand to increase circulation, and I believe it could be good for special needs individuals. The technique consists of compressions using the palms, and is done through the clothes. Rather than a "sliding" technique like Swedish technique, you compress the tissues in one place, sinking in then releasing, then moving on to adjacent tissue and compress the tissue again. A visual would be best. Perhaps I can post a youtube video. What type of special needs?
Post Date:07-31-2012 12:29 am
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User: healingfaerie
Posts: 4
Bodywork overall will help anyone with circulation issues. Always be mindful of his mental state while working. Relaxation can be obliterated easily depending on how severe the mental disability is. Act with love! Even if all you manage to do is heavy effleurage, this will help!
Post Date:05-06-2012 2:22 pm
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