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Tai Chi heals what ails you
Yesterday, the New York Times reported on a recent clinical trial that shows Tai Chi helps reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia: This low-impact, Qi-moving martial art has been practiced for millenia, and those who practice it regularly exult its healing benefits.
User: Amy A
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It's also very helpful in reducing depression, anxiety and stress. It gives your body and soul amazing energy and relieves all kinds of worries. It's an amazing technique.
Post Date:05-14-2015 05:41 am
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User: Pro Holistic
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One of the wonders of Taiji (and Qigong) is watching the students arrive at an evening class after a grueing day at work.................. Shoulders raised, furrowed brows and downturned mouths, carrying their day with them. Ten minutes later and the shoulders have dropped, the furrows are gone and the downturned mouth has been replaced by an inane (no disrespect) grin. There is a warmth in the room that has emanated from the smile that was borne from deep within each of them. Taiji is Magic!
Post Date:01-23-2013 10:43 am
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User: taichiland
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The Chi of Oz
Tai Chi creates physical balance and also gifts the practitioner with an inward journey that heals the soul. This unfolding is similar to Dorothy’s adventures in the Wizard of Oz. And like the Yellow Brick Road, tai chi’s path is windy as it traverses through a new environment and unfamiliar territory. Many of my students enroll in my Tai Chi for Enlighteners program* to improve their physical realm; by gently stretching muscles, strengthening bodies, enhancing balance, improving memory, or learning to walk with confidence. However on the journey they discover other challenges to overcome when encountering their “inward” Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Dorothy. The Scarecrow wanted a brain. As the student learns tai chi, the body is being taught novel ways to move. The brain needs to be totally focused and is “exercised” as new memory is created. The left / right balancing act creates mental clarity and has a positive, stimulating impact on both hemispheres as they communicate and absorb the new, physical information (very similar to the benefits of a child crawling.) The Tin Man first needed to be oiled before he could even talk and tell Dorothy he desired a heart. Tai chi first “oils” every muscle and ligament in the body. The arms and hands are held higher than the heart so the heart muscle is gently strengthened as it pumps blood to the elevated limbs. The heart is described as being the center of one’s emotions. Through the movement of inner “chi” (life force) energy the student is more in touch with their emotional state and can heal the wounds of past transgressions. The Lion yearned to have courage. Courage is the first step on becoming a spiritual warrior. After a few months of being “one” with the movements, the mind has been focused on watching and correcting the body. Once the body understands and flows through the steps, the mind is free to meditate. Tai chi is aptly described as moving meditation. When in a meditative state there's an opportunity to explore deeper levels of the soul. It takes courage to take an honest assessment on how we're choosing to live life... conscious or unconscious. It takes valor to release negativity, and harmful habits that halts the upward journey of one's soul. Tai chi gives one the space, time and courage to explore all the inner realms. Dorothy desired to “go home”. This is the essential yet hidden reason to learn tai chi. It's a safe place where one can release what I call “glommers”. Glommers are words, attitudes, and actions, that have attached to one’s true nature from past interactions with family members, friends, teachers, etc. It’s only when we build the courage, strength and insight to release these glommers that we can find our way back HOME to ourselves; to be light enough to click our heels and create our own reality. I invite you to take a Wu Style Tai Chi lesson with me at:
Post Date:02-01-2012 10:07 am
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User: Dr. Sachi
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For many people who begin Tai Chi they are surprised to find that for the first time they become aware of their very own Chi, also known as energy. That alone would be enough reason to take up this amazing ancient art, but on top of that Tai Chi has been proven to improve balance and concentration, while working joints for increased mobility. I could go on forever, but are their any Tai Chi teachers or students who would like to share?
Post Date:04-25-2011 7:32 pm
Quoted By: Eden Kozlowski

I've tried Qigong. Tis amazing. I don't know the true difference between it and Tai Chi - they seem similar. Can anyone tell more here?
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