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What Is Astrology?
Pat Lantz is a counseling astrologer who uses astrology to help clients connect to their inner wisdom and gain fresh perspectives on their lives and the choices they've made. She believ...
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Pat Lantz
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by Glenn Perry, PhD

It is difficult to appreciate just how far astrology has come over the last 30 years. It wasn't until the advent of humanistic psychology in the 1960's that astrologers began to think seriously about the chart in terms of growth and transformation. For those who began studying astrology only recently, it might seem that it was always this way. But it was not...


Editor's Note: I'm so excited to deliver my very first submission as your brand new Astrology Co-Editor, and delighted to offer an article from the hugely respected Glenn Perry, PhD. I've studied with him myself, so I enthusiastically vouch for his amazing depth of knowledge, his clarity of delivery, and the integrity with which he approaches psychologically astrology. This article, The Birth of Psychological Astrology, is excerpted from his book "Essays in Psychological Astrology."



by Amy Herring

My 7 year old daughter Aeryn is normally a cheerful, happy-go-lucky child, but over the last few months, I have noticed a change in her behaviour. She has been acting out quite a bit - yelling, talking back, or ignoring us completely, and doing things that she knows she shouldn't do...


For more great articles on parenting, visit ATH's Family & Parenting section.



by Donna Cunningham

Does your Venus connect with Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto? People whose birth charts are strong in the outer planets tend to have extraordinary lives. When Venus is part of the picture and makes strong connections called aspects with the outer planets, they're also likely to have a love life that is anything but ordinary. It could be anywhere from star-struck to star-crossed! Let's have a look at some of the patterns you're likely to see with these folks and see which celebrities share them...



by Patricia Lantz,
ATH Co-Editor of Astrology

The first sun sign column appeared in the Boston Record in 1931, but it wasn't until 1936 that that the New York Post decided to run Sun-sign forecasts.  By the early 1940's, an estimated 20% of American newspapers carried a daily astrology column, and the numbers have continued to increase ever since. These Sun sign columns were the extent of what the general public ever knew or heard about astrology and most individuals came to believe the sun sign column was astrology. But that's changing...



by Michael Wolfstar

1. Mercury turns direct on the 8th in the last degree of Sagittarius. Traditional astrologers consider the 29th degree to be “critical” in some way, often with a sense of desperation or being at the end of a stressful transition. From the 6th through 11th (when Mercury re-enters Capricorn), watch out for arrogant, self-righteous, and hypocritical statements. Use your critical thinking and analytical power to persuade rather than pronounce.




by Marilyn Muir

Astrologers everywhere, beginners to pros, study diligently, long and hard to gain even a rudimentary knowledge of astrology. It is so very heady to achieve that initial awareness that you have a tool that will help you decipher even a tiny slice of life...






Editor's Note from Pat Lantz: This video will make you feel in awe of the majesty of our universe as it captures the beautiful Milky Way galaxy along with El Teide, Spain´s highest mountain. At 3718m El Teide is one of the best places in the world to photograph the stars and is also the location of Teide Observatories, considered to be one of the world´s best observatories.




"From the readings from Rudolf Steiner's lectures on the Gospels of John and Luke showing how our spiritual development proceeds in a spiral motion through the zodiac so that each soul can experience the collective. The influence of the cosmos on our planet's destiny is mirrored in the individual's relationship to the cosmos."



by Cathy Pagano
The daylight fades quickly now while the nights seem to linger. We are approaching the darkest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. (Our southern neighbors are bathed in light as they approach their longest day.) Each year, we cycle back to this time of greatest darkness. Each year we celebrate the return of the Light. Each year, before this blessed event, we travel through the dark with Sagittarius...





Editor's Note from Pat Lantz: An "Astrological Music Video" by Christian Borup, describing the hectic power of Uranus in rhythm and pictures.It is said that a picture paints a thousand words...enjoy!!!



by Patricia Lantz,

ATH Co-Editor of Astrology

Yang and Yin, light and dark, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, these distinctions are found in all ancient cosmologies which describe the universe as formed by the interplay of two opposing forces.


Polarities are an important part of human experience. The major polarities of astrology represent oppositions across the wheel of the zodiac...



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The Astrology of the Near Death Experience ~ Part 1

by Kari Noren-Hoshal

Ask anyone born between 1960 and early 1965 (when Chiron in Pisces opposed Pluto in Virgo) whether they have had a brush with death, or know someone who has, and the answer will be a resounding affirmative. It was during a session with a Cartier Replica Watches student of mine that nearly did not live to see her 23rd birthday, that I began my research on the near death experience...



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