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Pat Lantz is a counseling astrologer who uses astrology to help clients connect to their inner wisdom and gain fresh perspectives on their lives and the choices they've made. She believ...
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Pat Lantz
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by Michael Wolfstar

The Aries Sun conjoins Uranus on the 2nd, bringing unexpected, surprising, and exciting events. Expect a few political leaders to announce bold new initiatives which are bound to bring immediate and harsh opposition. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd are unusually eventful since the transiting Sun energizes the developing Grand Cross. Previously unknown or hidden developments suddenly become illuminated, and bring swift and immediate reactions...




by Andrew Smith

As our world, embedded within the vast cosmic ocean, continues to reel and rout as the sea roars and thunders amidst the increasingly turbulent waters of the Cardinal T-Square, the Arian lunation of 2014 could be the voice of the ship’s skipper coming over the speaker calming our frazzled nerves and anxiety as we attempt to reach the solid haven of a new world...




by Lynda Hill

The Aries new Moon falls on March 31 in Australia and March 30 in the United States. This is a fairly firey new Moon with Uranus positioned just two degrees after it, which means that the hours and days following the new Moon could be rather interesting, perhaps unpredictable, explosive, revolutionary, life-changing, etc. The opposition between Jupiter and Pluto and the square out to Uranus and this new Moon shows this new Moon heralding the cardinal grand cross that is coming later on in April. In other words, it's going to be an interesting month. Anything we can do to relieve stress, let off steam or take the charge out of situations can help to move things forward in a smoother, more beneficial way..




Why use the outer planets to interpret history explains the difference between the individual experience of the inner planets and the collective experience of the outer ones. The audience will then learn how to combine the outer ones into patterns that match the range of history.



by Ralfee Finn

A deep hum underscores the routines of daily life, this week, and you won’t have to listen too closely to hear it. But even if you can’t identify its heavy rumble, you’re more than likely to feel its pulse. We’re in the gravitational pull of the fifth exact Uranus/Pluto square that occurs on April 21, and its relentless intensity has the power to place many of us into situations, conversations, and declarations we might otherwise avoid — even if we’ve visualized those moments in the privacy of our own minds for quite some time. The current iteration provides the push to break free from whatever enslaves—real or imagined...




by Amy Herring

When a student begins studying astrology, the basic components can be easily learned from a book and memorized, to a certain extent. Putting puzzle piece A together with piece B can also be done rather efficiently. But when it comes to putting the puzzle of an entire chart (and therefore an entire person) together, it can be easily overwhelming...


Editor's Note from Pat Lantz: Evolutionary Astrology is a term that has been coined by Steven Forrest and Jeff Green, to refer to a set of techniques as well as a philosophy in practicing astrology. To understand more about evolutionary astrology read What is Evolutionary Astrology? by Amy Herring... or watch this video... An Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology with Steven Forrest.



by Cathy Pagano

As we arrive back at Aries again, it is time to talk about the male hero.  Last year in Aries, I discussed two movies about female heroines in The Hunger Games and Whale Rider.  Both our heroines, Katniss and Paikea, are great examples of emerging female leaders.  And that leads us to the question: who are the new male leaders?...





12 vignettes using the astrological signs to describe the personality types. In these videos Debra comically acts out the charactor traits of the signs of the zodiac using exaggeration and extreme expressions. These short vignettes are sure to ring a bell and make you laugh about yourself or others you know.



by Ralfee Finn

It’s “Psychic Sensitivity Week” here on Planet Earth, so don’t be surprised if skins, yours or others’, feel more than a little thin. And because so many of us are already sore and bruised from what is best described as the unrelenting intensity of simply trying to get through the days, lots of us are sure to be more than a tad reactive. As you attempt to deal with this hypersensitivity—again, yours or others’—try to notice how often you fall into old attitudes as a way of defending yourself from being overwhelmed; not just overwhelmed by how much is happening around you, but also overwhelmed by how much personal growth is still necessary to ride these waves of change, skillfully...



by Pat Lantz,
ATH Co-Editor of Astrology

Is astrology the most accurate and comprehensive means of understanding human personality, behaviors and potentials? The answer can easily be found if you study the subject yourself.

Study astrology and you will...



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The Music of the Spheres: Octaves, An Introduction

by Dawn Bodrogi

There are those who dismiss the idea entirely.  Mercury the lower octave of Uranus?  Venus the lower octave of Neptune? Mars the lower octave of Pluto? I’ve read and listened to endless words on the subject.  Some try to convince me that the concept of octaves doesn’t exist at all.  Others try to tell me that these aren’t the planets involved, and that there are other lower octaves assigned to the outer planets. Some say that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are actually lower octaves for something higher, which we haven’t yet discovered...



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