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What Is Astrology?
Pat Lantz is a counseling astrologer who uses astrology to help clients connect to their inner wisdom and gain fresh perspectives on their lives and the choices they've made. She believ...
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Pat Lantz
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by Patricia Lantz, ATH Astrology Editor

Scorpio can hide beneath a cool, calm exterior, while sensing everything and showing nothing. Often getting to the inner realm of this sign is not easy, but don't doubt for a moment that Scorpio is not passionate...





by Carmen Turner-Schott

If you were born between the dates of October 21 through November 22, then the Sun was in the sign of Scorpio when you were born. Externally, Scorpio rules the nose, nasal bones, pubic area and genital organs...




by Michael Wolfstar

1. Mars conjoins the U.S. Pluto on the 5th and progressed Pluto on the 8th, making this intense, confrontational phase effective from the 1st through 9th. Since this astro-event takes place in the national chart during the days leading up the election, expect extreme tactics in the campaign and increased incidents of violence. Hardball politics will likely leave the U.S. an intensely polarized country no matter who wins.





Scorpio's end game is to know the unknowable, see the unseeable and think the unthinkable. It's not surprising that the year's most haunting holidays, Halloween and it's Latin counterpart Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), both happen while the Sun is in the dark and mysterious sign of Scorpio...



by Edmond Wollmann

Every year in the month of October, before the calendar turns over to November, we get on our masks and costumes to encounter the ‘spirits of Halloween’. Why?

Masks cover the hidden and are created to represent and convey the camouflaged concepts behind them...




by Patricia Lantz

The Fixed modality is associated with the middle of each season, and the deepening of all the qualities of that particular season. Because these signs are located mid-season, they neither initiate nor end the season. They represent the full power of the season.





An introduction to Astrology by world-renowned Astrologer Steven Forrest.



by Amy Herring

Marla writes:
My daughter Angela is a pretty happy and enthusiastic child, but can be overbearing and hyper. Sometimes it seems like she's the 'bull in a china shop.' She also seems to burn hot and fast all day, just go go go, and then just crash out when she finally falls asleep at night. I'm wondering if this is just because she's so young or if this is part of her personality?...



by Laura DiLeva

It’s that time of year again when we’re asking our kids who or what they want to be for Halloween. And of course (like everything else in life) this question of “Who will you be?” gets me thinking about astrology.

Sure, astrology can give you some insight into what kind of costume your kid may want to wear. But on a deeper level, it’s the subject of who they want to be that gets me thinking about our astrological mission in life, which is defined by the Sun...



by Andrew Smith

Central to my current understanding of how we create and manifest reality I truly believe that anything conceived of a moment in time is imbued with the qualities of time into which it is born. What I’d like to do in the next couple of notes is to explore the nature of time and accompanying feeling associated with periods of time so as to better understand the mood of the time that we are moving through. That the qualities of time will be infused in our thoughts, feelings, dreams and actions, and that new life starts with new thinking...




Editor's Note from Pat Lantz: The cycles of the moon begin in darkness, then progress to a thin crescent, gradually increasing in light (waxing) until the complete illumination at Full Moon - then the light of the Moon slowly recedes (wanes) back into another crescent and finally back into the darkness of the New Moon - only to begin the process once again. Click here for "A Guide for Getting In Tune With the Cycles of the Moon."



by Pat Lantz,
ATH Co-Editor of Astrology

The majority of individuals believe the basis of astrology is the the twelve signs of the Zodiac ~ popularly known as the "Sun signs". However, the signs represent twelve primary energy fields, the formative principles of the universe or the archetypal patterns...




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The Astrology of the Near Death Experience ~ Part 1

by Kari Noren-Hoshal

Ask anyone born between 1960 and early 1965 (when Chiron in Pisces opposed Pluto in Virgo) whether they have had a brush with death, or know someone who has, and the answer will be a resounding affirmative. It was during a session with a Cartier Replica Watches student of mine that nearly did not live to see her 23rd birthday, that I began my research on the near death experience...



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