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What Is Astrology?
Pat Lantz is a counseling astrologer who uses astrology to help clients connect to their inner wisdom and gain fresh perspectives on their lives and the choices they've made. She believ...
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Pat Lantz
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by Dawn Bodrogi

I told myself when I started writing about synastry here that I wouldn’t do what’s been done in other places, and top of the list was descriptions of Mars and Venus. However, I’m finding a couple of interesting things in my synastry consultations. One is that there is a confusion about how both Venus and Mars operate, how and why they function as they do. Particularly, there is confusion about how they function differently in each sex...





by Michelle Gregg

Astrologically speaking, there is a particular cycle, which while not always comfortable, has the result of great benefit: the apparent backwards motion of a very mischievous planet. Many of us wouldn't consider a period of Mercury Retrograde a blessing, yet in nature, there is rule: two steps forward, one step back...





by Gretchen Lawlor

In the next ten years more women will be entering menopause than in all of recorded history. There are forty million women scheduled to go through menopause in the next 20 years. The Baby Boomers, born in the 1940’s and early 1950’s are five times more numerous than any preceding generation. Menopause will not be the same thing once this flood of women has gone through it...





by Marilyn Muir

Astrologically I love reading houses in a sky map. I cannot imagine trying to read any sky map without the ability to use house placement for my understanding and delineation of the life of an individual. Yes, houses are only one factor in reading any sky map, but houses put a human face on physical experience and that makes them a valuable asset to an astrologer...



by Carmen Turner-Schott

If you were born between the dates of March 20 through April 19 then the Sun was in this sign when you were born. Aries rules the head, face, brain, nerve centers, carotid arteries, cranium and jaw. Aries is vulnerable to all kinds of head complaints...




by Michael Wolfstar

1. The New Moon on the 7th conjoins Uranus and squares Pluto, kicking off a dramatic month of important changes in many people's lives. Those with prominent placements in 17º-20º of cardinal signs will be the most impacted, and urged to get out of stale routines or ruts. This New Moon cycle favors taking action and implementing new ideas and technologies to improve current circumstances. Business and personal relationships are in flux.





by Patricia Lantz,

ATH Co-Editor of Astrology

The adolescent years marks the period between childhood and adulthood. The main focus of adolescence is for the individual to determine who he or she is as a person and where and how he or she fits into the world. It is a period of preparation for adulthood which can bring on mixed emotions. Mood swings are typical during this period as the individual is dealing with significant physical changes, social pressure, and decisions about the future...




by Pat Lantz,
ATH Co-Editor of Astrology

Is astrology the most accurate and comprehensive means of understanding human personality, behaviors and potentials? The answer can easily be found if you study the subject yourself.

Study astrology and you will...





by Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too,
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting...




by Donna Cunningham

If you’ve studied astrology yourself, why should you consult a professional astrologer?  We astrology lovers are never worse at making predictions than when we are predicting for ourselves and those we love. We may be spot-on for others, especially those in whom we have little investment, but when it comes to guessing what lies ahead in our own lives, all too often we can be off the mark — from a little to a lot...



by Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW

I have been practicing astrological counseling for the past thirteen years.  During my counseling experiences, research, mentoring and conversations with clients is when I realized that astrology is purely energy.  Astrology is the map of the soul and shows everything about our personality, emotions, relationships, impulses and especially our health...




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The Astrology of the Near Death Experience ~ Part 1

by Kari Noren-Hoshal

Ask anyone born between 1960 and early 1965 (when Chiron in Pisces opposed Pluto in Virgo) whether they have had a brush with death, or know someone who has, and the answer will be a resounding affirmative. It was during a session with a student of mine that nearly did not live to see her 23rd birthday, that I began my research on the near death experience...



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