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What Is Astrology?
Pat Lantz is a counseling astrologer who uses astrology to help clients connect to their inner wisdom and gain fresh perspectives on their lives and the choices they've made. She believ...
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Pat Lantz
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by Ralfee Finn

Try not to let the days and nights of this week evaporate in a rush of 10,000 details. We’re still in the midst of significant passages that mark endings and beginnings, and it wouldn’t do to hurry across these thresholds. The most important turning point is the winter solstice on Sunday, December 21, at 6:03 EST. In the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice delineates the return of the light...




by Gretchen Lawlor

Homeopathy and astrology have colluded to provide an extraordinary series of astrological tonics, one particularly suited to each of the 12 signs, Aries through Pisces. These are called "homeopathic cell salts" or "biochemical cell salts", and can be used by someone without a medical background to improve the quality of health for themselves, their families and their friends...


Editor's Note from Pat Lantz: This article by Gretchen Lawlor has for several years been consistently one of the most read articles on ATH. So, if you've somehow missed I've brought it back to the top for your enjoyment.




Editor's Note from Pat Lantz: Elisheva as Sagittarius in Archetypal Journey in 12 Parts: The Zodiac Dance Performance at The Merce Cunningham Studio in September 2008 NYC. Producer: Sherene Schostak; Assistant Producer: Robert Palmer; Video: Sebastian Kay.



by Cathy Pagano
The daylight fades quickly now while the nights seem to linger. We are approaching the darkest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. (Our southern neighbors are bathed in light as they approach their longest day.) Each year, we cycle back to this time of greatest darkness. Each year we celebrate the return of the Light. Each year, before this blessed event, we travel through the dark with Sagittarius...




by Michael Wolfstar

The Sun is octile (45º) Mars on the 14th, but this aspect is a strong influence from the 9th through 17th. This Sun-Mars combination energizes projects and tasks, encouraging self-assertion and promotional activities, especially regarding causes and charities. For many, this phase brings out aggressive tendencies, and life may seem unusually busy, hectic, and noisy. Breathe deeply and take precautions against accidents...





by Melody Larson

...there is still much soul-based work occurring in step 9. The soul, now made more whole due to the last step of Healing, remembers its connection to spirit. No longer separate, it is able to “line things up with others” on the spiritual plane and co-create synchronicity...


Editors note: To first get an overview of what this journey is all about, read Melody’s introductory article, The 12 Steps of the Spiritual Journey.



It’s easy enough to reel in a Sagittarius, but it’s nearly impossible to keep one faithful...




by Patricia Lantz,

ATH Co-Editor of Astrology

Sagittarius, the traveler of the zodiac, is ruled by the expansive, bountiful and magnanimous planet, Jupiter. Could it only be a coincidence that the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, a holiday built around giving thanks for bounty, on the first Jupiter's day (Thursday) in Sagittarius?...




by Lynda Hill

November's Sagittarius new Moon occurs on November 22 in Australia and November 21 in the United States. This new Moon has a particularly 'martial' or 'military' feel to it, with the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus all having this tone or flavor. Also, the degrees that follow for some of the other planets, such as Mars and Neptune, also have military or martial tones to them. It is a very curious line-up of planets, but then there often is a theme of some sort that shines through - it is just that this is a very pointed theme...



by Andrew Smith

There is something very attractive in a young soul – the laughter and ever present smiles; the enthusiasm in the wonder of the little things; the joy that fills them. They are largely lacking in self-consciousness; they are innocent, yet wise and possess the infinite ability to trust implicitly everyone around them. A child's mind is not crooked or scheming. It is simple, straight, open and transparent. They are honest about what they want, what they like or dislike. They do not hide things and speak what they think...



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The 12 Signs of The Zodiac Part I – Measuring the 12 Signs

by Vic Di Cara

This article is about the 12 signs of the zodiac. It’s not about, “If you are born between this and that date your personality is like this.” It is meant for people with a fairly serious interest in astrology, and is especially important for practicing astrologers. It has two main parts. The first will explain how the 12 divisions of the zodiac are calculated, and will address the question of Tropical vs. Sidereal zodiac definitions. The second part will explain the characteristics of the 12 signs, and how these result from the mixture of their ruler, element, mode, and natural order...



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