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Introducing Aromatherapy and its Health Benefits
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We are currently seeking a Co-Editor and/or Assistant Editor for this section. For more information please contact Sherri Carter at

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Wellspring Pharmacy presents Aromas for Healing with Pam Conrad, on the Modern History of Clinical Aromatherapy...




by E. Joan Barice

There are a small but growing number of physicians and other health professionals who accept and use essential oils. It is particularly difficult for me, having benefited so much from the use of therapeutic essential oils, to accept the resistance of conventional medicine to them...






by Raphael d'Angelo, MD
Conventional practitioners, my advice is to enlist the help of a clinical aromatherapist to work with you on your patient's behalf in these cases. Clinical aromatherapists, I stress to you the importance of educating yourselves on the healing power of antimicrobial essential oils and their use for MRSA infections of the skin. For all of us, assume that every scrape or cut is capable of becoming an MRSA infection. Treat all such wounds with anti-staph essential oils from the onset, without fail...



from Gerry McCarthy, Leyden House Ltd.

Here's a very basic and simple recipe for bath salts - just 4 ingredients and nothing else required except a tightly closing jar and a spoon. You can easily personalize this recipe by using different essential oils for different purposes. Have fun with this one...


Editor's Note: Enhance the moisturizing aspect of the glycerin by using Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Rosewood, or Palmarosa essential oils.  After bathing, follow up with a body oil or lotion.



Basic Aromatherapy Introduction, Dawn Larsen, Certified Registered Aromatherapist...
Editor’s Note: Great introduction and explanation to all of the questions that the public may have regarding Therapeutic Aromatic Medicine in a holistic approach to healing from a compassionate instructor who has personal experience with the power of essential oils when used appropriately.



by Beverly Hawkins

I am often asked whether there are any essential oils that can help one to stop smoking. The truth of the matter is that a number of people have found using aromatherapy and essential oils to be very helpful when they want to quit smoking. One of the best ways seems to be to put a single note oil or a synergy into an inhaler...





by Peta Day of The Paperbark Co.
During the last nine years John and I have continued to learn more about our unique oil, Fragonia. A body of information has been collected which has given us a greater understanding of Fragonia...


Editor's Note: This is part 2 of 2. Click HERE to read part 1 of this article.





by Peta Day of The Paperbark Co.

The Paperbark Co. was established in 1997 to grow, distill and supply bulk and bottled Australian essential oils and hydrosols. However, it was many years before this that our interest in essential oils began...


Editor's Note: This is Part 1 of 2.






by Beverley Hawkins

On several occasions, over the last little while I have been asked about what essential oils one could use with diabetes. So I decided to do a bit of a search and see whether I could come up with any research papers...







by Joni Keim

The winter season is Mother Earth's time of deep rest. She withdraws her dynamic energy, and the potential for rebirth and renewal lies in wait for the coming spring. This shift in our environment reminds us to stay home, rest, and rejuvenate...






by Rose Chard, LMT

This is an exciting time to be involved in the aromatherapy industry. More people are choosing a simplified lifestyle, and they are looking to the natural health industry for support and guidance. The aromatherapy industry holds a tremendous growth opportunity when we consider all the areas in which this discipline is beneficial...


Editor’s Note: “Whatever area of aromatherapy interests you, keep in mind that the focus should not be quantity over quality.” Rose has offered an article full of wisdom and support for those who are in the business of aromatherapy.



by Joie Power, PhD

Psychoneuroimmunology is the branch of biomedical science that explores the relationships between the nervous system, emotions, and the endocrine and immune systems; it is concerned with the links between our states of mind and our states of health. It is one piece of a very complex puzzle - the puzzle of what creates and maintains health and well-being...



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Boost Your Immune System With Essential Oils

by Candace Newman, MAT LMT

True Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of therapeutic grade essential oils. It is an ancient art and science that has been around since human beings started interacting with plants.


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