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Introduction to Animals & Pets
Dr. Cathy Alinovi DVM is a — now retired — integrative veterinarian and author of Dinner PAWsible, a pet food cookbook for pets.  Dr. Alinovi believes good nutrition is...
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Cathy Alinovi, DVM
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by Ihor Basko, DVM, CVA

Cats…cats…cats! What do you feed them when there are no rats?!

Dogs aren’t the only pets to benefit from home-prepared meals. Here’s a little bit of info on the truth behind your bag of commercial cat food...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Best food ever invented for cats: fresh mice. Really. Highest known taurine levels. Good exercise in the process of catching dinner. Mice still eat fresh fruits and veggies that shouldn't be adulterated with GMO ingredients. So, what can we do at home if we can't provide fresh mice? Fresh meat is next best. Dr B shares more tips.


Animals & Pets

by Glen Dupree, DVM

Consider the typical patient that comes to my practice from a conventional allopathic practice. These patients have usually been run through the gauntlet of reductionist medicine where they have received a separate medicine (or several medicines) for each of many diagnoses.


Editor´s Note from Cathy Alinovi: Each patient who comes to my office is his own set of problems and receives individual care/treatment. Not one size fits all medicine. Is this the root of single dose/single medicine - individuals?


Animals & Pets

by Ihor Basko, DVM, CVA

We’ve just passed the Spring Equinox, which means that the season has officially changed!

In addition to changes in the weather and changes in the length of the days and nights, dietary changes are in order as well...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: How can it matter what we feed in the spring (or any other season)? Well, think for a sec, though - we ate stews in winter, salads in summer, fresh fruits in the spring but still some soups as we can still have rainy days. What would our dogs like?


Animals & Pets

by Susan Thixton

This will be an on-going project, defining pet food ingredients in consumer language. What the ‘official’ definition really means and what questions to ask of manufacturers to make certain you are getting the pet food quality you are paying for...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: How do you define chicken? Personally, it's a feathery, clucking animal pecking at the ground to eat worms, bugs and sort through the compost. Learn what chicken means when it applies to pet food.


Animals & Pets


Editor´s Note from Cathy Alinovi: Foster families take many forms. In this video, Bugsy, is not the standard babysitter, but the job is done nicely. It's temporary, Malone will rejoin his species when he's big enough to fend for himself.


Animals & Pets

by Kasey Minnis

As a Christian who has adopted a vegan diet, I’m often asked how I reconcile veganism with the Judeo-Christian belief system. People frequently say “God gave mankind animals as food,” or “God intended for us to eat meat.” Do the Scriptures support those beliefs?...


Editor's Note from Erica Settino: So often our moral and ethical choices are thought to be intertwined with our religious beliefs. Here Kasey Mannis, a Christian and ethical vegan, discusses how she reconciles her religious beliefs with what she believes to be her moral obligation to all living beings.


Animals & Pets

by KG Stiles

Your animal friend's olfaction process is similar to humans though much more acute. Animals are SUPER sensitive to smells!...


Editor's Note: KG is a member of the Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) Team at Ashland Community Hospital  which became affiliated with Planetree in 2006. The Planetree Organization helps hospitals provide patient-centered programs and care focused on healing and nurturing body...


Animals & Pets

by Michel Selmer, DVM
There is a deep, ingrained belief that we must follow conventional vaccination practices to protect our animals. Unfortunately, once vaccinated, there are no 100% guarantees that an animal will not contract that disease. The conventional community, including the American Veterinary Medical Association, is seriously reviewing the subject and coming to the conclusion that present practices may be flawed...

Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: We are becoming increasingly aware of vaccines and their side effects in our pets. When should we start, how often should they be repeated, when should they be boostered? These are just a few questions for our veterinarians helping our pets.


Animals & Pets


Editor´s Note from Cathy Alinovi: Many pet parents are faced with what to do when their favorite friend has great mental awareness but can no longer walk - either rear legs only or all four legs. For some families, the solution is a cart - a doggie wheel chair. Eddie's Wheels makes some of the best balanced, most comfortable carts out there - ask Auggie.


Animals & Pets

by Glen Dupree, DVM

Once we have corrected hygiene, have allowed the patient to settle back into a consistent pattern of symptoms which more nearly reflect the true state of health of the patient, and have completed all our examinations, then is the time to treat our patient...


Editor´s Note from Cathy Alinovi: In this second article about veterinary homeopathy, Dr Glen shares the laws of homeopathy. An artist at discerning the totality of a patient's symptom - let's see how Dr Glen uses these laws to treat his patients homeopathically and provide cure.


Animals & Pets

by Leslie May

Make sure your lawn and your garden are free from chemicals, insecticides, herbicides and pesticides to keep you dog and you the healthiest possible. There are dangers lurking in nasty chemicals that can be very unhealthy for dogs, other pets, children and adults...



Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: The grass is green, and it's time to work on the lawn. Beware – some lawn chemicals can be poisonous to pets. Here's how not to risk the four-legged family but have a great lawn. And there are some great links to other wonderful sources of information.



Animals & Pets

by Shari Silverman, VMD

Jaimie, a well-groomed sable collie, had been an active dog. Now, in her older years, arthritis was definitely affecting her quality of life. Her regular veterinarian had prescribed some pain medication but she continued to be limited by pain and weakness in her limbs...




Editor's Note from Michael Salewski: Laser therapy is an often overlooked modality. Not only can it be an excellent first-choice therapy, it can be a wonderful alternative to acupuncture in patients who are extremely needle sensitive.



Animals & Pets

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Animal Holistic Health & Relationships

by Linda Webber

As is the case with all animals, their past experiences have helped to shape their personality and behaviour. Most animals have been traumatised in some way. Separation anxiety, shock, physical pain, are all common life experiences. Many owners are unaware of these aspects of their animal’s history, as they predominantly focus on its physical condition...


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