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Introduction to Animals & Pets
Cathy Alinovi, integrative veterinarian and author of Dinner PAWsible, a pet food cookbook for pets, believes good nutrition is the key to curing most reasons pets come to the vet. &ldq...
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Cathy Alinovi, DVM
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Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Polar bears are usually loners, except when the mother bear is raising her cubs. This polar bear mama and her adorable twin cubs display behavior that reminds us of ourselves, as well displays bear specific behaviors. Watch how much fun they all have together.


Animals & Pets

by Ihor Basko, DVM, CVA

Cats…cats…cats! What do you feed them when there are no rats?!

Dogs aren’t the only pets to benefit from home-prepared meals. Here’s a little bit of info on the truth behind your bag of commercial cat food...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Best food ever invented for cats: fresh mice. Really. Highest known taurine levels. Good exercise in the process of catching dinner. Mice still eat fresh fruits and veggies that shouldn't be adulterated with GMO ingredients. So, what can we do at home if we can't provide fresh mice? Fresh meat is next best. Dr B shares more tips.


Animals & Pets

by Elyse Horvath

Dogs, like people, are intricate beings. Organs, bones, muscles, and fluids, and all of this housed and protected by the largest organ of the body: the skin. Whether thick or thin, tough or delicate, skin is alive with its own ecosystem, needing a balance of strength and elasticity, of moisture and amino acids, a certain spongy give that can produce goose bumps when caressed, or give cushion to a fall...


Editor´s Note from Cathy Alinovi: What function do paw pads serve? They’re not just for walking/running – and, even the pad way up high on their wrist serves a purpose. Dogs’ pads need care and protection just as the rest of their body does.


Animals & Pets

by Mary Oquendo

Here’s a quick multiple-choice test.

I place Toby, a 12-year-old golden retriever, on the table and turn on the high velocity dryer...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: For those of us who have pets and/or patients with seizures, a full-blown seizure can be quite scary. Can you imagine, how much more shocking it is when in the middle of bathing someone's dog, the poor things has a seizure? Some seizures can be incredibly scary - whole body, screaming, pee and poop everywhere - and some are pretty mild cases of tremors. Here are some suggestions to of what to do.


Animals & Pets

by Jackie Rive

Those who are horse owners know how expensive it can be to own and care for a horse. Routine care and feeding is costly enough but when something goes wrong and calling the vet is the only option you think you have, it can really cause a financial hardship...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Foot problems explain 90% of lameness in horses. Abscesses are the worst of it! The abscess hides in the hoof - you can't poke on it so it's next to impossible to find. Guess, start digging at the foot - how scary as the horse hoof is the equivalent of our middle finger!! So, how do you draw out an abscess on a vital part of the equine anatomy?


Animals & Pets

by Sandy Blackburn

As a conventionally trained veterinarian, it’s surprising to look at where I am now and wonder how I got here.


One of my first clients, as a regular, conventional vet was a crazy dog groomer who had some strong views about vaccines and pet food...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: It's funny how we run into people when it's time. And how when it's not the right time, but we are prepped to move onto a new path. This is a team effort -Sandy shares her part and I contributed my part. Now, Sandy and I work really hard to help a lot of pets in our rural area.


Animals & Pets


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: So often we wish we knew what our animals were thinking. We often make up words and stories for what we wish they say. Researchers at Emory University have made a step toward being able to measure our pets' thoughts.


Animals & Pets

by Tom Farrington, MVB MRCVS Vet MFHom

Anxiety in pets manifests in many different ways.  The recent registration of fluoxetine for canine separation anxiety has led to much discussion about this particular problem, but there are many other ways in which anxiety affects pets and causes worry to owners...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Homeopathy is a great tool in veterinary medicine. For those who know its wonders, one small dose can treat many large problems. Anxiety is one reason many pets are rehomed – not that the rehoming helps, it just means the pet parent can no longer cope. With the right homeopathic medicine, these problems can be cured and pets can stay with their parents.


Animals & Pets


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: I usually think of ferrets as super squirmy and hard to hold. This little one is carefully prepared, padded and packed for a great Christmas surprise. Watch all the way to the end - peekaboo!


Animals & Pets

by Bobbee Cera

I am a professional entertainer, playing the piano and singing for many years, and find my most important quality is dependability...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi:  Bobbee has shared childhood memories with us, now she shares an adult moment. A moment of panic, a normally dependable woman is unable to find something crucial to her stage performance - how can the show go on? Follow this story to see what role her dogs play in this event.


Animals & Pets

by Ihor Basko, DVM, CVA

Fat has a bad rap, and it is often vilified in the media. (And please note, this article is about eating fat, not BEING “fat.” Being overweight is rarely a healthy state for pets.)...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Mmmm. Bacon. My Beagle loves bacon - reason to get up in the morning. Conventional wisdom has us trained to think eating fat makes us fat; we must eschew fat and eat carbohydrates instead. And yet, our society gets fatter and fatter eating carbs and avoiding fats. Dogs and cats included. Not Ollie the Beagle - the happy bacon eater. He's trim and fit, and eats bacon. In moderation.


Animals & Pets


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Creativity and great filming make a fun holiday sing along. These precious furkids ring in the season.


Animals & Pets

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Animal Holistic Health & Relationships

by Linda Webber

As is the case with all animals, their past experiences have helped to shape their personality and behaviour. Most animals have been traumatised in some way. Separation anxiety, shock, physical pain, are all common life experiences. Many owners are unaware of these aspects of their animal’s history, as they predominantly focus on its physical condition...


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