What is Acupuncture/TCM? Illness, pain and other imbalances of the body’s vital energy, or Qi, can be corrected through herbs and the insertion of needles into points on the body. Learn about traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Chinese alternative healing medicine herbs here at All Things Healing. Contact our editors about acupuncture healing & other alternative healing medicines online today! Spiritual & Healing Practices: Acupuncture Healing Though considered to be an alternative healing medicine practice, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM), and other such Eastern healing practices have found their way into the Western world and other Asian countries outside of China. Consequently, acupuncture healing and wellness clinics have proliferated even in the most modern of places all over the world.    In the U.S., acupuncture, TCM, and other alternative healing medicine practices are integrated with Western medicine because there are laws regulating the practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.    Acupuncture healing is a centuries’ old Chinese medical practice which involves the insertion (hence, “puncture”) of needles into specific points on the body, and then manipulating said needles to stimulate the flow of energy in the body. It has been found to be effective for therapeutic and pain relief purposes; thus, its growing popularity.    According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture points are located along certain “meridians” of the body which when stimulated by needles can free the flow of blocked “energy”. Blockages in the flow of energy are believed to be caused by many lifestyle factors, including food intake, a person’s state of mind, state of spiritual wellbeing, etc.    Meridians are described as interconnected “points” across the anatomy which correspond with and affect specific organs of the body. This forms the foundation of other healing alternatives, such as reflexology, acupressure, etc. Acupuncture, TCM, and other alternative healing medicine take into account the wellness, not just of the body, but of the mind and spirit. In this sense, acupuncture healing is holistic healing.

Introduction to Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
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by Margarita Alcantara

When I first began treating patients with acupuncture as an intern in the clinic at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, I was eager to implement all the theory and knowledge I had been learning over the past six years. I was also looking forward to seeing how I could make a difference in peoples’ lives simply through my acupuncture treatments, as well as my interactions with them. I was quite pleased to learn that my bedside manner seemed to put my patients at ease, and a sense of trust seemed to establish itself, too.


 But what I did not expect was what I would receive back...



by Carmen McIntyre, L.Ac.

In my own practice, more than any other disorder I treat, pain always sees the most quantifiable results.  It’s easy to measure and patients often see quick results.  Chronic pain may take more time to treat with slower results.   That being said, acupuncture is one of the most effective treatments for pain, with almost no side effects!





by Christina Roy, LAc, MSOM

In Boulder & all over Colorado right now road races, crits & time trials are in full swing. Including training times, a mind blowing amount of miles are being chewed up & elevation conquered.

While training to improve sprint speed, climbing power & overall endurance, the muscles are being broken down while tendons & ligaments are being stressed...


Editor´s Note from  Julia Sanfilippo: A must-read for any athlete! This article explains the physiology of activity and rest, and the importance of giving your body the time and resources to recover from a strenuous workout. Chinese medicine is discussed as a great treatment tool for sports performance and injury prevention.



by Steve Alpern

If some is good, more is better. Bigger, Faster, Newer, Stronger. America has a voracious appetite for goods and services, and modern economic activity produces a vast array of them to give our personalities a constant flow of stimulating experiences. Both physical and experiential interactions with the outside world generate internal transactions. These transactions then yield influences...



by Michael Ishii

In Eastern Medicine food is a form of therapeutic treatment.  We believe that what a patient eats has a tremendous effect on their health. Therefore, patients can do much to participate in treating illness and in maintaining health and wellness. This is a tremendously empowering concept...




by Z’ev Rosenberg, LAc

The Chinese medical profession appears to be at a crossroads, one requiring some definition of purpose. Practitioners who want to practice a more openended, classically inspired form of Chinese medicine, need to develop a vision of what needs to be accomplished...


Editor’s Note: Z’ev Rosenberg is one of my professors at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. His passion for preserving the tradition of Chinese Medicine as a whole, complete and practical medicine is inspiring...



by Esther Hornstein, LAc

Clinical practice and modern research have proven that acupuncture clears facial blemishes, reduces wrinkles and lines, and reverses other common signs of aging...


Editor's Note: Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is not meant to be similar to a surgical face lift. Rather it rejuvenates the youthful vigor to the face: puts the bloom back on the rose. It can reduce puffiness, fine lines and tired, worn appearance...



by Dr. Alex Perry, CMD

There are two questions that I get asked a lot in the clinic when it comes to acupuncture treatment. One is to do with that sensation that is peculiar to acupuncture and the other is regarding needle technique and what I am feeling for in the needle itself...




by Erin Telford, LAc

I am often asked how acupuncture works.  My usual answer is that the body craves balance and harmony and this can be achieved by needling certain points.  I tell you that we are working to supplement what is lacking, decrease what is excessive, and clear areas that are blocked.  I say that every acupuncture point has a physical, emotional and spiritual function...


Editor’s Note: Acupuncture is highly effective, and becoming better understood as we assimilate it into our culture. How do you think it works?


by Ziki Dekel, LAc

A lot of the information out there about Swine Flu is alarmist and meant to frighten people. I think it's much more useful to be vigilant about our personal well-being than to be scared about it, so I've been giving people some practical advice that can be applied year round...





by Hugh Castor

Now more than ever, Integrative Healthcare is becoming more viable as a potential remedy for what is ailing America’s healthcare system. Currently, we are facing a national crisis on just how we are going provide healthcare to Americans and keep it affordable and fair for everyone.  Unfortunately, if we don’t change our underlying philosophies, I don’t believe we will find an answer within the current system...




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Body Clock

by Milos Bang

Most of Eastern Philosophy and Medicine comes from observing Nature and the Universe. Ancient Chinese realized early that most things in Nature are cyclical and by observing the human body’s patterns, established that our own energy (Qi) also moves on daily and on annual cycles.


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