Neala Peake

Dr. Peake, our ATH Editor-in-Chief, is a teacher, author and healer. She earned her PhD in psychology with the intention of being a clinical psychologist and spent close to 20 years in private practice. However, her interest in spirituality kept taking her onto other paths--one of which involved spending six years traveling with a spiritual teacher who taught her about the use of spiritual energies in healing.

In her own words she says: Professionally, my greatest passion is teaching and healing. I do individual sessions as well as lead groups and workshops helping people appreciate and live their lives from a more joyful and spiritual perspective.

Dr. Peake is available for individual sessions both in person and by phone or Skype. For more information log onto her website at

  From Neala's Desk


I think of myself as a teacher, educator and writer and as someone who wants to make a difference in the world. Being a spiritual seeker has always played a part in my life and has guided or influenced most of the major events of my life. I have a Ph.D. in psychology and spent many years in private practice as a therapist, but for most of the last 20 years my focus has been on Individual Healing (I do session in person or by phone or Skype) and teaching classes and leading groups blending psychology, spiritual practice, meditation and energy healing.   I have also written and published two books. One on spiritual practice called The Journey of Spiritual Cultivation: Healing Through Meditation and Spiritual Practice. The other is a spiritual novel titled Intertwining of Time: a multi-dimensional story of love and healing. For more information see below.


 The Journey of Spiritual Cultivation, by Dr. Neala Peake

This book is available at Amazon.


To read inside the book click here.

Because stories are a wonderful way to teach, I wrote Bearitania and Dalaiyja, two previously published children’s stories - or more accurately stories for “children” of all ages - that poured out of me during wonderfully uncontrolled moments of inspired creativity. They will be re-released soon in a new publication.  

Professionally, my greatest passion is my teaching. In between my busy schedule as Editor-in-Chief of ATH, I lead groups and workshops helping people appreciate and live their lives from a more spiritual perspective, realize the power of their attitudes and intentions, and gain understanding as well as direct experience with the subtle energies that exist around us. These subtle energies are powerfully healing and the core of what I teach involves using them for healing both ourselves and others.


Intertwining of Time: a multi-dimensional story of love and healing

This book is available at Amazon.

Intertwining of Time is a story of a soul’s journey – an amazing, complex and wondrous excursion through time and space. Get ready for an enjoyable trip through other dimensions showing how everyday life can be woven into a much larger tapestry of meaning. Prepare to expand your sense of reality and your very definition of existence.

Constantly seeking new and innovative ways to teach, Dr. Peake takes particular delight in teaming up with her fictional characters to create stories that entertain, educate and inspire. Her writings invite people to free their minds from preconceived notions,enabling them to view the world from a more spiritual perspective.

If you are interested in more information about my classes and workshops, log onto my personal website at You can also reach me at or


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